What they didn’t tell you about Tanjung Tokong, Jelutong land deals


Some details of land deals under the BN revealed.

Excerpt of a statement from the CM yesterday:

BN sold 980 acres of prime land In Tanjung Tokong at RM1 per square foot and 325 acres of Jelutong Expressway reclaimed land at RM20psf.

Land sales by open tender are public knowledge as they are advertised publicly. The open tenders of land sales by PR state government in getting the highest price above market value is a direct contrast to land sales by the previous BN government. For instance in the Tanjong Tokong Reclamation, under Agreements dated 1990 and 1999, the developer was given the right to reclaim and develop 980 acres of land off Tanjong Tokong at the price of RM1 per square foot!

As for the Jelutong Expressway, under Agreements dated 1997, 2002 and 2003, the developer was given the right to reclaim 325 acres of land in exchange for constructing the Jelutong Expressway at an estimated cost of RM300m and payment of RM25.4m. In other words, the total cost is RM325.4m for 325 acres or the cost of reclaimed land at Jelutong Expressway is RM1m per acre or over RM20 per square feet. What’s more the developer can pay RM25.4m over 10 years from 2005 up to 2015 – surely a record for length of payment period.

Then there was the sale of 750 acres of prime land in Batu Kawan, to little known but well connected Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd. The site lies right next to the area where the second Penang bridge begins on the mainland,

Who were all the parties involved in these deals? Were proxies used? I think a thorough investigation is needed to get to the bottom of these deals and to find out how much, if at all, the state has lost as a result of all these deals. This is land that could have been used by the state for affordable housing.

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tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Gerakan-led Pg State Govt have sold more than 830 hectares of land to their crony companies at dirt cheap prices of around RM 20 per sq foot at Jelutong Expressway, RM1 per sq foot at Sri Tanjong Pinang (Tg Tokong area) and around RM3-RM4 per sq foot at Batu Kawan (with prior knowledge that the 2nd Pg Bridge proposed site to be shifted to Batu Kawan area!). The former Gerakan-led Pg State Govt had already sold some 60% of KOMTAR and yet, the BN State Chairman Teng, a former Gerakan State Exco who was a party to the… Read more »


BN can tell lies because it has wide reach on its controlled mainstream media in TV and newspapers. Even if Utusan retracts its mistake (e.g. not knowing the difference of Islamic state and Islam), the damage is done to Pakatan as its apology is never highlighted.

Everyone of us must use blogs, sms and facebook the spread the truth. Remember, for every one blog posting, BN cybertrooper/bots could generate 100x the lies as in the cse of #Merdeka55 tweets.


Yes. Should provide more coverage on Johor now that BN is fast losing voters there.


The BN politicians proposed to buy this tiny pace of land for RM21million. With the maximum density is 84 per acre, the price per unit of low cost housing before construction is already over RM250,000!! If you add the construction cost, the cost per unit will be more than RM300,000 !!! You might as well buy a RM200000 apartment and give it to the “poor” and save RM100000 per unit ! Between 2005 and 2008 after the first phase , what did the BN do? Let this piece of land grow lallang !! How much did they allocate for low… Read more »


I am refering to the Taman Manggis land sale in Penang in my comment above.


You are right in that BN is talking nonsense about using the land for affordable housing. It is way too expensive and does not have adequate land area for a proper affordable housing estate. However, I think the state sold the land for too cheap a price (RM 11m). There is no doubt that that land which is right in the city is worth a lot more than that. I am not disputing the fact that the sale was done through open tender but perhaps a reserve price should have been set. An estimate of the value of the land… Read more »


Ridiculous to build low cost housing in such a small area in the middle of the city. Make no sense at all. It is like asking BN Johor to build low cost housing in JB’s Danga Bay or Nusajaya prime area for low income people.

BN Penang ought to have constructive plan, else making mockery of their already tainted image in Penang.


The nkkhoo.com blog is known to be anti-LGE and support Lynas. He even condemned his readers for providing opposing views. He called me ‘stupid’ when I challenged his views. Instead of telling us that the Chinese in Johor (including his hometown Muar) are beginning to abandon MCA, he selectively picked on trivial issues to find fault with Penang government based on the biased mainstream press reporting. He should go to Penang and see for himself and talk to Penang residents to get the right picture.


Anyone surprised by these? The real issue is that it only highlight the ENORMOUS LEGACY PROBLEM that PR has to overcome and as someone points out – the line-up of capable leaders is THIN..Malaysian and Penangites incluing the critics don’t have a clue how MUCH has been wasted over the years and don’t have clue the burden THEY carry because of UMNO/BN rule. Its not just a PR govt problem. ITS OUR problem…

Kassim Bin Jamaludin

We have punished BN in last GE because of all these cases. Now we continue to punish BN no matter what happen to Penang. ABU ABU ABU ABU ABU ABU ABU


Well I agree we do not have much choice in the GE. But this ABU mentality has gotten a lot of useless excos and reps into office, especially in Penang. I think that the opposition should choose only those who are capable of holding office to contest. If you attended the recent Penang forum you would be most thankful that at least our CM appears to be a person of calibre. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for one other exco member (I would rather not name) who attended the meeting. When asked about what the state plans to do… Read more »

the mythbuster

This rape of the land by UMNO/BN and their hand picked cronies have been going on for ages. The coalition partners (MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP and others have hood winked the people for a long time. The fourth estate which is supposed to be the neutral watchdog for the people has been emasculated by the ruling regime and made to report everything is hunky dory in the land. The MSM is a joke. It is controlled by UMNO/BN to spread lies and half truths.

It is time UMNO/BN is booted out at the 13th GE.

Kassim Bin Jamaludin

Change for better Malaysia:”It is time UMNO/BN is booted out at the 13th GE.”

AGREE! Plus let’s all of us embrace hudud. UMNO/BN is the stumbling block to hudud implementation. Hudud is way better than human law.



Important for us to tell people the truth when the mainstream media do not provide balanced coverage and very often skewed to mislead people to suit BN agenda.

We are counting on Anil to give us the true update.
Thanks, Anil.

Joker is writing jokes!

Joke: “This is land that could have been used by the state for affordable housing.”

RM400 000 affordable housing. No thanks.


Housing … Minister Chor has already said how to expect RM40,000 low cost housing when a Perodua already cost at least RM50,000? He has just woke up after sleeping for past 3 years?


The land CM is talking about now owned by aPublic co called E& O.Initially when the land was alienated to UE (under Halim Saad?). Subsequently it was sold to E&O.Another interesting point regarding the land was,the land was on state lease for 60 years.Subsequently before election 2008 the land was (allegedly) change to freehold.

(Did) koh soo koon the Gerakan CM convert the land to freehold with consideration paid to State govertment …(?). How much ? You have to do a bit of homework.


Well all this could be true but it doesn’t run from the fact that hundreds of acres of land were given away almost for free. To who it was given to doesn’t matter. The buyer should have to pay market value or at least something closer to it.


Umno’s land (grab) & refusal to share profits from sale of land owned by 31 Malay landonwers in Kampung Terang, Balik Pulau:


najib manaukau

Now you know why the former Penang C.M. from Gerakan was made a senator before becoming a minister in the P.M. department ? One cannot be an apparent lackey than that !


Just makes me wonder why some of the developers (involved) have to sell high to recoup (loss?) from these low price land deals!!! Contradictory low cost to high revenue equation with unseen costs?
My abacus is not computing right now!
Of course it’s very easy (including myself) to blame LGE for every high price property sold on the market until we get to know the ‘dirt’ facts of the matter (of what transpired pre-308 for that piece of Penang land).

syiok syiok

Now tunglang wakes up and return to home base away from the Dark side after many many cups of kopi o kau kau…..don’t blame his recent outbursts for many have been teng-swayed (abacus counting of 1$) by the high-cost housing issues.
The ewoks are cheering for the dark force being overcome for a moment; until another barang naik temptations come along……


Staying in Penang Island, it’s easier to see things happening around you. Combined with alternative media, one can be more educated in the truths & be more wiser / wary of lies or half-truths floating around. Generally speaking, Penang island is no longer a ‘sleeping tortoise’ (look at its shape from Google map). Many changes are taking place at breakneck speed, some of which have taken us Penangites by surprise. After nearly 2 decades of ostrich slumber in a hole, many of us are shaken to wake up from inertia. To play catchup (individually & collectively) is not an easy… Read more »


Tunglang, I think the state is now moving in the right direction where these developers who took advantage of penang in the past are being made to return some of what they made. The state has made new requirements for these developers to fulfill. The most important one to me is the proposed coastal park in Gurney drive in order to repair the silted parts. I hope this comes through and the developer is made to bear all such costs before anymore approvals are given for their new projects. It is simple to me, if you spoil something, you have… Read more »


In all fairness, the land portfolio was under an UMNO ADUN in the BN administration. TS Koh probably just chaired the exco meeting to approve those deals. It is only with the PR government that that most valuable portfolio was again placed under the CM.


Did KSK chair the exco meeting to approve those deals? Nope, he probably slept thru it (remember the Star pic of him holding a pillow leaving KOMTAR?


Although the portfolio is under BN UMNO, KTK as the CM and Chairman of the Exco together with all the Gerakan & MIC Exco has the right to object if the dealing fell far too low beyond the market value. It only confirm one thing. Gerakan just like MCA & MIC has no control over UMNO and UMNO will always the big brother with the final say. PR comprising PAS, DAP and PKR are partners on on equal footing. No more big brother. This is what we want for the future generation where all the races are on equal footing… Read more »


Remember KTK photo was torn down and a local UMNO local head was later suspended. This guy is not an exco nor a councilor. He barge into the Council meeting. He was ask to leave but refuse. After some phone call to his boss he was allow to sit in the meeting although not to make decision.Yes it is true and it clearly show that they are always the big brother.


When you are the Chief Minister of Penang you cannot simply say that the land exco post was held by another person and so you sign off thousands of acres of land almost for the price of mineral water. Even if a 12 year old child was the chief minister I am confident he would know what seems right and what is blatantly wrong. It doesn’t take a Princeton graduate to know that.


That’s right. If we hand Penang back to Gerakan, UMNO, being the backbone of the coalition, will again demand that Mr Teng, the new CM, hand back the land portfolio to UMNO. Remember, without an authority over land matters, there is really little reason left for the existence of a state government in Penang.


Any CEO worth his salt will not delegate 100% decision making on important issues. For KSK to not be involved in land matters in the state of Penang (where land is a scarce and depleting resource) is either a case of gross negligence or stupidity, or worse, ksk was a mere figure head sitting as a CM but really the strings are being pulled by UMNO. Either case, it is good riddance for Penangites.


Wow no wonder the BN cronies become billionaires overnight. BN KTK sold it for RM1.00 and RM20.00 while LGE sold it for RM250 per sq ft. and yet they complain. Just imagine how much these cronies must have made. 200 times. Thats is why I have said times are never hard for these cronies for they have ripped us of billions.

Lets us continue with LGE and PR or we will soon be ripped bone clean.

CHANGE is what we really need. CHANGE NAJIB TO ANWAR