Water concessionaires reject S’gor govt’s offer


With the federal National Water Services Commission (Span) intervening and with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission targeting Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, is it any surprise then that the private water concessionaires have rejected the Selangor government’s offer for the takeover of water assets?

The interventions of these two federal-level commissions came just before the expiry of the Selangor government’s 20 Feb deadline for the offer to be accepted by the water concessionaires.

Abbas and Splash have now turned down the offer.  Puncak Niaga too. From the point of view of these concessionaires, why accept the Selangor government’s offer when they know that its position has been weakened by the actions of federal bodies – and when they know there could be a more attractive offer elsewhere?

Instead of backing the Selangor government’s offer (valuing the assets based on book value), Span has just thrown a lifeline to the water concessionaires who are seeking a much higher valuation (based on discounted cash flow or future profits).

Guess who ends up ultimately footing the bill in the form of higher water tariffs (perhaps 30 per cent or more from April)?

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Dear friends from PR and BN, The country needs more leaders like MB Khalid. He is doing a fantastic job in Selangor. Right-minded Malaysians will appreciate his acumen and contribution. His corporate background has helped him a lot. His business acumen is sharp and he handles businesses in Selangor in an exemplary manner. He lives with no vested interest but to serve the people. Selangoreans love him. He should remain as the MB of Selangor. Another man to watch is MB Nizar. Educated, religious and loved by almost all Perakians and also Malaysians, He seeks justice for all races –… Read more »

chauncey gardener

So basically, the consumers are getting shafted by the government bodies. Which begs the question, shouldn’t the govt bodies be protveting the rakyat’s welfare?

Are they trying to cover up something ? If there are contractual provisions that may be detrimental, I wish that these govt commissions will be transparent and reveal them. Otherwise, the rakyat is being royally screwed.

Angela Ooi

THE RAKYAT ARE CASH COWS FOR BN. Someone should make a comparison with Spore. At least after being heavily, their money is better managed. Over here, it’s a way of life for rakyat to expect Govt deals to be punctured with numerous holes for UMNOputras to get ‘easy money’


Let (them) cherish whatever freedom they have at the moment to scam public as in 3 years time when Pakatan Rakyat take over the federal government, we probably will see the parliament come out with an ombudsmen to review all these lopsided agreement


the rakyat will have to suffer!


Yes you are right. The BN govt is out to sabotage the Selangor govt’s effort to undo the PIRATISATION of the water utility in the state. (Perhaps) part of the RM6 million worth of foreign currency found in the briefcase of “No Speak English” former Selangor MB, when he was caught in Australia for money laundering, (could) have come from selling the water rights to UMNO cronies? Btw, to make themselves popular, the BN govt may not raise the tariff but pass the bill to the Malaysian taxpayers. In this way, you satisfy the cronies and water users in KL/Selangor… Read more »

Samseng BN

MB, these cronies of the BN might have their concealed …. under their jacket,please be a little careful…

Voters,please wake up!!!


You & me lor……..


That why we Call it BeeNed illegal Goverment