What is Najib trying to do?


He doesn’t answer the question about the RM2.6bn so-called ‘donation’; instead he gets Zahid to do answer in Parliament. In the end, Malaysians are no wiser. Talk about an anti-climax.

Why is it that key players in the 1MDB saga are ‘interviewed’ or asked to give their ‘statement’ at their convenience – instead of being hauled up and ‘interrogated’?

And why is the Najib administration trying to ram through the National Security Council bill, which was tabled two days ago? Where exactly is this security threat coming from? Is there really a threat? And does it justify such a draconian move? Why is he centralising even more powers in the hands of the Executive, specifically in the hands of the prime minister, who already controls a large chunk of the national budget under the prime minister’s department.

Could it be that the BN administration is feeling insecure given its declining levels of popularity in opinion polls even as dissent brews within Umno?

Meanwhile, Air Asia has some serious explaining and soul-searching to do.
– How was the plane flying with a faulty component? What does it say about maintenance?
– And why were the pilots not properly trained to respond correctly to a technical malfunction?

I think we need to take another look at the whole budget airline model – especially looking at how and where costs are being cut in the quest to keep fares down and maximise profits. Has it led to compromises being made in the frequency and quality of maintenance and the training and experience levels of key personnel?

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Presiden Umno, Najib berkata, beliau tidak perlu dipersalahkan atas kenaikan kos sara hidup terutamanya yang terbaharu melibatkan tambang pengangkutan awam kerana beliau hanya meneruskan perjanjian yang sudah pun dibuat pada 1997.

Putting the blame on Mahathir?


Najib: No salary hike for civil servants if GST not implemented


Taxing the Rakyat to pay for the salary increment of civil servants?


Mahathir claimed in his latest blog entry that Najib was trying to bribe him:

“Najib biasa datang jumpa saya untuk bertanya apa yang saya hendak. Saya fikir ia ikhlas dan saya pun sebut beberapa projek pembangunan untuk negara. Kemudian saya sedar ia sedang mencuba sogok saya dengan cara ini supaya saya tidak bangkit soal 1MDB.”


MACC should investigate this allegation. If this allegation is baseless, then IGP could take action on Mahathir? Either way, one of them should face action from Apandi?


Malaysia makes records again, the greatest liar can be found in tunglang’s tanah air cinta ku since the creation of the earth, with 2.6b donation, and his conscience is clear, not only in this donation but ….


Najib dare not speak on this issue in parliament but chose to talk in the comfort of TV3? “I have not committed any offence or malpractice, this has been explained at the Parliament by the deputy prime minister (Ahmad Zahid Hamidi). The donors have been verified and found by the MACC and the commission has also obtained their statements,” he said in an interview with TV3 last night in conjunction with the Umno AGM. The interview was conducted by Media Prima Bhd group managing editor of News and Current Affairs Mohd Ashraf Abdullah, the New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd… Read more »


Umno is doomed with Najib!

Gopal Raj Kumar

Datuk Seri Najib Razak (Najib) is not required under any law to defend the demands of anyone from government or the opposition to answer any questions about the MYR$2.6 billion allegation against him. There is a long line of authority that goes back to English law and Malaysian law too that a person has a right to silence subject to certain exceptions in law. That position was confirmed n the case of DPP vs Woolmington. It is sad that Malaysia’s legal fraternity cannot distinguish between the person Datuk Seri Najib and the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib and in the… Read more »


Using the so-called donation for election purpose is not required for disclosure?
What is this? Especially when the donor is not verified.
What if it is used to sell our country?
Pls answer correctly.

Gopal Raj Kumar

Since when did Malaysia have a political donations disclosure register or law? It is clear that this is a foreign driven attack on the PM and his government. It may be the case in the US and in Australia or the UK that political donations do attract the scrutiny of congress or other inquirers but that is not the case in Malaysia. If you think otherwise then kindly refer me to the legislation that says otherwise along the lines you think. It is not an offence to receive any money into your bank however large or small the amount is… Read more »


Najib should have not sought the A-G’s advice on not explaining to Parliament the political donation said to be from a Middle Eastern donor, PKR lawmaker Surendran said, referring to the recent statement by the minister for parliamentary affairs, Azalina Othman. Najib was to have given an explanation to MPs on the RM2.6 billion scandal on the last day of the Dewan Rakyat sitting on December 3, but Azalina said the A-G had advised the prime minister against it. “By virtue of Article 145(3), the A-G also has the power to institute prosecution for any offence. Since the PM is… Read more »


Benny, it’s like Poa Kong (Chinese Black Faced Judge) advising a corrupt high official to keep silence & then after singing “Silence Is Golden”!
In Imperial China, this type of Pao Kong would have been banished overnight to Ulan Bator /ˌuːlɑːn ˈbɑːtər/ (Mongolian: Улаанбаатар, [ʊɮɑːŋ.bɑːtʰɑ̆r], capital of Mongolia where howling ghosts of murdered ones never sleep.


Rm2.6b is not kacang putih for a politician.
Any brain damaged person can suddenly wake up upon hearing this massive amount donated to somebody’s account. Not to mention the perfect-timing of such ‘legally questionable donation’.
Unless one prefers to deny the obvious for some obvious reasons beyond mere rhetorics of legal mumble jumble to confuse & defuse.
OR do you much prefer that INSIDIOUS kankung economics to not count the super amount from start to finish for fear of waking up to the inescapable truth.
KARMA will finish the counting for you.

Gopal Raj Kumar

You can only claim a breach of a law if that law exists either in the form of and established convention or in legislation.

Have you any proof that thats what the money was used for? Even if the PM says so, admissions are always the subject of scrutiny and not to be taken as the gospel truth unless and until they are verified and corroborated.

I did not hear the PM say anything about anything. I have however read the alternative (pro opposition) media say and write about their thories about the subject. None verified.


Last night on TV3 interview Najib reiterated that his conscience is clear in the 2.6 billion matter. Obviously he does not subscribe to the ideas of Pao Kong or Karma.


If only Najib can show proof that the RM2.6 billion is not from 1MDB…by revealing the name of the middle-east donor.

Gopal Raj Kumar

Najib has the privilege as PM to seek the AG’s advise on any matter. Your proposition and pseudo legal position as espoused in your posting above has no legal basis to support that statement of yours. PKR lawyer Surendran is no different to PKR lawyer Sivarasah who defended Balasubramaniam and Amrick Singh Siddhu another of the PKR “legal” team. Surendran’s legal prowess is evident from the posiiton his many long suffering clients end up in. Nowhere!! You are assuming like Surendran that an offence has been committed by the Prime Minister that is impeachable coduct. Where is the proof and… Read more »

gk ong

C4 director Cynthia Gabriel in a statement said that Najib had missed his “greatest opportunity” to once and for all put an end to allegations surrounding the RM2.6 billion donation scandal and operations of state-investment arm 1MDB. “Najib’s absence from Parliament has given Malaysians a clear impression that the prime minister will not and cannot be bothered to be accountable, has skeletons in his closets, and is too afraid to man up and face the music from Malaysians. “He had the greatest opportunity to put the matter to rest once and for all, to come out smelling like roses if… Read more »

Gopal Raj Kumar

He does not have to reply to anything. Thats his privilege as PM and as a member of parliament. Secondly as the matter is currently before other tribunals it would be unwise for him to say anything (and his legal advisors must have given him that advise). It is the PM’s prerogative. Cynthia Gabriel is engaging in wishful thinking devoid of any strategic purpose or design. Her allegations by implication of what she says of money laundering is defamatory and she will get her just deserts just as Amrick Singh Siddhu will get his. When one resorts to slander and… Read more »


Najib please bring Psy to perform in tribute of your Daddy Tun Razak.

Reggie Bollie

Najib always talks about the legacy of his daddy to justify his position in Umno and Malaysia, such that he is entitled to all privileges. Soon he will be a dictator … with the new bill. Be very afraid. Sad that Muhyiddin is lame tree stump and dare not take on Najib head on.


Dear PM,
b’cos of what you have done to this Tanah Air Cinta Ku, many are in greater debts & difficulties.
Read this Dear PM –
High household debt could lead to Malaysians’ financial ruin, financial planners say
Pls step down for the sake of this Tanah Air Cinta Ku OR WE DO IT PRECISELY FOR YOU comes GE14.


KWSP said a retired Malaysian at age 55 should have RM182,000 in EPF in order to receive RM800 per month of annuity for the next 20 years.

Gary Kim

This coming Umno Assembly is like the 2015 WWE Survivor Series.
Muhyiddin must form a tag team with Mahathir (like the Undertaker and Kane) to take on Najib-Zahid.


Last chance for Muhyidin to regain support, else he will be relegated to history book.


Muhyiddin will address supporters at the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, tonight, after being barred from speaking at the general assembly. Observers see this as his willingness to be suspended, or even sacked.



PM: Stop slandering, I want to take us to a better place.

Q: Chhua ua-lang khi Holland ah? (Lead us to doom & gloom?)


While Malaysians suffer from toll, public transport, subsidies cut….somebody has a Hawaiian theme birthday bash on 13 December:


Kedai Mamak tak ada GST?


Most mamak stalls impose GST but never issue receipts. Does that mean they pocket the 6%?


Najib is smart to use the mainstream media especially TV3 to amplify the Nurul’s photo incident and sidetrack the attention of the rural malay folks from the 2.6billion issue. The rural folks somehow can forgive Najib taking photo with Yahudi PM Benjamin despite TV3 constant report on kekejaman Yahudi terhadap Palestin?


He is not doing anything. He’s Boss, and Malaysia is never short of ‘useful idiots’ to do his job! Najib had claimed, and supported by Home Minister Zahid and those around him that there’s nothing wrong with receiving donations, and the Opposition do likewise, received donation from elsewhere. Yes Opposition politicians do too but does anyone realise the magnanimity of “RM2.6 billion” that went into Najib’s private bank account, not UMNO’s nor BN’s although he had claimed it was meant for GE13. Did Najib realise what he was talking about, that it’s wrong for any citizen to sheepishly(without knowledge of… Read more »

Gary Kim

With his Jho Low’s US connection, Najib could next use his ‘charm’ to get part of Mark Zuckerberg’s $45 billion donation?


Najib to remain directly “silent” on RM2.6billion for next 2-3 years until next GE as DrM has said Msians “Mudah Lupa” ???
MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc are silent partners on such mega affair and are they on high moral ground for you to vote for them in GE14 ???