What they didn’t teach me at accountancy school…


Tonight, I need to meditate on this statement.

“But do not be confused. The account is in my name, but it is not like a personal account.”

Now, I’m thorougly confused!



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Johan Khun Pana

Not confusing at all
The statement is intended for the lower IQ scoring umnoputras.
Accountants who dabble in “creative accounting” are absolutely delighted by that statement. And especially it (the statement) came from the Minister of Finance.
If the son of Razak can gets away with that then so can their clients who are facing corruption charges and investigations.
Might just say that this is another first for Malaysia.
If this happens in Japan , it is all over.
It would be “mati kudasai”, as there is no other way out.
*mati – Malay word
*kudasai- Japanese word.


If anyone swallow any of the bull, have got to be snorting on something. There are simply too many twist and turn. No truth can be this hard to explain. Saudi Arabia and other rich Arab only gives matching funds if the US fight it’s war – others dying for them. We are not that big an area in fight against ISIS, why would they give so.much when there are so many much needed so many other place? If this was true, that Arab country has a lot to explain to allies against ISIS for blowing this much on “donation”.… Read more »


‘They’ already can breed cows in condos, “chui niu” (making bulls of something) is as easy as milking the nation dry.
Begitu lah perangai sekelompok Yang Naik Jeep.


What they didn’t tell you on mainstream media: Setelah bekerja di pejabat YB Eddie Ng selama lebih dari setahun, Sdri Fatin Nurul Syamimie telah membuat keputusan untuk memasuki DAP. Berikut adalah jawapan beliau apabila ditanyakan “mengapa nak join DAP?” “DAP” sering dilihat sebagai parti politik yang anti Islam dan anti Melayu, bahkan sejak dari kecil, saya dan ramai remaja lain sering dimomokan media massa dan masyarakat sekeliling tentang keburukan DAP, seolah-olah tiada langsung kebaikan yang dibuat oleh parti tersebut. Nak dikutkan, Parti UMNO dan PAS pula lebih kepada Melayu, tetapi kenapa tak ada orang nak komplain? Umum mengetahui, di Malaysia… Read more »

kuning cilik

Young malays no longer believe in Umno rhetorics of demonising DAP.


I didnt follow the news for a while but i think this has to do with 2.6b DONATION into Mr Najib’s account !!!

Malaysians have been taken as fools but malaysians are indeed fools otherwise how can the corrupted to the core umno/BN rule for more than half a century !!!


Because it’s not a trust account in the first place. Trust fund or trust account will be accounted by few peoples but in this case only Najib control all until now, even though it was exposed. He control all to disperse to his warlords and his warlords in return support him. Whoever question him they will be disposed off by Political means by him or his supporters who get some $$$. “I am Malay first than Malaysian First DPM one of his highest victims and he cry baby now”. rajraman. Just assume as Najib said the money came from Middle… Read more »


As an accountant Anil should know that even in your name it could also be a trust account


Why should this N say it when some of the money (suspectedly) could be used to buy million ringgit handbags & diamonds for the ‘wants’ of Roast Mac?


You think the Arabs so generous ah?
Even if you copy their dressing & lifestyle in this tropical climate, they may think you are fools.


Why should you confuse yourself when the statement is meant for Umno fellows?


Anil not confused. rajraman.He just want to confused people by telling he is confused like you who worship the Deity blindly like UMNO followers and you believed Anil Confused? Thats the Political Trader job to confused voters for their pocket Benny. Politics is the largest bussines in the world after Organized Religion.Even more succesful then the oldest trade. ( Hope you understand the oldest trade meaning Benny). Wish i can write better, so i can write the best selling novel about Political Trader.They even can sell their saliva to get votes. Once the money in your name and the account… Read more »


But it’s can’t be yours if the money accidently transfered into your account.

rajraman. Anil ask question abused of Power by UMNO kena whack and abused of power by Deity kena whack.
Tough life for Anil.
I can’t take if i am him honetly.