Why not reveal Saiful’s police report?


Aliran president P Ramakrishnan has come up with an apt response to Syed Hamid Albar’s statement. He is asking the Minister why Saiful’s police report has not been revealed to Anwar. Why is it so difficult to show Anwar the report? Good question.

What is Syed Hamid Albar afraid of?

In a rhetorical stance, the Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar posed this question to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, “What is he afraid of?” Aliran would like to pose this very question to Syed Hamid, “What is he afraid of?” Why are they afraid to release the police report lodged by Mohd Saiful Bukari Azlan against Anwar Ibrahim on 28 June alleging sodomy? Full statement

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In case you guys haven’t came across this. I thought perhaps it may be usefull for permatang pauh.

Dr Danial Tentang Sumpah Saiful




Perhaps any of you have not read this then you should for an update, real fact or fiction ??? We may know one of these days. Sila baca sini di tulis oleh RPK !! Very Interesting ! Tak BACA akan menyesal …… NO HOLDS BARRED Raja Petra Kamarudin Actually, I did not know why we were going to see Najib. Saiful just said that he wanted to go and see Najib and he wanted me to follow him. So I followed him. ………..And how will that happen? Well, this time I video-recorded a ‘confession’ session. And the video recording is… Read more »

abdul latiff haron

You can buy reports of other cases at RM3, but not this special case. You could be a million dollar man.

Sabah Deep Throat

In response to “Killer on July 20th, 2008 at 11.15pm ” IT IS NOT the maturity of the blog commenters that is in question, rather the IMMATURITY of the BN govt and their running ****…. Have u ever made a police report? I have, concerning a burglary in my house, and instead of trying to help the victim, I get scolded instead. Thats malaysia police for you. Also, the double standard in investigations IS DOWNRIGHT obvious, even the uneducated can see. A fool makes an allegation, he gets protection. RPK makes an allegation, he goes to jail. Boy, Malaysians are… Read more »


the media is purposely manipulating the issue. PM, Khairy and Hamid are like scientists now talking about DNA. their eagerness to have anwar give provide his DNA itself smells something is not right. This is publicity and defamation of the worst kind. the script and plot are borrowed from an old flopped movie ten years ago, thinking that anwar can be publicly shamed. in reality, experts are saying that DNA is irrelevant in a case like this. the media is harping on this as if anwar has done a big sin. knowing anwar since 1972, i have never at any… Read more »


It is a sad reflection of Malaysians’ maturity reading from the comments here. Instead of simply “tembak”, why can’t we discuss the issue rationally ?

If the PDRM has to release the police report to DSAI based on the law, then please highlight the relevant section of the Criminal Law / CPC(it there are any).

I am not a lawyer but I have never seen the police releasing the police report to the alleged perpetrator before he/she is being charged. Why Anwar keeps insisting that he is to be given special treatment ?


Without the report being shown, the police is condoning excessive speculation and accusations. Tan Sri Ismail may use a clause to justify this act yet due to the low trust on the police force right now, they could have acted above and beyond the minimal to ensure confidence in their investigation.

Sabah Deep Throat

GIVE ME all the police reports on Sodomeee

1. from Saifoool
2. from all the other witnesses
3. Anwars report and alibi….

Thats all I need to solve this crime…..

I will know who tells the truth and who is bulls**ting by simply reaeding betweeen the lines…

I want to apply for speciallist job in the CID dept once Anwar becomes Prime Minister

Sabah Deep Throat

One thing we are curious to know, Hopefully, Anwar Ibrahim will release more details… What kind of questions did this CID Bakri asked him after he was arrested? Never minds Anwars answer, I just want a list of questions that these so called CIDs have asked. you know, i had my brushes with the police in Sabah before, and i can vouch for you, they are really STUPID question, tiada sikul punya.. and when we make police reports of burglary, those cops cannot even make a simple sketch plan of the crime sites, that we often have to beg to… Read more »


It is evident to (many) Malaysians and to the whole world that the police (may not) have a case. Therefore, they (may not) yet have Saiful’s allegations. They interviewed Anwar, found out his alibis, they stripped him naked, measured him, looked for birth-marks and the like… only then will they come up with the Saiful document, with the details inserted (perhaps) retrospective to the arrest? They (could) tailor-make the case to suit Anwar’s circumstances. Remember the first sodomy case? The apartment where the event was supposed to have taken place was not even constructed yet! The prosecution then amended the… Read more »

ismail jusof

Can you think of the meteoric rise of our current IGP:

1998 – 2000 – DSP (Anwar Sodomy Trial Investigation Officer)
2000 – SAC – Commercial Crime
2002 – Johor Police Chief
2003 – Deputy IGP
2006 – IGP

Can anybody explain in 8 years a police officer get promoted from DSP to become IGP.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


…They are trying to make the rakyaat stupid. It is how a desperate man thinks that he can execute his … plan. Syed ….. seems to be in a state of delusion like his DPM.


Apparently, Anwar will only be getting a copy “if and when” he is charged in court. Sounds too incredulous to be true.

Meanwhile, an MCA leader has been described as “one of the most potential leaders” by another. Er, we get he’s trying to bodek, but it doesn’t quite make sense.



Anil, why is it so difficult to post a comment?

Tamil Lion of Malaysia

U disgrace with my comments izit??? Why you never post this comment???
(Taliban fall because they bring down Buddha in Bamiyan and now BN fall down because they bring down Malaysian Hindu Temple)

You deem this seditious???..Then go bury your head in sand..Shame on you to call Indian..You just like that idiotic m….. mahatir..


PKR INTERNAL FIGHTINGS RACISM EXIST IN PKR TOO? http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/7/19/nation/21870507&sec=nation Saturday July 19, 2008 Loh: PKR rep’s aide punched me By STEVEN DANIEL and AUDREY EDWARDS PETALING JAYA: Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne from PKR has lodged a police report that he was assaulted by a man believed to be the personal assistant of Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad from the same party. It is learnt the alleged incident occurred during the ground-breaking ceremony for a place of worship at Desa Mentari here at about 3pm. Residents living in the area had protested against the construction of the… Read more »

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

The request and search for the report
Have now turned into a form of sport
With it being used as weapon of last resort
Any attempt to get it will face a smug retort

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 190708
Sat. 19th July 2008.


“if and when” Anwar is charged in court… And yet they arrested him in such a fashion. The police are already treatingt DSAI as if he is guilty so might as well just release the report to him.


Saiful .. lodge police report after 2 days of his last 666. botoi tak masuk akal…jadi dia tak mandi kah … tak buang air besar ..dalam tempoh 2 hari kah???…. Tak masuk akal!


How to release the report now? … These people will never learn from the past mistakes lah, same modus operandi, get a court date, put DSAI behind bars, the political master keep on “raping” the country followed by recession and the entire rakyat lost big time.

Meantime and along the way, the police (could) screw up everything, the defense team (could) appeal the court decision while DSAI (could) be safely locked behind bars. This is gonna be a great script and perhaps Hollywood might want to shoot a movie about it.

stupid scholar

Hey, hey, did I hear that the PM and his cronies said that they will be fair to Anwar? Then, why the accuser is protected by the police and his report is witheld to the lawyers of the accused? Why police harassment on the accused. Don’t you think both should be treated equally and that’s being fair. Fairness, that word is not in the Malaysia dictionary! Maybe, we should introduce a Umno version dictionary.

Concerned Citizen

ooh, the police report is in the process of making and it is scheduled to finish once Dato Seri Anwar has had his blood sample taken. Nothing much, that’s the way our Polis Raja Di Malaysia do their job. Why are you all people yearning about?

If not his, then why you all don’t advise them. So if Dato Seri wants the report then he has to submit his blood sample. That’s it.

Preston Lee

We ordinary folks not implicated in gangb@nging Saiful do not need to see the police report. After all the nessasary details have been published in all blogs and the Govermment controlled MSM. Fact are Saiful was forcefully sodomised several times.The last being a “couple” of days before making the report which was a “couple” of days after he sought the advise of the DPM. According to the facts we have read and the accidental blurt from the DPM who first denied ever meeting Saiful, a “couple” of days = 1day.I dont think theres any need to highlight the other obvious… Read more »


Egghead might think he’s all charming and eloquent when he raises these questions on TV. The real question is would he be prepared to meet Anwar head on in another live debate?

ali allah ditta

…Saiful’s laporan polis….can be easily obtain on the internet yet the police find it too difficult to hand it to Anwar,unless something fishy is going on….

Someone told me that you can buy police report for a mere fee of RM3.00.