TWO nuclear power plants by 2022


The BN government wants to build two nuclear power plants by 2022. But the nuclear option just doesn’t make sense.

The costs and the risks are too high. Imagine, we can’t even resolve ceiling leaks in Parliament!

How much will these plants cost? Who will profit or benefit from the construction? And will Putrajaya be considered as a site for these plants so that the PM and his Cabinet can gaze with pride at them everyday? After all, they love these huge projects, don’t they? Putrajaya itself was a mega project.

See this Bernama report:

Malaysia Plans To Establish Two 1,000MW Nuclear Power Plants

By Alan Ting and Tengku Noor Shamsiah Tengku Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 19 (Bernama) — Malaysia plans to build two nuclear power plants that will generate 1,000 megawatts each with the first plant ready for operation in 2021 and the second plant, a year later, as part of the overall long-term plan to balance energy supply.

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin said the government would engage an international consultant to evaluate the location and requirement for such plants to be built.

Meanwhile, more awareness and education programmes will be carried out to inform people on such a need.

“Hopefully, by 2013 or 2014, we will able to finish evaluating this. As for calling of tenders, we hope it will be done by 2016,” he told Bernama in an interview.

He said Malaysia was heavily reliant on gas and coal for its electricity supply as it was government policy to reduce reliance on fossil fuel.

Gas accounted for 64 per cent of the country’s energy generation while the remainder came from coal.

“We must get away from this. (It is) very much imbalance. Most countries have a good balance. We want hydro to assume a prominent role as it is clean but this can only be achieved in Sabah and Sarawak where there is much potential but not in Peninsular Malaysia,” he said.

Besides, Chin said other sources of energy such as biomass and wind were too minimal while solar was a good potential but the technology was still very expensive.

“Biomass and wind, there is nothing to shout about.

“Unless and until solar renewable becomes big enough, this type of energy just compliments (what you already have) as you can’t generate much due to its high cost,” he added.

Chin also said the government must has a balanced approach when it comes to renewal energy as it would not want tariffs to go up due to higher cost.

“Yes, very good, everyone wants to say that we want renewables but what about cost. Can we force the people to accept high tariffs. We have to look at a balanced way, that’s why we can’t depend on fossil fuel only,” he said.

Chin added nuclear has become a more prominent choice in balancing the energy source due to lower maintainence cost and lower tariffs in the long-run.

“For example, in Abu Dhabi, they are building huge solar energy plants but at the same time balancing it up with a nuclear plant. They are not just concentrating on fossil fuel,” he said.

Malaysia began operation of a 1 MW Triga research reactor since 1982 and has an international nuclear safeguards agreement in place since 1972.

Recently, Malaysia also tightened export control laws to thwart the possibility of nuclear technology smuggling.


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Dear K. Road rage, skiing and gunting accidents, although numerically more, are mainly independent of the actions and decisions of others. In other words, they are largely controllable by the afflicted and they do not maim a whole community. A man made nuclear accident happens as a result of the carelessness of others, often because of a series of negligence in the chain of actions or non-actions resulting in the major catastrophe. Cleaning up a nuclear disaster will take years and billions will be lost because of the loss in property values and business. Just because it is safer to… Read more »


When a major nuclear accident happens, no one will talk about it in mamak stalls because all those gossipers and rumour mongers would be either be dead or slowly dying a very painful death.
Going nuclear is NOT the only option.

Modern technology reduces the risk of accidents.
However, it is not risk free.
Even Toyota can make tens of thousands of faulty cars with simple mistakes and trains in Japan can crash into each other.
With our maintenance culture?
God save Malaysia.


Well wira…

There are far more people who die of road rage, skiing and gunting accidents are other freak occurances than a nuclear plant leakage. Even air travel which was so risky just a few decades ago is even much safer than travelling by car.

Wake you tech dinosaurs !


Other than a post or two, most of the comments and commenatators are just a wasting time. Instead of debating, they are just bashing each other or BN/UMNO. Anil, I think instead of just whacking nuclear energy and being a tech dinosaur, please do read up and educate yourself with the nuclear energy and other technological advancements. Do you think if nuclear energy is unsafe, western and other developed countries will build these plants ? Do really understand that our current energy source are from fossil fuels which are not just environmentally bad but also unsustainable and costly ? Do… Read more »

Yong Peng

Najib can take the lead to build one nuclear plant at his hometown Pekan.

semuanya OK kot

I suspect this contract will go to France. India signed a deal with them the other day. We also have a “special relationship” with France. “The 4 myths about nuclear energy are that renewables are unreliable, that there is insufficient land for renewables, that nuclear power is required to reduce climate change, and that we need nuclear power as well as renewables.” – Amory Lovins “Nuclear power is unviable in a free market. It also facilitates and cloaks the manufacture of nuclear bombs.” – Amory Lovins, interview, 2006 “If there was unsubsidized competition in energy regardless of source or supplier,… Read more »


The sun is the largest source of fusion energy we have in our solar system.

Why not harness it’s rays fully before we even think of venturing into something which potentially can go out of control and maim a whole region if a major accident happens.

The Americans would not coin the phrase “China Syndrome” for no good reason.


Even in Scandinavian countries where the hours of sunlight are very much less than ours, private homes already went solar and alternative sources of energy supported by incentives from governments. And producing excess energy for sale to national and industrial interests! We are blessed with an abundance of natural sources of energy like sunlight, wind, waves and rivers all year round. But our national energy planners chose to spend, build and harness energy the other expensive non eco-friendly ways. The paradoxical excuse of expensive solar panels and technology is a way of saying: don’t breathe free air, breathe from pure… Read more »


Hello friend

You better stick to domestic politics if you don’t understand the complexities of energy production.

Do you know how much it cost to produce and maintain ? Are you willing to pay 5-10 times more for your energy ?


Fortunately for Penang, YAB CM had announced that the Penang government would not accept a nuclear power plant anywhere in this state.

Let those who want the nuclear option for this country to have the power plant built next to his dwelling.

Let’s start by building the first one in Pekan.

Toxic Crusader

Free this land from any nuclear plant. Nuclear can bring more harm than good.

The thing about paying cheaper electricity bills is the shallowest justification in this debate.

We’re not even good at recycling waste so imagine… toxic waste?

Come on…

Daniel Davids

To those who do not yet know much about nukes and the power it provides, I will enlighten you. I am a nuke specialist from US, retired since 2007. First, let me assure you that the technology used today are not the same as the disaster ridden nuke plants that you have read about. The other thing is that these newer versions are the only ones the nuclear watchdogs will approve for construction. No one can simply build a nuclear plant at their will, well, except Iran. The Iranian nuke plant should be the one we must be most concerned… Read more »

Andrew I

Thank you for enlightening us…especially the last part.


Daniel, thanks for your sincere positive sharing but in the light of what could happen in our Boleh Land, some of us concerned citizens have caution and common-sense reservations: 1) The Mother of All Radiation Risk: no guaranteed of no-nuclear leak leading to environment disaster and loss of life one fine leaking day. 2) The Acute Risk: No confidence in our lepak-first-sweat-later attitude of maintenance culture in the event of leaks. If the so-called specialists can’t do a life-saving job, who else? Apa nama? 3) The Puffing-Fish Cost Syndrome and Eventuality: inflated cost due to mismanagement of ‘free’ funds, uncontrollable… Read more »


Daniel, I watched the Discovery channel and it was stated that even US have not figured out the waste disposal issue. Waste are shown to be carpetted by cements and is growing. How safe can this be?


It’s not a question of if they will leak…but when…it will only be a matter of time

With our poor education system, depressing maintenance culture syndrome. poor building standards, poor financial standing with established corruption….a nuclear leak will wipe out the remaining rainforest in this region…

Perhaps Malaysia wants to self destruct taking with it Singapore, Brunei and parts of Indonesia…..

….God has given every natural resource to provide electricity but greed has driven its politicians onto this dangerous path…


I remember M once encouraging us to turn everything on and make KL a *city of lights*. Has all that over-capacity disappeared?


For those of you who have reservation on immigrating to other countries, this is the time to make your decision. If the project is given to a crony company as it is likely to be, we better run for our lives. Like Anil mentioned, they can’t even build a building like Parliament without leaking roof. Nay, they can’t even do a decent repair work to it in spite of millions being spent. I’m sure Gamuda is already having it’s saliva running down it’s chin.


I believe this nuclear plants have the same objective as the astronaut program. To prove they can do it. An ego building exercise.


” we can’t even resolve ceiling leaks in Parliament!”
it simply means that we can’t trust any of them to maintain a simple thing.
New school buildings collapsing.
New stadium collapsing.
New monorail out of order.
Was it corruption? Was it our Tidak apa attitude?
How will any of you feel if the reactor is near to your town.
Try to imagine Accident, try to imagine Miscalculation and Madness by certain group of people.

Ong Eu Soon

The Korea president said it is safe to build the nuclear plant at high density residential areas. I think the best site for the nuclear plant should be at Putrajaya next to the PM office, so that Najib can concentrate on hi pest project day and night.


got problems??? who do u call? ghostbuster! no-lah, semi-value. dei he retired already.


It is not the problem with the technology, it is the problem of the attitude in Malaysia. We are good in build and forget cultural.

Furthermore, Chernobyl disaster is worst than then Three Mile island disaster is because of Soviet Russia non transparent policy. Will Malaysia have a transparent and accountable authority to take care of our nuclear reactor?


Employee: “Alamak tuan, reaktor ada leaking sikit,”

Tuan: “relaklah, kita minum teh dulu, nanti boleh selesai masalah ni. Kuih lapis hari ni nampak sedap. Mari, minum teh dulu lah. Karipap masih panas lagi”

Gerakan K

Imagine after we got these two nuclear power plants. We switch on 4 air conditioners whole day for a month and only pay RM50 for the month power bill !!! Do you support nuclear power plant now ??? Or put it another way, if there is no nuclear power plant then and we need to pay RM 200 just to light up few fans and fluorescent lamps. Do you support nuclear power plant now ??? By the way, today employees and tuans as mentioned got class and they will have steak, chicken chop instead of karipap and kuih lapis !!!… Read more »


Gerakan K, try to be a bit intelligent. You cannot see that you will pay indirectly for the making of the plants? Taxpayers money lah.

In your little mind, you think about your RM50 electric bill but indirectly, less money goes to healthcare, improving the education system and schools etc.

Btw, eating karipap and kuih lapis does not mean one does not have class. Like I said try harder to be a bit intelligent and give comments that do not sound like one from a 5 year old.


Gerakan always true to his master & UMNO will always be moronic no matter what.

Penang Lang

Well, I am in early 30’s… but I am opposing the idea

If you are so optimistic about the idea, perhaps someone should propose to have you sent training in god-knows-where to become the nuclear plant supervisor. Will propose to build a super luxurious bungalow at the reactor site just for you (just put in your wish list…) all FOC. T&C: you and your family must stay at the said bungalow at least 200 days a year.


1000mw nuclear plant cost about 20b compared to 3 to 4b with thermal plant. Tariff????


Another Chernobyl is in the making and with Malaysia much small size compare to Ukraine ; May God save us all.


gila punya UMNO perkasa


…two nuclear power plants by 2022!! All you good guys better emigrate to Aussieland. Let DAP=UMNO and Gerakan K remain behind and if there is a leak, they will definitely, sent down under!!… these UMNO jerks could not even handle the Parliament ceiling leaks and can they be entrusted with a Nuclear plant completely safe?


Got to understand that for Malaysia to have Nuclear Power Generation, it will be fully monitored by IAEA. You are talking about excess power now, bit in 2022 when the plant is expected to start operations, that is a different story If you are aware, all the troubles with Nuclear plant disasters dates back to 1970-80s. It has been a clean record since then. More have died on road accidents that nuclear mishaps since Cernobyl. Nuclear power is the CLEANEST form of energy. Ask any genuine Technocrat/Scientists, they will say that Nuclear power is the way to go for the… Read more »


Malaysia wants to build two nuclear power plants by 2022. But the nuclear option just doesn’t make sense.

The costs and the risks are too high. Imagine, we can’t even resolve ceiling leaks in Parliament!

Can you, Anil Netto, please explain to us, what has ceiling leaks in the Parliament has to do with Nuclear plants?

When was the last time you took any logic course?

Anyone who calls himself a “journalist” ought to understand the basic tenets of “LOGIC“, or all his reporting are of the GIGO variety – Garbage In, Garbage Out.


Have you been asleep? What Anil meant by “ceiling leaks in the Parliament” is if we can’t plug the leaks on the roof above the our policy makers’ head, how could we possibly maintain a nuclear plant. Get it?


If jumping to the conclusion is all you can do while you are fully awake, I’ll rather be asleep.

The only conceivable link in between some leaking ceilings with the two proposed nuclear power plants is Malaysia. And to say that Malaysia can’t manage leaking ceiling is an insult to the Malaysians.

What happened in the Parliament building does not represent – not logically, nor numerically – the 28 Million Malaysians as a whole.

To say otherwise is to show off your own shortcomings.


Cost comparison, hollow cranial!
Gaya spending AOK, maintenance responsibility, Apa Nama?
Go learn abacus at any primary school. Logic for higher order of arguments!

Gerakan K

That is the comment of the month !!!


What Anil is trying to say is this…

What happens when the guy who is in charge of the cooling of the reactor eats nasi lemak and falls asleep after that?

Andrew I

If you can’t put two and two together, maybe you’re the one who has a problem with logic.


I am sure you can put two and two together. And I am sure Anil Netto also can do the same.

But the thing that both of you can manage does not mean you are logical.

In fact, it is quite a logic jump – jumping from the ceiling leaks to nuclear power station – with absolutely NO PROOF to shore up your assumption.

Go take Logic 101, you obviously need it.

Andrew I

Who needs proof, especially when it comes to a nuclear plant leak, which, if you are not aware, has occurred in other parts of the world before.

So, one more time. If relatively simple ceiling leaks cannot be resolved, it isn’t exactly confidence-inspiring when one is asked to consider a nuclear plant.

BTW, again you over react. At the rate you’re going, you might end up with a stroke. Try to relax. It’s called debating.


Amazing, you cannot see this logic? You must be a product of UMNO education system

Sazali Ramli

I thought Bakun Dam was built to provide electrical energy to the Peninsula via the submarine cable?

What happened?