Who was Jho Low acting for?


Was he just an advisor? Or was he acting on behalf of someone else?

To me, one of the key questions in the 1MDB saga is how Jho Low got involved and became widely perceived to be linked to the whole 1MDB saga.

From the inception of 1MDB and earlier, Low was just about visible on the outside of 1MDB but not so visible inside, allowing both 1MDB and Low to claim each had nothing to do with the other.

And yet as The Edge and Sarawak Report have shown, Low was closely involved with first the Terengganu Investment Authority and then 1MDB’s wheeling and dealing at a time when he was already linked to UBG.

All this at a tender age or around 30. Unless he was a financial genius (but then he once recommended Enron as a hot tip during his Wharton days), he could have had powerful figures mentoring him or backing him up behind the scenes.

If so, who were the real brains behind 1MDB’s complex inter-company transfers and how did they go about it without falling foul of central bank regulatory oversight bodies?

Some people must have trusted Jho Low, son of veteran corporate tycoon Larry Low of MWE Holdings Bhd, enough to propel him straight to the inner circle. After all, what was his track record?

How did he climb rapidly up the corporate ladder, when it takes years for others, to a position where he appeared to be calling the shots? Sure he had Middle-East connections cultivated from Wharton days, some dabbling with Wynton Group and later his Jynwell Group, but how was that enough of a track record? Aren’t there more experienced financial experts in the country?

Back in 2009, this young man, who grew up in Tanjung Bungah, was among those said to be part of Najib’s inner circle.

By 2010, critics were already asking questions about his role in the Sungai Besi land deal. Tongues were wagging about the possible involvement of another powerful figure in the deal.

In 2011, Jho Low reportedly admitted he was a good friend of Rosmah’s as well.

What were his links to Taib Mahmud’s family? The Edge reported that the Javace takeover of UBG Bhd was “completed on 17 December 2010, and saw the family of then Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud exiting with RM465m cash”.

I beieve if we want to get closer to the bottom of the 1MDB scandal, Jho Low needs to answer some serious questions about how he got involved in all this, who was mentoring him (if any), who is advisors were, who he was really acting for (if anyone) and what his exact role was in this whole affair.

He should be the first one to appear before the PAC.

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gk ong
gk ong
18 Jun 2015 1.34pm

Mahathir argued that when 1MDB bought government land at 1/50th of the market price, the government lost a huge sum of money.

“When 1MDB sells the land, it is merely taking what should be government earnings from the sale. That process is no different from people who sell APs, contracts and licences. Is this how 1MDB expects to make money?

17 Jun 2015 10.58pm

This is a very simple puzzle that even you closed both eyes, you can solve this puzzle.

Clue # 1: Jho Low is the college mate of Riza Aziz-son of Rosmah from previous marriage.
Clue # 2: Jho Low was more powerful than the PM that he can instruct the PM to do whatever he asks.

That gives you the answer who he is acting for.

khong khek khuat
khong khek khuat
17 Jun 2015 3.22pm

Jho Lo’s is an agent for … ! At the same time … he is involved in his own scheme … to enrich himself. It looks like that he did well. Who does this guy remind you of? V. V does the same job for his master and at the same time enrich himself! On a digression, TV1 program on Monday -Sentuhan Kasih mentioned the plight of the villagers at Kg Permatang, near Bayan Baru which should peek your interset. The amount of environmental damage to the kampong is substantial. Lorries 20 tons and higher moved around the village road… Read more »

gk ong
gk ong
19 Jun 2015 9.17am

Not sure if Jho Low advised TNB to buy 1MDB stake in Jimah East coal power plant, resulting in TNB’s share price fell 4.26%, bringing down KLCI by 8.74 points to 1718.12 yesterday.

Any dealings with 1MDB make investors really nervous!

16 Jun 2015 10.04pm

Please, just ask any rakyat now don’t
they have question(s) about the govt now ???

16 Jun 2015 1.20pm

Dunggu. You don’t even know who is the boss of Edge and you keep blaring like an idiot. Know more before opening your mouth

16 Jun 2015 10.28am

The Edge and the Sarawak Report have both effectively portrayed Jho Low as (an alleged) thief and a liar. If Jho Low has any sense of decency, he should sue them to defend his honour.

16 Jun 2015 7.44am

We.should be.asking who is the boss of the Edge and previously Phileo Allied bank that was to be mergedI. Is he link to the defacto and the opposition and what is his agenda

gk ong
gk ong
16 Jun 2015 12.32pm
Reply to  iSupercally

Stick to your NST to syiok sendiri.

16 Jun 2015 1.17pm
Reply to  gk ong

I stick to my mind you stick to your idol as a self serving sycophant

16 Jun 2015 7.28am

He is an investor, a big and screwed one as most are. That’s all