“Wang ehsan” model for Pakatan-controlled states?


The Star carries an alarming report today, the latest in developments which suggest that the BN-controlled Federal Government is looking into alternative models to by-pass the state governments in allocating federal funds to the various Pakatan Rakyat states.

Federal Govt mulling over project mechanism in Pakatan states

JITRA: The Government is seeking a suitable mechanism to ensure the smooth implementation of federal projects in Pakatan Rakyat-held states, said Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum.

Mohd Johari, who said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had appointed him to monitor the implementation of these projects, said the Government wanted the people to receive the benefits.

Mohd Johari, who is Kubang Pasu MP, said the Prime Minister’s Department was studying the mechanism used in Sabah, Kelantan and Terengganu to be implemented in Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor.

“So far, we have found that the mechanism used in Terengganu is the most suitable for these states. However, we need to improve on the mechanism,” he told reporters at a thanksgiving feast organised by him and Bukit Kayu Hitam assemblyman Datuk Mohd Zaini Japar.

Mohd Johari also said the department would re-structure the village development and security committees in Kedah so that they could continue to give their services to the people.

He said they would receive allowances from the federal government in the same way that they received the allowance when Barisan Nasional ruled Kedah.

The BN must realise that federal money is the people’s money. After all, the money comes from the people (and companies) through various taxes and from OUR (not the BN’s) petroleum resources.

It is an insult to the people to think that only the BN can ensure that federal funds is used for the people’s benefit. From experience, many ordinary people felt otherwise and that is why the voted in droves for opposition parties.

It is about time that reforms are instituted to de-centralise the allocations of federal funds so that state governments, elected by local residents, have a greater say in how they are disbursed. “No taxation without representation.”

Unfortunately, the BN seems intent on moving us in the opposite direction, where state governments have less and less say in how the people’s money is being spent. If they think that is going to win back support for the BN from the people, they’ve got another thing coming… Political Tsunami II, perhaps?

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Hei, if this was the agenda of BN then why did they opt for the GE 2008 – they cud just have been adamant and say no need for GE, only BN has the powers to rule this country. Why make a mockery!! Dont they know the meaning of democracy. What a bunch of sore losers – or is it the power of $$$$$ that is making them come up with these new gimmicks!!

Probably in rush to make enought money before “Dooms Day” which is just around the corner.

Kevin Wong

This is another form of corruption committed by the Federal Government. Whether the state is controlled by the PR or BN, money for development should be channelled as was done before. Why the different method used after the election? Was not the money channelled to the state government before when projects and developments were to be implemented when the BN was ruling the states? Why the double standard? This also happened in Trengganu when PAS took control. Don’t forget that the money does not belong to the federal Government but to the citizens of this country. Or are there more… Read more »

the rakyat

if bn dared to act so, perhaps bn is asking for a MEGA (probably 1 million people) peacefully rally towards putrajaya to express the rakyat’s will.

artic turban

… since the bn govt is going to be playing games with the federal funding, can the Pakatan rakyat write off the debts to the federal govt, as the debts were accumulated by the bn party in over spending like there no tomorrow, CAN THE DEBTS BE WRITTEN OFF ANYBODY?

raj raman


sorry brother,the comment of grasshopper is by me raj raman.not novice.I also looking for fame for my comment.
to anil,
sorry anil,just steal a bit from your fame.
Anyway i just kacau2 a bit.Glad to meet you and how are u navi.RAj Raman.HOPE WE ARE UNITED NOT FOR FAME


As a matter of fact, Terengganu’s wang ehsan was grossly mismanaged by the PM department. Our King knew it. This time we are talking about many many RM1.2billion. Who in BN are not tempted to lay their hands on these amount of money? Go ahead. Take as much as you like and at your own peril. This is Islam Hadhari for you. Dont forget God is watching and always fair. You bug**** will pay heavily in the your after life.Your generations will be cursed if they ever spend any of this ill-gotten money. Believe in retribution. Just wait and see.… Read more »


I agree with novice. I was aagainst party hoppers. Now that BN government wants to manage our funds as wang ehsan, I am all for a new government, as soon as possible and I will welcome party hopping. We have to taech BN another lesson, the first lesson unlearned.


While I like the idea of paying tax to PR state govts, it’d be too complicated to plan and execute at this stage.

So, enough is enough. We already have a short-cut at getting the same objective:

Let’s just expedite the change of government at federal level. BN needs to be put out of power asap. There’s no point in having them carrying on making idiotic policies. We need real clever brains to help propel us forwards, not a bunch of knobheads.

I am so ready to have a PR govt to lead our nation. Warts and all.


BN, please do not disunite Malaysia. Our effort and prayer of 50 years should not be wasted. As a governing party, please take lead and be example to unite the nation. Don’t punish opposition states as the people has done nothing wrong but merely exercising our citizen rights. Why must leaders punish their followers for not supporting them – bad management principle. Instead, find ways to win their respect and confident.

Malaysia Watch Dog

It’s expected sooner or later, RIGHT. BN and UMNO will never learn their mistake FOREVER.Pakatan Rakyat must move from now to out throw BN as Federal Goverment. Rakyat is not the BOSS but UMNO is, that is why they are so arrogrant even till now. Pak Lah i assume still have the same advisers as before the Election. What ever it is we must support ANWAR IBRAHIM as our next Prime Minister. We don’t have a better choice now.ANWAR is capable to take over leadership for Malaysian. UMNO cannot rule Malaysia anymore.Do Malaysian want NAJIB… as a future Prime Minister… Read more »


How can we believe that BN wants us receive the benefits when it won’t even respect our choice of government? It doesn’t matter how many roses and presents you send someone who doesn’t love you. You can’t make them love you, but only detest you even more.

A true Malaysian

It is a lame excuse to apply ‘Wang Ehsan’ model to government of Pakatan Rakyat states. It is not right to for BN to say ‘we want the money to be well spent’. It is not you to judge on this, but the Rakyat.

If this unfairness happens, I would think that BN parliamentarians will be crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat. I don’t think it is ‘immoral’ for them to do so.


The Federal Govt has been running parallel governments in Kelantan and Terengganu (1999-2004). It’s good now that people from other states have come to notice this. SOmething must be done. Now!

Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil

Let the BN do what it likes; Actions like this will add
to BN’s complete downfall.

They have been making enough mistakes; but if they want to continue more, let them do; it will speed up things for the BR (BARISAN RAKYAT). The treasury does not belong to BN. It belongs to the RAKYAT. Rakyat will decide on the stupidity of the BN. History has full of evidence – the government that does not respect the wishes of the RAKYAT
will pay ultimately.

Hamid Ibrahim


If Badawi/(BN) carries this threat out then he is no better than Mahatiar! The fact that they could even think of it shows that BN has never and will never ever respect us “The Rakyat” at all. Let us “The Rakyat” remind’s BN least they have fogotten their duties – THE GOVERMENT IS BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. No Respect for The Rakyat = No Taxes from The Rakyat (I do not mean literally, we still have to pay our taxes as all good RakyatS do, but only not directly.) Pakatan Rakyat could open escrow accounts within these… Read more »


Wow, out of these 3 states … i tot Terengganu and Sabah are the two states with the highest number of poor people. How then does this model help the rakyat if evidence shows otherwise?

i dun want to pay my tax can or not?


Use Federal Constitution Articles 99,100,109 to scrutinise all
expenditures to States.

BN cannot by-pass BR State Governments.

All BR 82 MPs take action to upheld ‘ detailed ‘ expenditures to the nearest cents in parliament.

Syabas. Barisan Rakyat.

Malaysia Bersatu.

raj raman

to, sebastian. i do wonder also why anil not in pakatan rakyat.He is chartered accountant and very capable one. Lets lobby for him for the next ge or whenever the pakatan rakyat form the goverment.Always can appoint anil as senator AND APPOINT HIM AS FINANCE MINISTER and he control the check book. to,anil I am not carry your balls anil.You deserve it with plus 10% commission for saving tax payer money as i told you b4. End of the day who perform,i believe they should be rewarded.No such thing as charity work.You still need to survive,drive a porch car or… Read more »


its really typical of (some of) those in power as they r a bunch of morons who dont even have the basic decency or ethics although they profess to blieve in rukun negara .imbiciles.

Jeffrey Chew

Looks like 2013 is closer to “tah pau” the Barisan Nasional. I am glad I voted for the opposition. So 2013-lets all vote against BN


I am beginning to wonder why you were not given a chance by Pakatan Rakyat component parties to stand in the March 8 elections. Maybe they will during political tsunami II? Hope you are not offended by my comments.

raj raman

I always against pakatan rakyat take in the frog mp jumping into pakatan rakyat but due this “wang ehsan” factor,i wolcome all the frog and grasshopper jump into pakatan rakyat.

Nothing to loose with some morons in pakatan to control the bn federal Moron for awhile.Any way there will be you,harris and sloone is there as a hawk to watch this so called pakatan rakyat.

Lets take the chances b4 FEDERAL MORON (FINISH US OFF).


How can we, the law-abiding citizens allow this undemocratic move be perpetrated upon us without protest! The rakyat is now a galvanised group, it can consider options opened to it and decide on the action or actions it wants to take. The few options available to us are:- > register our protests with the PM through his website – http://www.warkahuntukkpm.com.my > start a ‘signature campaign’ and sending the verdict to the government > register our protests with our MPs and get them to convey our stand to their parties > get the Perkatan Rakyat to get a referundum going through… Read more »

raj raman

hi anil, Its possibble for me not pay my tax to federal goverment due to my believe they are not my goverment.I stay in selangor,so i do want to pay my taxes in form of income tax,my imported goods throu port klang AND what ever federal goverment charge me throu my smoking or car taxes. I dont support bn anymore and they are ousted by rakyat.So if federal goverment think pakatan rakyat not deserve to be paid to upbringing off the state,and continue their moron pocketing throu their parties,then why i should pay to the federal goverment all the taxes.i… Read more »


sigh…. idiots never learn do they…? this johari fella should be (brought to account)…

maybe he should be named Johari Badawi coz we know he’d (probably) gonna be the one to get all the funds flowing thru from the fed govt to Kedah – in the name of ‘wanting the people to receive the benefits’