Bala and the wider French probe into DCN


Officers of the National Financial Investigation Division (DNIF) of France are responsible for probing into the conditions of sale of submarines to Malaysia, especially a related 114 million euro payment, a French website has revealed.

The DNIF is a divison of the Central Directorate of Judicial Police (DCPJ) based in Nanterre near Paris. This was where Bala was questioned on Monday.

The DCPJ is the national authority of the criminal division of the French police tasked with leading and coordinating the actions of law enforcement forces (Police Nationale and Gendarmerie Nationale) against organised crime (either criminal or financial activities). In carrying out its investigations, the DCPJ works with other institutions such as the Customs and Revenue Service, according to Wikipedia.

The implications of the DCN investigation are serious: the bribery of foreign public officials is punishable in France since June 2000 with ten years’ imprisonment and a 150,000-euro fine, said the Liberation website.

Leaders of the weapons consortium have already come under two financial investigations. Since February 2008, investigative judges Francoise Desset and Jean-Christophe Hullin have been looking into “bribery and corruption” involving DCN deals. Earlier this year, a preliminary investigation was opened into an attack in Karachi linked to the sale of Agosta submarines to Pakistan in 1994, reported Liberation.

Meanwhile, several officials have already been placed under investigation in the wider DCN affair involving deals with other countries, noted the respected French media group Le Monde with AFP on 29 June:

Jean-Marie Boivin, the representative of the Luxembourg company Eurolux, and whose name is cited in the case of the attack in Karachi in 2002, was placed under investigation Monday, June 28 by the judges Francoise Desset and Jean-Christophe Hullin in another investigation of the former Department of Naval Construction (DCN) for espionage and corruption….

Jean-Marie Boivin had already been summoned by the magistrates on June 16 but he did not attend the meeting. He was finally indicted on Monday.

Three people have been indicted in this case: Claude Thevenet, consultant and former member of the management of the Territorial Surveillance (DST cons-espionage), Gerard Philippe Menayas, a former executive of DCN, and Jean Peter Dentel, a tax auditor for the national division of tax investigations.


The name of Jean-Marie Boivin appears in the investigation into the attack in Karachi (Pakistan) in 2002. Commissions paid on the sale of submarines to Pakistan in 1994 were handled by a company called Heine, whose representative Mr. Boivin was created with the support of Nicolas Sarkozy when he was budget minister in 1994.

Fifteen people, including eleven employees of DCN working on the construction of submarines, died in the attack in May 2002: French antiterrorist judges suspect that it was in retaliation for the arrest of payment of these commissions to the Pakistani army.

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Bala is doing his part. He should be respected by all Malaysians.


Justice will prevail. Why isn’t the main stream media quiet on this matter? I thought we practise democracy in the country? MSM should mention this so that the people are aware that an investigation is going on for the interest of all Malaysians.


Anil, Just to share this… We all have to also look at the bigger picture….The “Global Shadow Masters” For (one of the players), this is his payback time to his “Global Political Masters”… Just to share this… He now writes on current issues, with the publication of a new book on Malaysian foreign policies; the introduction was written while in prison. Baginda, as he is often known, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in politics and government from City Polytechnic, London in 1982. He continued to study and gained a master’s degree in War Studies at King’s College London in… Read more »


While skeptical of what the French can do, at least it gives us a glimmer of hope. If the French authorities probe this manner professionally, perhaps, the truths may prevail, but, knowing the French and their political practices at home, well, we can only crossed our fingers and hope for the best. For the French to do justice for us is too far fetched, I guess?


Will the French Police be able to get the photos showing (the three of them together) somehow ?.


S… Floats!



should there be a case, can France police remand the person involved outside the country?


French Immigration Records dont disappear as they do in Msia. … whoever named by PI Bala would be revealed in the investigation if indeed they are involved. Lets see what the French authorities come up with. Bala has given the names, a check on the these names against French entry/exit database would give more credibility


off topic!
all they need is to search photos of the 3 involved in paris.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Let’s hope the DNIF investigations would throw some light on how qualified Perimekar and ARB are to receive a commission (kickback?) of 114 million euros (about RM500 million).

It may even shed some light on the associates of Perimekar! Your guess is as good as mine though!

semuanya OK kot

All “advanced” countries indulge in bribery, and not just for arms, evan as they condemn their competitors for causing war or supporting dictators. They are just better than us at maintaining the fiction of morality. Don’t hold your breath while waiting for genuine justice.

“Globalisation produced a rise in corruption, especially for the privatisation of government services and the enrichment of authoritarian regimes. Despite hundreds of reports against transnational corporations for bribery, they were allowed to ‘self-regulate’ based on ‘codes of good governance’ “. – Kavaljit Singh, Questioning Globalization, 2005, adapted


The Ghost of Altantuya is floating closer to Putrajaya….
There is a GOD!