Whaddayaknow, Sarawak already richest state!


The BN vows to make Sarawak the richest state. But you know something? Sarawak is already the richest state in the country. But – and there is a big but – the problem lies in income distribution.

This commentary from the Aliran website:

The BN pledges to make Sarawak the richest state in Malaysia.

But, according to the Department of Statistics, Sarawak is already the richest state in Malaysia, outside of WP Kuala Lumpur.

Yes, you read that correctly: The Department of Statistics reports that Sarawak is already the richest state in Malaysia.

According to the department, Sarawak’s GDP per person, a common measure of wealth, amounted to RM30,318 in 2009, higher than Penang’s RM29,569 and Selangor’s RM27,609, and much higher than Johor’s RM18,458. Full article here.

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I wonder who is the Tupperware agent???

Here is a real case of politician bankrupt of offering any plan for the future of a nation. Sarawakians! Please wake up!!! This is more than insult to your MARUAH!!! You should react with contempt on such stooping attitude!

If Sarawkians still vote BN in, then we all can only say” God bless you” for mortgaging the future of your future generations away.


Taib have … make himself one of the richest man in the world..!!! …. he is (perhaps) the …. richest man in Malaysia…the Sarawakian should ensure a new government are ushered in… Change..!!!

Han Liang

a bad omen for BN as its helicopter crashed at Sibu.



cheyyyyy… Let’s hope he’ll stop talking … and learn to be more honest to himself and/or the nation/Rakyat.

Andrew I

Ya, who started the bad omen thing?


That’s average GDP. In reality GDP for the average citizen RM 10k, GDP for the rich RM100m.

Chin Xiong

Najib is embarking on 6-day ‘I Help You, You Help Me’ blitz in Sarawak. This is clearly a desperate move from Najib.

Najib knows that Umno may put the blame on him if Sarawak were to lose two-thirds majority or even worse, losing the state to Pakatan.

Dpm Muhyiddin stands to gain the most from this Sarawak defeat. Muhyiddin is not younger than Najib, so it is not possible for him to wait until Najib retires. Dpm could be sabotaging Najib given such opportunity?

Najib must watch his back…

Andrew I

C’est la vie when you are in the hot seat, but the DPM seat is even hotter with pressure from below and above. The score since 1980 is 1:3.


That is why Najib is using his cousin Hishammudin to counter Muhhyddin….

Lee Lai Huat

Malaysiakini reported on Alice Lau, DAP candidate that “She only manages to enter three longhouses to speak with some 60 villagers, as longhouse headmen had received instructions not to entertain opposition candidates.”

Surely there’ll be children and relatives of these headmen who could tell them what’s going on with their land and timber and living standards for the past 40 years ???


So the native Dayaks are threatened, not to ‘entertain’ opposition candidates but vote for BN?

– THREATENED and CHEATED by the very people who claim to have represent you, with your best interest at heart?

Don’t get con again, Sarawak!
Know the power of your votes, and kick them all out. Enough, 47 years is too … long!



….all its wealth has been siphoned away by corrupt politicians and their cronies who live in palaces, curi tanah, curi balak whilst the natives in tattered shacks and longhouses without electricity and clean running water for decades!

And that Moo the putz, now wants to talk about “transformation”?


Voters of Sarawak, the time has come for action! Cast your vote for Pakatan Rakyat! Remember, SNAP is not part of Pakatan Rakyat and may be a trojan horse! Make sure all SNAP candidates lose their deposits. Remember, Sarawakians, the main aim is to deny the BN their 2/3 majority, and SNAP is a spanner in the works. Christians of Sarawak, you must show your displeasure with the defacements of your Holy Bible, you MUST demand that the PM drop the appeal of the judgment of the High Court where the Christians can use the word Allah in their prayers!… Read more »

john tan

Haloooo…mind your words … you are creating disunity among the races & religions in Malaysia…


Oh yeah, Sarawak is the richest state in Malaysia. Who dunno.
With ONE richest man in the country or Asia!
Divide his wealth with the population and you all will gladly believe
every Sarawakian is AOK!
It is much easier than to believe in the Devil!


The state is rich. It just that the people are poor. Just BN use of words.

Sariah Saptu

I cannot understand why BN need to make that vow when it has the opportunity all these years to develop Sarawak. Someone has correctly pointed out in this blog that Kucing city itself did not have a proper shelterd bus terminal. One has to brave the sun and rain waiting for your bus at the open air bus terminal near the city mosque. Is it becaue the Kucing people are rich enough to own cars that they do not need to take bus? BN is being defensive after LGE pointed out that Sarawak can be developed (minus corruption of course)… Read more »

Christine Yong

Well, Sarawak is not the richest state, but Taib is the richest in Sarawak! What original belongs to the richeset state has been over 50 years, corruptedly moved into … his family’s pockets! Sarawak can only be the richest state if and ONLY IF the country investigate Taib’s (family’s) richness and confiscate it back to the STATE. Is BN WILLING TO DO THAT? SO WHAT IS THEIR PLAN IN MAKING SARAWAK RICHEST, ASK THEM………….IS THERE A PLAN OR A MAP??! Is it by SACKING TAIB?? But then we have … the UMNO cronies in the line? There will be commission… Read more »


Sarawakians should ask themselves why BN is only so generous a week before the election to promise all kinds of development and grant?

Any elected government will have access to the development fund that is meant for rakyat. No need for BN to hold you at ransom.

Just see for yourself how the Penangites hve benefited under Pakatan.

With less corruption, more could be utilised for development that benefits the rakyat.

Mari Ubah!

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

On paper and statistics, Sarawak is already the richest state with its abundance in natural resources, but its people are amongst the poorest!

I venture to say that easily more than 95% are living below poverty line as Sarawak’s riches have been plundered… by peh moh’s… family and cronies!


Come one la friend, that’s just your unreasonable keyboard figure. Have you been to Sarawak ?

If you wanna bodek Penang govt to fish some contracts fine but be reasonable a bit with the figure la.

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi Eric, Have I been to Sarawak? I need not answer you! But, I did ‘venture’ to say “easily more than 95%” poverty level to justapox it to show how absurd it can be for TPM to assert that poverty level in Sarawak is a MERE 3%!! And things in Sarawak are often more expensive than in Peninsular Malaysia, but may not be too hard on those subsisting in the rural areas, though than the quality of life is another issue then! FYI, I’m not a businessman, neither am I a contractor! Currently, we’re talking about Sarawak State polls, what… Read more »


Hello my friend, I live in sarawak. working with the government made me always travels around the state. The statistic in paper to show sarawak is among the richest state is true, but for real its is bluffing. If you travels to the rural areas, you can see many longhouses in poor condition, with no clean pipe water and electricity supply. Meanwhile, the road condition is very suck. There are just gravel road even it is only 5 km from the main road (pan-borneo road) What happen in the states is, some of this richest resource in the states gone… Read more »