Video: Bourdon speaks in Penang


French lawyer William Bourdon speaking two nights ago in Penang – just 24 hours before he was deported – about the progress of the Scorpene submarine investigations in France.

William Bourdon at the Ops Scorpene dinner in Penang - Photograph: Daniel Yong
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25 Jul 2011 1.26pm

He is close to expose a corrupt case in our nation’s submarine procurement purchases by government official, it is doubtful he will be allowed to stay in Malaysia without facing immediate deportation, it is the best way to keep him silent on the issue and avoid Malaysian public from knowing the truth behind such wasteful defense spending culprits.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
24 Jul 2011 11.33am


Of course all must continue to fight for the cause
By staying right on course
Not simply just because
There’s no other way to seek recourse

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun.24 th Jul.2011.

24 Jul 2011 11.07am

It’s so embarrassing and what a mess for having detained and chased the French lawyer. How long can (the administration) cover up this submarines purchase and Altantuya? Is (the administration) hoping that big cases like these can ‘disappear’ like the big ships and warplanes that disappeared in The Bermuda Triangle? Not only the rakyat cannot forget, forgive and frustrated with this whole matter, the whole world is watching us too. Should the French prosecution finds there is a case for this, imagine how many more times M’sia will be mentioned in a foreign court! May be, Najib believes no such… Read more »

Ting Pei
Ting Pei
23 Jul 2011 10.49pm

Msia ranked 19th safest in the world yet Defence Ministry spent to so much to defend against what ?

Money better spent to build more public libraries and enhance public transport !!!

Anyway, these money earned to some can be used to buy jewelry ?

23 Jul 2011 5.48pm

thanks for the video…

Justice 4 Altantuya
Justice 4 Altantuya
23 Jul 2011 4.44pm

THANK YOU Suaram,William Bourdon , NGOs, All who came to support the event, Pas,Keadilan,Dap and all concerned citizens & bloggers who wish to see Justice done and an end to disease of Corruption & Injustice in Malaysia. The cruesome way Altantuya was shot in the head and blasted to death by C4 and the way both the accused of her murder had their faces covered in public while on trial tells us ‘ something really fishy is going on ‘. What was their motive to kill in such a manner ? None except on instructions from higher up the corrupt… Read more »

23 Jul 2011 1.37pm

Our rakyat money is being used deliberately to over pay in defence spendings , when the region is at its most peaceful . It is totally unjustifiable ,especially , the price we are paying . It make us looks like we are the real suckers. For the record, Malaysia spent RM2.3 billion for 12 Eurocopter EC725 helicopters, RM6 billion for six offshore patrol vessels (OPV) and RM7.8 billion for 257 armoured personnel carriers. However, Brazil had purchased the Eurocopters at just RM82 million per unit as opposed to RM190 million paid by Malaysia, while New Zealand paid just RM240 million… Read more »

23 Jul 2011 8.53pm
Reply to  Sanil

MACC is silent of course not to cause another commit suicide case at its infamous premise!…

On another note, why not the Barang Naik Gila-Gila Regime deport all the good Malaysians from the country?