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PGCC from Komtar

From one sorry-looking tower to another two: This is what the PGCC will look like from Komtar – but please, please remember that there are going to be 38 other high-rise towers in front of the crooked twin towers!

Just read a Star report that says Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon has rejected ‘suggestions’ (I thought they were demands) from NGOs for more public hearings on the PGCC. He was echoing State Local Government Committee chairman Teng Hock Nan’s statement on Sunday that there would not be any public hearings on the project.

Apparently, such public hearings involved legal process and were not something that could be held many times, said Koh.

Many times? Hey, there hasn’t been a single public hearing (for the public, that is, and not just nearby residents) on the PGCC.

And legal process?

Pray tell us how a public meeting was held in June 2002 for the MPPP project to upgrade and beautify Little India – a project which was puny in comparison to the PGCC.

Look at how they talk down to us and take us as fools. This is why we really need to have elected local councils so that the Council and other local authorities will be more accountable and answerable to the people. We need real participatory democracy.

Well, folks, the general election is around the corner… lest Koh and Teng forget.

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jeffrey chew
22 Oct 2007 10.52am

I have started a facebook link for PGCC Watch. Enjoy postings if you have an account there.

Dr. Gwynn Jenkins
Dr. Gwynn Jenkins
20 Oct 2007 9.59pm

In reply to David, and other internationally focused architects. Asymtote’s winning design was for the entire Turf Club site not one iconic building-group shoved in one corner behind 38 nondescript towers. It was an masterpiece of adaptable and sculptable urban engineering based on a sound organic concept very much in tune with Asian cultural mores. What Hani Rashid produced in 2005 -to quote the inspirational, though often way-beyond-most-of-us – Ar. William Lim reflected Lim’s belief that ‘the East creates an order from the complexity of apparent randomness through intuitive wisdom and a holistic approach’. What we have now – as… Read more »

David Teoh
David Teoh
19 Oct 2007 11.44pm

Firstly I would like to begin on a more positive note. Why the attack on contemporary architecture? The towers are not ‘crooked’, they are just fluid in form reflecting international trends. Kudos to Asymtote, the architects for their inspiring tower designs which has made Penang the talk of the international architecture community. Yes we are in the 21st century, and new buildings should reflect the time we live in. In defence of Ken Yeang, the internationally acclaimed Penang-born architect who designed Menara UMNO, I would like to say that although it may not work in its entirety but Menara UMNO… Read more »

19 Oct 2007 12.27pm

Think long term, for the children and what is beyond. If we do not show the power of the people, what are we left with today ??

KTK be transparent, let us have our say , what are you afraid off ?? You are the executive we are just peaople !!

Let us have our SAY !!


19 Oct 2007 8.54am

Many willmake some money & some will make PLENTY of money… but what kind of a PENANG will you be leaving for your children & theirs… and for the rest of Malaysia?