Who paid for Rosmah ad in New York Times?


Who paid for the two-page ad featuring Rosmah in the New York Times?

The Nut Graph has the story here.

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hamid ibrahim

I only blame the people; why such atrocities
are allowed to happen. The PEOPLE must decide once
and for all and get rid of this UMNO PUTRAS



There are some numb-skulls who don’t pay taxes and feel it’s alright to be swindled and short-changed by the very leaders who are supposed to be the prudent stewards of our national treasures and resources.
Idiocy eats into them forever in their lifetime.


Gerakan K
Please mind your vicious character assasination mouth…
You are the worst and every word utter out from u leave bad taste for us.
Did you see I comment / demonize her. You wanted to use blanket blaming method?


These are the stuff of Imelda Marcos. Are the average Malaysian today as dumb as Pinoys were 30 some years ago who today are poorer but wiser already?

Anthony Tan

This amount of money spent for this advertisement is a reminder to the people of SIBU that to solve their flood problems as promised by the DPM shown on the main stream TVs will take two more Malaysian plans (over 10 years).

When it comes to mindless spending for “shoik sendiri” such as thisad campaign, approval is immediate “Sekarang Juga”.

So people of SIBU, how many roads, school, clinics, piped water, electricity to the rural area are shelved because budget “Sudah Potong” wait for next budget.

NO wonder my 1MALAYSIA Ringgit today cannot take me very far.


Kalah Obama. Even the Nobel Peace prize winner didn’t get a two page ad in the NYT congratulating him on his win. Tahniah Datin Seri Rosmah! Might we see a Nobel prize for you too in the future?…


Best thing to do, work overseas and stop paying tax.


Who cares when the taxpayers’ money is not theirs… This shows their irresponsible, uncaring, indifferent, … and outrageous thick skin behaviour in high office.
If this is the way for “Malaysia is proud of you” display of unwarranted affection, don’t ask us to pay anymore taxes to lavish your dastard narcissistic personality disorder in public!


Hey, look at Obama’s body language and then look at Jarjis. Hmmm… wonder what says Obama in his mind, “…….”

A two page ad would involve special loading costs surely — my guess is it is way in excess of one million ringgit of blood sweat money folks!


It’s not only a “two page ad”, it’s a “Centerfold ad”, which “bleeds” into each others. (Meaning: the space in between the two pages are utilitzed, and that requires special handling).

All those “special handling” cost extra….

Gerakan K

Very funny.

Just because of numerous lies from the runaway coward + wanted RPK, and the opposition supporters just happily demonize her.

It is difficult to find one rational thinking opposition supporter in this blog.


Gerakan K,

Ai ya, BN will win in Sibu la, as your … PM will join a Chinese temple procession tomorrow.

… It is raining ringgits in Sibu.


Bootlicking = Rational thinking?

Rosmah’s boots taste that good to you ah, Gerakan K?


What lies? This isn’t a lie. As it happens, I have the NYT and Washington Times copy that has the advertorial on Malaysia in conjunction with Najib’s visit to the states. Who do you think paid for it? The US government? You think you can just pay for ads in newspapers using …? Or do you think Rosmah will fork out her own money for that ad?? Of course you find it difficult to find a rational thinking opposition supporters here when you have your brains up in your … FYI, most of us think you are an empty suit… Read more »


Aiseh Anil, who do you thinkla? Its tax payers monies la. We pay taxes not for the upkeek of our health services, education system and a better life but we pay taxes for paying frogs, handout (heavy) at by-elections by BN, ads for ‘first lady’, their shopping spree, disney holidays, london trips, swang suits and etc! … When this is ever gonna end!


Who is that boot licker who spent more than 1 million of our tax money to welcome PM’s wife to New York?

Let’s hope this country will not turn out to be another Philippines as she emulates to be Imelda Marcos.


The rakyat are finding it terribly hard to put food on the table. The income disparity is so huge that the rich are filthy rich and the poor are dirt poor. Here millions are unnecessarily spent for an unnecessary 2-page ad. Why? Something has to be pulled out before it hits the bottom. The people in the US are laughing at us. I was in the US then and many Malaysian friends were shocked to read this. “The money spent on this ad could have been used to help the poor,” quipped a Malaysian university professor in Washington. Most Malaysians… Read more »


who else but malaysian tax payers!


Is usurping the position of the first lady treacherous? Well, the monies paid are nothing, as we are so used to mismanagement of funds, it is chicken feed, as those in UMNO Baru, MCA, MIC especially Gerakan K with its KPI Minister, are all kowtow guys. There is nothing Malaysians can do as far as BN remains in power. Just keep up and tolerate the abuses. Until the rise of Malaysians to vote BN out of power, this is the standard we need to keep up with. Bangkit! Now Allah issue cannot be used in Sarawak election, May 13 protest… Read more »

korok b abdulla

…at work again to please the …”first ladie”….

heh heh heh heh

rakyat di dahulukan … what a load of bull

estimated waste of funds

2pages at usd 230k / page =usd 460k

converting to rm = 460k x 3.5 = rm 1.61 million

add commision to ad agency 25 percent = 2.093 million


what a waste of fund. Not many americans know about … fat rosmah [ unlike the always do good fat albert ! ] ….


… waste. …



Leong Yook Kong

This is how we called “MALAYSIA BOLEH” lah. Don’t know meh??????? Be patient and wait for the opportunity. That is the best we can do now.


We are the suckers paying for the ad.

Phua Kai Lit

American public opinion, I mean!

(Freudian slip?) 🙂

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil

If you ask Americans what they think, the overwhelming majority will see it as a good example of ridiculous sycophancy typical of corrupt Third World regimes.

So, if the ad was meant to influence American pubic opinion, it’s money gone totally down the drain! The ad has increased derision rather than respect.


Nearly got a heart attack when I opened the NYT that day. Friends and family from malaysia and us? what????


Rakyat off course.


They used taxpayers’ money. Why am I not surprised? What a shameless woman!