Who owns Petron Malaysia?


Much speculation has been going around about who owns Petron Malaysia. Let’s take a look at the official records.

You can see that Petron International Oil and Gas Ltd owns 73 per cent of Petron Malaysia. And there are quite a few nominee shareholders.

Shareholders of Petron Malaysia Marketing and Refining Bhd - Source: Annual Report 2012
Shareholders of Petron Malaysia Refining and Marketing Bhd – Source: Annual Report 2012

So who owns Petron International?

A company search reveals the following:

Petron International shareholders

I don’t know who those two people who are holding one share each are.

Now, Petron Oil and Gas Mauritius Ltd is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Petron Corp in the Philippines.

Now these are the shareholders of Petron Corp. Note there is one non-Filipino nominee:

Petron Corp shareholders

You can see Sea Refinery Corporation owns half the shares of Petron Corp. Some information about this company can be gleaned from the Pastranet website (PCOR = Petron Corp; PNOR = Philippines National Oil Refinery):

On March 13, 2008, AOC entered into a share purchase agreement with Ashmore Investment Management Limited. SEA Refinery Holdings B.V. (SEA BV), a company incorporated in the Netherlands and owned by funds managed by the Ashmore Group acquired Saudi Aramco’s 40% interest in PCOR in July 2008.

On October 6, 2008, PNOC informed SEA BV and PCOR of its intent to dispose its 40% stake in the company. In December 2008, the 40% interest of PNOC in PCOR was finally purchased by SEA Refinery Corporation (SRC), a domestic corporation wholly-owned by SEA BV. In a related development, SEA BV sold a portion of its interest in PCOR equivalent to 10.1% of the issued shares to SRC. As of December 31, 2008, SEA BV is PCOR’s parent company.

On December 24, 2008, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) and SEA BV entered into an option agreement granting SMC the option to buy the entire ownership interest of SEA BV in its local subsidiary SRC. The option may be exercised by SMC within a period of two years from December 24, 2008.

I am not sure whose funds Ashmore Group was managing.

The following is a press release from Petron Malaysia:

JUNE 5, 2013
KUALA LUMPUR, June 5, 2013

Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Berhad (“Petron Malaysia”), part of Petron Corporation of the Philippines, today disclosed to Bursa Malaysia that En. Mirzan Mahathir does not own any shares in Petron Malaysia nor does he have any role in the company.

Petron Malaysia made the statement in response to a question of a stockholder during its recent Annual General Meeting
pertaining to the shareholdings of En Mirzan Mahathir in Petron Malaysia and its parent company, Petron Corporation and the ultimate holding company, San Miguel Corporation

The company clarified that En. Mirzan Mahathir is a Board member of its parent company, Petron Corporation of the Philippines. He was elected as a Director of Petron Corporation on August 13, 2010 and holds 1,000 shares. Under the company’s by-laws, a person has to be a shareholder to qualify as a Director. Petron Corporation has a total of 9.4 billion shares listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. Prior to the directorship in Petron Corporation, the company added that En. Mirzan Mahathir was a Director of San Miguel Corporation for a brief period from September 1, 2009 until April 15, 2010.

He currently holds 5,000 San Miguel shares. San Miguel Corporation has a total of 3.3 billion shares listed on the Philippines Stock Exchange. “We hope that these facts put an end to all the speculation in connection with Mirzan Mahathir, which is unfair to the Mahathir family. The shares held by Mirzan in San Miguel Corporation and Petron Corporation are essentially qualifying shares for directorship,” Petron Chairman and CEO Ramon S. Ang said. “Mirzan is a director of Petron because of my own initiative. We met in the 1990s and have become personal friends since then. Moreover, Mirzan’s professional achievements speak for themselves.”

“San Miguel, Petron Corporation, and Petron Malaysia are publicly listed companies adhering to the strictest standards on governance. It is very easy for anyone to establish that En. Mirzan does not play any role in the management of these companies,” Mr. Ang concluded.

About Petron in Malaysia Petron in Malaysia is comprised of Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Bhd (formerly known as Esso Malaysia Berhad), a publicly listed company, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Petron Fuel International Sdn Bhd (formerly known as ExxonMobil Malaysia Sdn Bhd) and Petron Oil (M) Sdn Bhd (formerly known as ExxonMobil Borneo Sdn Bhd). These companies are subsidiaries of Petron Corporation, the largest integrated oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines.

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Rizz mann

As a human being, everybody has his or her right to own what ever they are capable off. Knowing that one famous scholar said, which I quoted “People tend to respond more positively to the friendly approach than to CONFRONTATIONS. Pushed into a corner, even the weakest will FIGHT”.


Want to know the recruitment process and through which agencies. Due to lot fake mails cerculating in INDIA on This company name. Please advise to know about the process


I suggest you find out who owns SEA Refinery Holdings BV.

Pak Tim

What kind of media release is that? First it says that En. Mirzan Mahathir does not own any shares in Petron Malaysia nor does he have any role in the company. Then it goes on to say that En. Mirzan Mahathir is a Board member of its parent company, Petron Corporation of the Philippines. Isn’t that contradictory?


In the latest Yahoo poll, 80 % (10,737 votes) disagree with the decision to charge Malaysia’s opposition leaders with sedition.

Rakyat didahulukan?

Gerakan K

your comment 100% offtopic and should be removed

Pak Tim

Who appointed you to police this blog?




Looks like there is NO bumi shareholder in the top 30 list of shareholders in Petron Malaysia. How can this happen? Is there something we do not know?

najib manaukau

This is the business acumen of this man that his father, the shenanigan, has been talking about treating Malaysians like a retard !


The question is what is the relationship btw Mirzan and CEO of San Migel? and why Mirzan needs to buy 1k shares to be eligible as director of the company? Is this shareholding a matter of long term investment(which is doubtful taking into account of its very small share holding) or a matter of convenience(so that he can be in the board to oversee his interest in PETRON Philipines and hence his interest in PETRON Malaysia).

billy cudk

Well..no fool will put his or her directly so that the whole world would know. Nominees and companies in Mauritius or British Virgin Islands are the norm to hide behind corporate veils.

Now, someone did keep on harping San Miguel is (allegedly) owned Malaysia’s ex PM’s son? Ring a bell? Smells of rotten fish all over….just stay away from the pumps. Plenty of other choices around. Wont hurt us but sure hurt them…”whoever” they are! sic!


Bottomline, I have not pump a single Rm in Petron petrol in the last 2 years and I have observe that Petron petrol station cars lineup are getting less and less.

Malaysians must continue to BOYCOTT PETRON, to teach M kutty & family an expensive lesson.

Gerakan K

Pening. This Petron always make me confuse. Petron + as = Petronas ???!!! Why they don’t pick a simple name.

By the way, who own Petron Malaysia ??? Please give me simple answer. Not somebody owns a portion and that portion owned by somebody.

Grand Marquis

Well, we live in an age of missing titik perpuluhan. So Petronas missing 2 titik perpuluhan become Petron.

Yeoh kim soo

but who owns Petron oil and gas mauritius limited which is holding 99% shareholdings of Petron Oil & Gas International Sdn Bhd who is holding 73.99% of Petron Malaysia. therefore one has to know who owns Petron Oil & Gas Mauritius Limited, which is the actual controlling stakeholder of Petron Malaysia

victor liew

wow, holding just 1000 shares and eligible to be appointed a director?


wow 1000 share and appointed a director with at least a minimum of RM10,000 salary per month. I have so much more in many listed company but was not appointed a director. So you need to have personal friends in listed company to get a directorship or need a famous father who uses his influence(?)

Grand Marquis

10k for directorship? Come on la. This is no ABC Sdn Bhd.


There are many ways to conceal holdings in a company. Strangely, he has chosen to go public to declare he is not a major shareholder. Why? Why would he do that unless there is some concealed interest. Maybe just boycott to see what happens.

TS Lee

Chinese saying”此地無银三百两”-“There is No 300 tie of silver under ground here”