Video excerpts from the Beng Hock inquest


Selected highlights from the Teoh Beng Hock inquest featuring DPP Razak sparring with Pornthip. (Notice the lawyer at the bottom left with his hand on his forehead!)

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tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

This experienced Dato DPP (mind you with 24 years experience!) was trying to show the court how TBH could have committed suicide by strangling himself, and after doing so, is conscious and jumped off the windows to commit suicide a second time within a matter of minutes!! Hard to believe!? Then, view the 8-part videos.


Hi, guys, there will be a public forum for TEOH BENG HOCK this Sunday (5 Sept 2010), please come and support, Teoh Lee Lan (sis of Beng Hock) will be in Penang:

Venue: Han Chiang College, Penang

Time: Sunday 5 September 2010 @ 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Please datang la beramai-ramai to show that Penang people care !!!

It is a Sunday afternoon, please come and support to show that we care, ok?

Thank you and God bless !!!


What this clown means…24 Yrs of more or less…similar court cases he had conducted which now become the ring master which also means “no harming” except to the eyes of normal rakyat One too many. Try stomach these exercises for 24 yrs? Even more torturous than laughing gas, I assure you.


These are the mediocre UMNOPUTRAS produced by the NEP and the Sekolah Berasrama Penuh system whose results are (graded) all through, from SPM (by the Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia ) to Masters and PhD level (by JPA ).


If we are not an english speaking country, i would go easy on him BUT we have an a long history of being proficient in this language hence it is not unreasonable to expect a level of standards especially when you are dealing with a foreigner ! I just wonder if Indonesia sees this, will they ask all future border disputes and island ownership claims to be referred to the ICJ for ruling. With this kind of standard prevalent in a serious death case, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to challenge Malaysia next time. That’s a very worrying… Read more »

Cheng Poh Heng

The way the inquest had been conducted, or more precisely, had been misconducted, left a lot to be desired. I would have thought that the inquest was to establish the cause of death, i.e. from the injuries on the body and/or other forensic evidence. It is possible that TBH choked himself first before throwing himself out of the window! This ludicrous and laughable! However, tt seemed more like a prosecution (or persecution) of the expert witness, whose pedigree is beyond reproach internationally. The fact that she had not given evidence outside of Thailand does not ipso facto make her unqualified… Read more »


I think he is UiTM product(?)

Shameful, isn’t it. A disgrace for the whole world to see.


I thought I have seen stupidity and unprofessionalism. But this has to top it all. I wonder where he got his degree/diploma from? That university should revoke his degree/diploma for shaming the university.


I was surprised that he claimed to have 24 years as a lawyer. Look like 23 years dreaming 1 year learning and diplomatically certificated as a NEP Lawyer. Well, we are going to have more years of this joker in our circus Malaysia truly a joker land.


i) pls dont hentam people’s lack of skills in the english language. most professors in china including nobel prize winners do not speak a word of english. pls dont be myopic.
ii) this fella is a joke. an embarassment even. but not for his command of the english language. it’s for the rest of charade.


ayoh razak

This is a sad and pathetic clown. He cannot even speak proper English. His logic is perplexing, he seems not to have any grasp of the subject matter. He is a product of MalaysiaBoleh, and therefore the perfect epitome of why our country is doomed to mediocrity and ludicrousness.


I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. – Will Rogers


Really MALU that Msia Judicary has this type of DPP!
Someone with 24 years of experience as a LAWYER. I believe this is the NORM in our Palace of Justice.

Behaving more like a Discipline Master browbeatting the good Doc… your Mistake, another Mistake,etc….


The person who implemented the affirmative action for Malays in Malaysia was the late Tun Razak following his Razak report on Education. The Prime Minister today also is a PM Razak. The boss of CIMB bank also a Razak. The DPP in the video also a DPP Razak. Semua Razak lah.
tu pasal malaysia kita ‘Razak’ no I mean ‘rosak’.


With this kind of spoken ENGLISH this (man) is a senior dpp…?

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

The DPP cannot even pronounced and speak English correctly. Compare him with the lawyers and Pornthip. It is a real shame.

It is a product of pushing unqualified people to be educated. I found out that there are lots of people with poor grades (SPM and STPM) that are allowed to enter Malaysian universities and given scholarships to study abroad. This is the end result..

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, There has been a perception of ‘democratisation’ of grades in our public exams., SPM and STPM included. We see increasing thousands and thousands of candidates scoring As, with allegations and suspicion of ‘lowering’ of marks for A grade!! All this to make the Minister of Education and his ministry look good, and makes parents and students very happy! Foreign universities’ admission officers are suspicious of the quality of even students with high SPM and STPM grades!! These admission officers are in a dilemna as which student is of real quality, and some have to resort to checking the… Read more »


Disagree “Clear conscience”, Its not just disgrace to MACC, its to the entire NATION and possibly to all mankind.

clear conscience

DPP Razak was a classic lawyer, a product of the failed Malaysian judiciary system.

There were at least 3 or 4 idiotic situations where he showed his immaturity in court which any chambering lawyer would be choked to death, hearing the way DPP Razak conducted his case in the court.

Coroner laughed a few times & the government lawyers were shaking their heads.

Kudos to DPP Razak as I put it to him that he is a disgrace to MACC


May the TRUTH be upheld and those (responsible for) Beng Hock’s… Kugan’s and other unlawful deaths in PDRM detention be brought to justice for the sake of all our future generations of all races in Malaysia.

Dr. Pang HC

That NEP product Razak is a real embarrassment to Malaysia.