UK protest against Taib’s 30-year rule


Protests are picking up against the 30-year rule of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. This one was held in the UK on 28 February.

A protest outside the Central London headquarters of the wealthy property company Ridgeford Properties - Photo credit:

Taib completes three decades in power on 26 March 2011.

The Sarawak state election could be held soon after.

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No use protest when they do not vote.

That’s the problem with many malaysians, talk a lot overseas but never take the simple action to cast their votes.

I am tired of these people telling us what to do when they themselves do nothing but talk.

Talk is cheap.

Be brave to fly home to vote in the next GE (assuming you have registered to vote in the first place)!!!!


When power is in the hand of One Man for over 30 years we can see the fruits of his … BOOTY. … Greedy shameless Taib Mahmud and (family) should all be (investigated) for … (the destruction of) the land & forest of the natives of Sarawak…. When you are the Chief Minister and yes and hold also the Finance Minister post ( remember his cohort ex PM & Finance Minister also ) the result is … !!! untold billion cash will flow … like the river of tears of the Sarawak natives driven out from their ancestral land by… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Next step — push for stolen assets to be frozen by
foreign governments.

Gerakan K

Do this in Malaysia lah if you strongly believe in what you have stated. You could be the starter for project Egypt. Who knows ???

… What’s the point of making noise in UK ??? Attempted for donation drive ??? Self interest or for public ones ???

Come to Penang Speaker Corner lah. You could be the instant HERO championing the rights of Sarawakians !!!

Papa, we sarrrrrr porrrrrrrrt YOU !!!