When a politician resigns …


The last prominent Malaysian minister to announce his/her resignation was Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. That may have been unusual in the Malaysian context but hey, it happens in other countries as a matter of course.

The government eventually did not extend Shahrizat’s tenure as senator when it expired, resulting in her losing her post as Women, Family and Community Development Minister. This followed a public outcry from the cows-and-condos affair, which she claimed had nothing to do with her.

Check out this BBC report:

Montreal Mayor Tremblay resigns amid corruption inquiry
Gerald Tremblay resigns. 5 Nov 2012 Gerald Tremblay denies any wrongdoing

The mayor of Canada’s second-largest city, Montreal, has resigned amid a deepening corruption scandal.

Gerald Tremblay, 70, told a news conference that he was leaving public life after 25 years in politics.

A public inquiry heard last week that Mr Tremblay was present at a meeting in which illegal donations for his party – Union Montreal – had been discussed.

Despite his resignation, Mr Tremblay continues to deny the allegations against him.

Of course, there are other forms of corruption – in a broader sense – that are harder to detect or not as obvious, carried out in the name of ‘development’ (for whom?). For example, the decision to come up with mega projects to benefit crony companies and favoured developers, the sales of vast tracts of land to private firms at lower than market price (or the purchase of land at low cost from villagers by cronies who then sell it to companies at a fat profit, the purchase of expensive weapons (often with ‘commissions’ involved), the award of timber concessions to cronies and family-linked companies, and construction contracts (e.g. dams) that benefit companies controlled by the families of certain political leaders.

By now, most Malaysians are sick and tired and fed up with the massive corruption we see happening in the country. How many politicians in Malaysia would have to resign for abuse of power, corrupt practice, cronyism and waste of public funds? And if all of these corrupt politicians were to resign, how many would we have left?

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Gerakan K
Gerakan K
7 Nov 2012 6.53pm

Did Sharizat committed anything wrong ??? Enough spin lah anil and co. Sharizat is innocent.


p/s: Pakatan princess as predicted is in GREAT TROUBLE: Jamil Khir: Nurul Izzah’s remarks dangerous (http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/213523)

7 Nov 2012 5.53pm

To be honest, every politicians in Malaysia regardless whether they are from BN or PR are corrupted & do abuse their power in some way or another. After all, to these politicians…politics is their rice bowl. Who would wanna be a politician if there’s no money & power to garner???

7 Nov 2012 10.10pm
Reply to  Kenny

Politicians are born salesmen/saleswomen, but here in BolehLand they also wanna be town planner, traffic planner, tourism marketer, frog breeder, housing setback & density forecaster, & even condo gaya-raya with cows that surely come home.
Who would accuse the cows for her resignation just b’cos of her condo that moos the obvious?

7 Nov 2012 10.18pm
Reply to  Kenny

Politicians besides their gift of the gab, some also have the flow of crocodile tears ala Obamacare for your sympathy!

8 Nov 2012 8.12am
Reply to  Kenny

Talking about politics is their rice bowl. Do you know this fact: In Selangor, an assemblyman’s pay is about RM11,700, inclusive of allowances, while that of an executive councillor is about RM25,000 (inclusive of state assembly pay). An MP earns about RM15,000 a month. The multiple incomes that could exceed RM40,000 a month. And why there fellow leaders who thought Karpal Singh’s “one candidate, one seat” proposal should be an internal party matter. Read: Karpal: Put party before self http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/10/29/nation/12239636&sec=nation Makes me wonder why politics is such a lucrative Malaysian career path for some who get buta gaji for jobs… Read more »

8 Nov 2012 8.15am
Reply to  tunglang

Yeah, if one (politician elected by trust) choose to become a Katak, a short term on the switched job is not too far from his/her retirement horizon.

7 Nov 2012 5.45pm

Montreal Mayor Tremblay resigns amid corruption inquiry – this guy has some dignity left unlike some Malaysian politicians needs to be forced out. Sometimes they threaten to ‘expose all’ if forced to leave. Trouble is they are all into it, you scratch my back, I scratch yours – one big corrupt bunch!

7 Nov 2012 2.38pm

Jamal… you are right! Shalizard never resigned. Have we ever seen or heard any Bumno MP/Dun resigned?

Ahmad Sobri
Ahmad Sobri
7 Nov 2012 2.02pm

Politician resigns? Don’t you think it is high time A. Kohilan resigns after the Batu Caves fiasco? He said it was Pakatan was responsible for approving the condos near Batu Caves, he then said he did not attend the meeting when it was proven that it was approved by UMNO/sycophants in 2007? He was again proven NOT to be telling the truth with the Sun’s expose today, that he was infact part of the committee that approve the project so close to Batu Caves? Do we need people like this? If he can be so irresponsible to deny knowledge of… Read more »

7 Nov 2012 12.51pm

Shahrizat did not resign. The PM did not extend her senatorship and hence she lost her ministerial post. I believe the last Malaysian minister to resign was Zaid and he resigned not because of corruption but due to policy differences with top UMNO leadership.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
7 Nov 2012 3.30pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Japanese Ministers not only resign.
They make public apologies on TV too !

Are we “Looking East” ??

tan tanjong bungah
tan tanjong bungah
7 Nov 2012 12.38pm

Hi everyone, Another hard to prove is the open declaration by the then CM (bohood) and Works Minister (SemiValue) that the Second Penang Bridge was to be built to the north of the island, then ‘reshifted’ to where it is now! With prior knowledge of this decision, some UMNO Baru and BN crony company/companies bought up large pieces of land cheaply at Batu Kawan area! Hence, once the decision is announced that the Second Penang Bridge would be at Batu Kawan instead, these cronies make a huge killing at the expense of the original land owners!! Big fishes eating up… Read more »

7 Nov 2012 11.25am

In Indiana, a traditionally Republican state, they just punished a candidate, who bested the incumbent in primary, for his JUST HAVING A FOUL MOUTH that except for a few in UMNO/BN don’t have…