Why we need an IPCMC


Kugan, Aminulrasyid … and now Chia Buang Hing. Another reminder why we need an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission – to look into complaints such as this.

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There is already a list of rotten cops that has been drawn up in the backrooms of PR. This rotten cops will have to face the music when PR takes over government. So dont worry we will kejar these rotten cops….

Ostrich K

We are living in a false sense of security. This is a lawless county. When the very institution (the judiciary, the MACC, the AG or the police) that has sworn in the name of Allah to protect the rakyat and ensure peace in our nation, are (sometimes) the main perpetrators of crime against the innocent rakyat, and when the innocent rakyat are treated with such injustice: brutality, torture and abuse, we cannot imagine how real criminals: juvenile and petty criminals are being treated by such institutions. This may explain the countless death in the police lockup.


More Malaysians need to speak up against the bullying and gangster attitude of the few minority polismen who are destroying the reputation of PDRM.
…. Our beloved Tengku,Tun Razak,Hussein Onn will never believe our Polis force have such bad & evil officers.
Obviously when the Polis saw all that money in the victims pocket they (may have been) tempted and the bashing (could have been) a cover up to snatch the cash.
The Home Minister should be held responsible for his inaction and the officers involved should be brought to justice.


That’s why smart people tell their children not to trust the local polis.


What if IPCMC become yet another Suaram/MACC?


Thanks for correction.


All this should not have happened due to our HM Krismuddin being over protective to all those man in uniform. He will always blame the people and thus allow those in uniform to be big headed and go wild.


The bigger worry is the magistrate. Chia was brought to court by the police seeking a remand order and he must have thought this an opportune moment to put an end to his grief but alas, magistrate couldn’t care less or saw the need to exercise independent thinking, no matter the ‘recommendation’ by police personnel. Got robbed, all black and blue when beaten over the course of several days and if fact, shouted for help while PDRM’s finest was going … on him, before and after court but still no recourse – this magistrate need to be SACK and please… Read more »


I agree we should have the IPMC and the recommendations of the Royal Commission should be fully implemented if Najib is serious about real transformation. He has to show some political will to carry through unlike Pak Lah who refused to antogonise the police and force it on them.

Andrew I

Well said, Komentenmelodie.

Ong Eu Soon

This is Black Eyes version 2.0. It will test Najib’s political wisdom in handling the issue. If Najib fool hardly believe that he can protect the police on allegation of abuse of power, BN will easily lost the supports of non-Muslims and female muslims , as those are from communities that view police with as an inefficient and ineffective organisation when come to crime prevention.


What is our polis reputation now?
Are they suggesting it is not safe to be arrested lest one is asking for a black eye?
Has gangsterism crept into our law enforcement agency and its code of professional ethics?

This is more real than Flintstone cartoon of clobbering like nobody’s business!
Yeah, nobody’s business.


Atrocious & Outrageous that such occurrences keep repeating again and again even though we have a NEW ISP.
Obviously the whole of PDRM is in Stage 4 Cancer. A Complete Overhaul is required with PR Marching into Putrajaya.

Despite differences, PR,NGOs,MCLM,etc MUST Stay UNITED to defeat BN in next year’s GE13.

Missing Malaccan

That everybody knows but is it to their advantage to do it? That’s the question.


The bigger questions are: 1) Is our polis profession for hotheads, gangsters and muggers? 2) What is the type of training going on in PULAPOL? 3) Polis officers are supposed to be well versed in the criminal laws. Why are these so-called professionals taking the laws into their own hands? Event to the extent of (allegedly) threatening to kill? This is not the first time. 4) Is a magistrate court, a trusted supreme place of law and order…? 5) What is the point of increasing salary of polis officers when to these wayward civil servants the money is never enough…?… Read more »


Besides the IPCMC, the police must adhere to data protection strictly. Many of us, when involved in an accident or a feud, are so scared to lodge a police report cause the other party can easily obtain our house address. I had a friend, involved in an accident, that night, at about 11pm, the other party came to his house to settle the matter. How he got the address? – you know, I know. We have heard numerous instances like the above I am sure. I too have got involved in road bully incidents but when I lodge a police… Read more »


(Have) our police (drawn) inspiration from SIVAJI THE BOSS to have ‘office room’ to inflict the ‘black eye’ to detainees?