What is PM’s Dept doing with RM4 billion?


It is alarming to read that the government has set aside RM4 billion for the PM’s Department alone this year.

Equally shocking to hear that the number of civil servants in the same department has doubled in the space of seven years since Mahathir stepped down – from 21,045 in 2003 to 43,544 in 2010.

That’s a hundred per cent increase in headcount in seven years! Is this part of the “KPIs”?

RM4 billion is many times more than the annual budget of any state government.

For instance, the budget for the Selangor government, which has to look after over 5 million residents in the state, is RM1.3 billion for 2010. For Penang, the state government’s budget for 2010 is RM0.7 billion.

The Prime Minister needs to justify the large allocation for his department and explain what 43,544 staff are doing. The accounts for his department must also be made public to show how all this public money is being spent.

According to the Malaysian Insider, Nazri says the increase is due to the ‘creation of new agencies’ and additional posts. What new agencies? and what additional posts during a time of economic difficulties?

The PM’s Department should take a leaf from the White House and put online the list of all the employees’ names in the PM’s Department, along with their official job titles and salaries.

That’s RM4 billion of public money.

Who is subsidising whom now?

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This is how they squander tax payers’ money. Anyway, BN will be voted out comes the next GE. Traitors will then be put behind bars. Don’t worry. The wind of change is blowing… the people are fed up with the present government.


Stupid management of the economy. RM70 million for ‘pusara tokoh’, RM65 million for refurbishing Najib+Rosmah’s place of stay, RM5billion for a 100 storey building when Petronas is forced to pay rental for 1 twin tower and soon another – no takers from others. Twin-Tower is a white elephant now. Who are going to rent the Merdeka Tower 100 floors? Ghosts? RM111 million for Permata project…. the list goes on. This is Malaysia Boleh. Why can’t these people hire Lew Kuan Yew or Lim Guan Eng to tell them what economy is all about? Malaysia is doomed.


… it is RM12.1 Billion and not RM4 billion. No answers so far. Najib is good at keeping mum when he needs to answer. Then a statement with big words will come out the next day.


Najib makes all Malaysians “save” RM750 Million to contribute to his waste of 5.33 times more, the budget of RM4,000 Millions by his over inflated department. The next bomb is the GST, tighten your belts, folks!

Empress Dowager


Tell people to change lifestyle to cope with escalating price while itself spending billions of rakyat money on ‘unknown’ and dubious white-elephant projects.

This is the kepimpinana BN melalui tauladan.

Maybe they knwo their time is up (after the next GE)…?

Very sad indeed.

Malaysian Care

Even MYR 1 Billion is considered excessive for PM Dept!!! Why need MYR 4 Billion!! Excess MYR 3 Billion should be used to help the poor.

Lone Ranger

Rationalizing subsdies or readjusting subsisies or whatever they call it…it’s still a price hike.It’s just the same … with a different name. And we the rakyat are the ones who are going to suffer.
And they have the nerve to say rakyat didahulukan. Bull…! It’s rakyat mendahulukan


All of you Don’t argue so much lah, we all going to die if the government irrationally rationalised subsidies every month. After petrol, gas, sugar then electricity, tambang bas, car spare parts, chicken, duck, vege, toilet paper, fruits, your grand mother clothes,your aunty underwear, flour and many many more. Nothing bocor, only pocket Rakyat bocor. Why argue? 1 MALAYSIAL…Soi loh.


That is the main crux of the dissatisfaction, which unexpressed make us dumbs, idiots and fools for 52 years, except for the 2 years plus in Penang which we can see some improvements in the welfare of the Rakyat.
Improvements which we can totally managed, control CAT-style and determine for future betterment with available resources and faith of Penangites in LGE leadership.
It is better than being a Katak di bawah tempurong doing nothing, and worst still some of which can even betray the trusts of others.


LGE-leadership? LGE where got leadership?

LGE got big mouth. LGE got kay poh chee.

LGE got a lot of other attributes except for “Leadership”.


it is good to know that someone like you get easily irked by LGE’s examplary leadership!
Jealous that Penangites finally get a good leader?
Hateful that LGE can prove a better and smart leader?
Sleepless because LGE is kay poh digging up irregularities in state projects?
Troublesome that leakages finally get plugged, so that (certain people) cannot continue enjoying leeching the state coffer?
Ha Ha Ha, it feels good to get such reaction …. which shows LGE is a far more effective leader to counter these corrupts… bred by BeeN.


Examplary leadership? Lim Guan Eng? LOL !

On the other thread Mr. Anil is talking about “Perception Management” and this is what it is, Perception Management from Lim Guan Eng’s machais, you included.


LGE delivers. That is what Penangites voted him for!
And our positive perception is molded and backed by facts of LGE doing a good job.

Jealous? Pearly Babe?
Cleanse yourself of BAD vibes before coming back to this blog!


LGE delivers?

No wonder it is raining !

God can’t stop laughing at that “joke” of yours until His tears fall out !


To the Chinese,
rain means wealth and prosperity in Penang.
And it is a blessing compared to heat waves other countries are suffering.

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away.
Cleanse Penang Of BN’s Dirts And Stains!


PICC may be bad investment, but then we may never yet know because of the spin off effects from such an investment.

We elected a government of our choice so we should allow it to make decisions as long as they are clean, transparent, well analysed (not necessarily must be profitable)and for the benefit of the people.


I agree with you wira, but, honestly, the location may not be suitable. They should look somewhere to relocate the PICC. It can be on the mainland, no harm at all, but, they know better.

The PICC as mentioned may have a good spin off effect and I am for it, only thing is the location.


Spin-off effects, another machai chimed.

Spin-off from what?


You shoot your mouth without knowing what you are talking! Sometimes it is good to keep quiet and learn. Someone like you does not deserved to be enlightened, therefore, if you want to learn what the spin off effects are like, travel, work, see with your own eyes, learn and understand. There is no free lunch and I am certainly not going to treat you to one, dude!


Machai, machai and machais. Who do you think you are? A big shot? And who started using this word in Anil’s blog folks? Go through the comments and perhaps we have a clue? And always going for Yang? Shameless dude!


Pearl is a perfect reflection of the Gaya, Money-Dulu-Then-We-Talk, Sell-My-Soul, Betray-My-Conscience, Tramp-On-The-Handicap, You Scatch My Back, I Scratch Yours…, Class Without Substance, Bourgeois This – Bourgeois That – But Full of Preposterousness, and last but not the least, You Help Me I Help You Reality.
Theirs is a so called ‘reality world’ of unbridled excesses of profanities and corruption.
Never mind that machais being derogatory.
At least Machais can hold their heads up high that those lying… bend on destroying the wealth and unity in diversity of Malaysia.


My, my ! I see that the machais have branched off to the “enlightenment” business now !


See you in the here after, Big Mouth!
By then, nobody can bail you out, not even BeeN!
Are you so sure there will be another tomorrow for you?
And this is no business, no money upfront preposterousness. Just your conscience.

Sleep well, Pearly.


You go there with your master LGE. Me? I am not going anywhere near you machais. Not even in Hell !


My God ! A BN supporter does not understand what “leakage” means in economic terms? No wonder we’re in such a mess ! Must be mirroring their leaders. Or is it the other way around?


Exclaimation to the highest order, added another machai that is supposed to be an expert in economic terms.

And in the meantime, only the 34 billion project has leakage and the 50 million project is so perfect that it has nothing.

Never mind. See one machai, see all machais.


My thousand apologies!
Some pearls have leakages every month. It is natural to always think of leakages if this is the time of the month! Every little thing leaks! Even to do with LGE!!!
My thousand apologies to all pearls!

Gerakan K

Bung Mokhtar and bocor again ???….


Pearl, RM50Million is not leakage. Leakage means that spending RM1 for a 99 sen (and below) product. Here it is said that the leakage is around the 60-70% mark if not higher (that means 30-40 sen leakage). RM50M is going towards putting up a International Convention and Conference Centre. While you may be against it, I know for a fact that many of the TOP CEOs in the region had told the Penang Govt, that is is a necessity. So it is now between your screaming and the advise of the TOP CEOs from Bayan Lepas etc. So you know… Read more »


See how a machai wants to argue against the truth?

50 million isn’t a leakage, says the machai.

What is it then? Investment?

Why not use the 50 millions for much better projects that can benefit the people better?


Pearl, Are you dumb or what! If RM50 million is spent on project, with no Corruption or wastage then that is NOT LEAKAGE! If the RM50 million is spent wrongly (as per your definition) then it is WASTAGE, not leakage. Yes it is Investment (by the definition of the CEOs who are advising the Govt) and BAD Investment in your view.
Please do learn some fundamental economics…


Alamak ! Another brilliant piece from a machai !

Whitewashing everything that is bad about their “Supreme Leader”, must-remember-to-praise-or-Supreme-Leader-don’t-like-me-no-more !

You are a bot, SamG. You are not a human.


Get off it, Pearl! Nobody’s playing the ‘Simple Simon says…’ game here the way you want it.

Just because you call it a leakage without offering any backup, you expect us to go along with it? Not the smartest person out there, are you?

If you have nothing else substantive to offer, then cease and desist this ‘leakage’ … word. You are still welcome to join this discussion but keep your loose terms to yourself.


Oh my ! Yet another machai playing the ownership role !

Mr. Anil, have you really abdicated your ownership of this blog and handed it to those machais?


Finanace what ops in PM’s dept that needs that much – unemployable graduates told to stay home and make babies every year?

It’s not under OSA, is it? The Rakyat wants to know.

Those billions … from Raykat, to look ‘legimate’ for PM’s spending (as if his/BN’s!)… (Is it) for his on-going election campaign promises eg as in Sibu Rejang Park that was never kept, and why when it’s Rakyat’s money?

Watch the video again here…


The Rakyat also wants to know how come no one can stop Lim Guan Eng from that 50 million PICC project?


Interesting K and Gerakan K have not turned up to support their 1PM and 1Eunuch (Political).
I disagree to subsidies, but at the same time, the Govt must also not allow leakages and Corruption to carry on unabated.
The Project Managers had allowed an (alleged) cost overrun of over RM1.4BILLION in Ipoh-Padang Besar Double tracking project.
So many lopsided projects for the rakyat are totally favoring Contractors and consssionnaires.
Enough is Enough, Najib. Make money the clean way, without screwing us up.


What about the pending leakage of 50 million on PICC?


PICC, there is no corruption so how can there be a leakage. At least it is a project in its right, rightly or wrongly. Do you understand.


“No Corruption”, claims a machai.

Of course, when it comes to the doing of their “Supreme Leader” there will never be any “korapsi”.

Don’t you think these machais sound just like the BN machais?

Gerakan K

Next year, the AG will report whether the RM4 billion is anything unusual or as REQUIRED by the administration.

Currently there are some extremely important things needed to be done. You will know it within a few weeks or at most 2 months.

PR machai like you better shut up. Something big awaiting to be happened.


You can tell that to the deaf and dumb, but they still have the two precious fingers to point back at you!


Why on earth is Maritim under the PM’s department? Shouldn’t it be an agency under KDN or defence?

Is this about a question about who signs the procurement contracts?

(Look at the) record for the submarine deal and the Eurocopter deal … signed 3 days before swapping portfolios with Pak Lah – without the requisite tests and evaluation being carried out on the helicopters in the competition…

Now its Maritim and their procurement…(?)


dunno abt the other RM3 billions … (is) RM1 billion … for ‘shopping’ & may be ‘study tours'(?) …


As stated in http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/137461, one reader named Pemerhati quotes, “There is a lot of wasteful expenditure by the government. Recently it was stated by a parliamentarian that, “Taiwan, with a population similar to us at 28 million, has only 530,000 government employees. Japan with a 120 million population employs 380,000 civil servants. But Malaysia, with a population of 28 million, has a civil service of 1.2 million.” Going by the above figures we probably only need about 500,000 government employees and 700,000 of those extra people should be in the private sector. This would save us billions of ringgit annually… Read more »


You are wrong.

Malaysia is not the leader on Civil Servant : General Population ratio.

Greece leads Malaysia lightyears ahead. 11% of their tax-paying age general public are, one way or another, Civil Servants.

Malaysia still has 3% or so to go before we are on par with Greece.


We are fast approaching more than 11% if the economic scenario is not looking good in the coming years. To increase vote bank before the next GE, more Bumis (may) be enticed to the civil service regardless we have the resources to back up the exorbitant public expenditure.

Only tax paying fools will know too late!


Greece is lucky. They have Germany to bail them out.

Malaysia? Who would want to bail us out?


Yes, Pearl, and we are better of then Zimbabwe and Myanmar. Is it !! Is this how far you can go. Try again.


Oh yes, your group of machais is better than the BN machai.

……. Nah !


What a stupid reply, Pearl!

It is exactly the Greek meltdown that we want to avoid. We shouldn’t be managing such a high ratio of civil servants to overall population.


Dear Mr. Anil, why are there so many un-thinkers frequenting your blog?

Or should I spell out every-single-word-kindergarten-style so they can understand what I am saying?


Baby, you are on the wrong frequency! Read up ‘Emotional Intelligence’ by Daniel Goldman. Only then return to this blog, Baby!


My, my ! Machai assuming the helm of ownership and starts ordering others what to do and what not before “return to this blog”.

My, my !

Mr. Anil, have you abdicate your role as the owner of this blog?


Ai yo Pearly Girly don’t be too angrylah. After that you will be “tua” cepat … Bodoh punya Pearly.


Ha Ha Ha Ha!

New Malaysian

It is amazing that this oppressive government constantly shoots itself in the foot and yet gets re-elected. Hulu Selangor is a sore case that comes to mind. Why?

Someone please quickly identify the weaknesses in dissemination of information to the vast majority in the rural and even semi-urban and some even urban areas that seem to be oblivious to government excesses and downright disregard to law and ethics…


actually you all can agree to change government in GE13 because all of you who read this are clever.

But what about those stupid Malaysian who can’t read, and the only reading material they could barely understand is Utusan, B.harian.

So in order to achieve your right… you all must teach this stupid malaysian… go start now …you have to do it, it is for you own sake.


Thats why from now onward until the next GE, let us go down and start telling the people especially those poor and illiterate not to be misled again.


Machai wants to tell lie again?

That we all must bow to your “Supreme Leader” again?


Fuel prices are moving up today.
Contrary to what the PM says, it is not about the gradual removal of fuel subsidies to strengthen the Malaysian economy. It is to maintain the largely inefficient civil service which UMNO had created as a vote bank (at 4.68% of the population) for their party.


Business as usual, what is 20% of 4 billion? My dull brain is wrought and can’t give an answer but, can use my imagination!


If the UMNO … have any brain in managing the national fiance, they would not have put so many malays on crutches!
Hav’nt you heard Anil,the new agencies were to seek
UMNO PM popularity internationally, an audience with the US President and propping up the image of the “First Lady”
Sorry old chap, you were made a blooming sucker again!!


There are two kinds of blind people. Those who are born blind, and those who are can see but prefer to not see. The first group of people are actually not blind. Their eye-sight might not be perfect but at least they can “see” with their hearts. The latter group? More blind than the bats. Extension of the above comparison, there are two types of lame people. Those who are born with legs that can’t support their body weight, and those who can actually walk on their own two feet but prefer not to. What do you say about the… Read more »


We are surely on the way to bankruptcy with this unnecessary RM4 billion spending, not counting other self-siok expenses and gaya projects of no use to the Rakyat. Our Ah Kong’s money will not last till the next generation.
Some may call it bad Feng Shui, we should curse it as ‘No.1 Leech’ leadership.


We are not on the way to bankruptcy.

We already (appear) bankrupt.

There is (perhaps) nothing left in the coffer or the government would not have raised the sugar price.


16 July 2010 at 9.48pm : Now you are talking sense


We are contributing 5 sen to this PM fund for every 1 litre of petrol we are paying now.

Rakyat didahulukan?

We are ready for the next GE.


Yes, Rakyat di dahulukan.

You must dahulu your money, put your money upfront before you are counted as “Rakyat”.


So all the poor and below class who cannot afford to pay don’t belong to this country?
You think this country is like a private hospital – pay first before you’re served!


That is the reality.

See what the son of Mahathir drives? Porche.

See what kind of houses the children of the VVIP live in? Villas.

In Malaysia you either have to fork up your money or you will be left alone to rot. That is a fact that nobody can deny.

I am not saying that this is right. I am saying that this is what happen in Malaysia.

Rakyat di dahulukan. Of course. If you don’t have money you are not an asset to those VVIPs.


(The) Perverted … live that lifestyles undeserving of them. That is also your perverted reality of the highest order.

But this is not my kind of reality, but my perception of injustice and prostitution of humanity. Pay first! Preposterous!
They … may not rot now, but in the here after they will definitely rot stinking hell!

God is watching closely, Pearly.


Haha ! As if those VVIPs believe in the “here after”.

See what Mahathir is doing? If that guy truly believes in the “here after” at least he would do some good for the people.


See you in the here after. And do remember this blog and what I said to you. If this is the only world we think we exist to cheat, rape, swindle and corrupt to satisfy our desires, thinking it will be forever, too bad. Then what the grandious self piousness we want to profess a religion for? And yet can commit all the unspeakable sins even hell itself cannot imagine! As an example, see what God can do to unleash an earthquake like the ones of 2004 to warn mankind. Think for a moment. If man can still dream on… Read more »


Pearl is asking you to pay first before you are considered a rakyat. So remember to put your money upfront to those … and their cronies.

This is one example of an UMNO BN & Najib sycophant


Reduction of subsidies to help the poor? Now they r helping the designer in designing the National Day Attires, WHO GETS D HELP?


Its just not an increase of 5 items only. It will be a spillover that will increase many many items such as drinks, beverages, cake and kueh, hawkers food etc etc etc as these are using the 5 most essential items sugar, petrol and cooking gas.