Two years jail for jobless man who stole shampoo


What can you say?

Excerpt of a report found in The Star in May 2011:

Jobless man jailed two years for shampoo theft

JOHOR BARU: An unemployed man was jailed two years for stealing six boxes of shampoo worth RM107.40 at a supermarket.

Nor Azmi Mohd Amin admitted to committing the offence at the supermarket in Taman Kota Masai at noon on May 20.

DPP Tan Poh Vun prosecuted before magistrate Mazana Sinin while the accused was not represented.

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The offence of hand phone theft at Low Yat Plaza should carry higher penalty than 2 years imprisonment?


It pays exceedingly well to be BIG time criminal like the stealer Toyol. But punishing to be a small stealer!
What kind of moronic justice is in BolehLand?

FYI, use unusually more salt sprinkled around your homes, windows and even chimneys if you want to prevent the Toyol from stealing your valuables, assets, hard earned life savings and even your wives! More so if you live in a Bali-styled home!


We are all in Zimbabwe!!!
For stealing shampoo………….2 years jail!!! And for RM 3 million..Khir Toyo gets 12 months jail!!!!
Malaysia is now being run by Umno Goons with third class mentality!!!

Keith Rozario

It’s unfortunate, that this man who stole RM100+ worth of items is getting twice the jail time of Khir Toyo who undoubtedly stole much much more.

It’s a true representation (backed up by empirical data), that the more unequal a society is in terms of socioeconomic background the more severe punishments get for the bottom half of society. Which is why Singapore would probably grant the same sentence as well…..

Check out this TedTalk on how economic inequality within countries impacts so many things including punishment for crime….


if a box of shampoo gets two-year sentence then the selangor ex-mb
should deserve a 200 year sentence. but the system here is a lesser sentence for a huge crime and if found guilty, the NFC crooks will be given a holiday!!



It was simple logic. The man who went to jail for 2 years was unemployed. So a longer jail term was given to take care of his board and lodging problem. This justice tempered with mercy.

In the case of the ex-MB, only a year was given as he does not have any board and lodging problems. He has tons of … money which has been left untouched.

najib manaukau

Is this the kind of justice Malaysian is giving to his people ? Toyo stole millions and is given one year while the man who stole six boxes of shampoo got two years behind bar ?

Gerakan K

As aliran management, anil, are you trying to lobby for lawless state in Malaysia ??


Ignorant, Aliran is trying to show what a lawless state Malaysia is especially the party or people that is running the country