Tow-trucks: Mah Hui responds to Penang CM, MBPP mayor


MBPP councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui has just released this open letter to the chief minister of Penang, the MBPP mayor and the MBPP secretary:

Dear YAB Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang, Datuk Patahiyah bte Ismail, Datuk Bandar MBPP, and Ir Ang Aing Thye, Setiausaha, MBPP

It is with deep regret and dismay that I read the public statements in the Star and on Facebook by yourselves taking issue with what I said at the open dialogue with the chief minister on 29 February 2016.

It is most unfortunate and unbecoming to call me a liar when you have not heard my side of the story. The professional thing to do would have been to challenge what I said and ask me to substantiate my statements which I am happy to do.

I have informed Datuk Bandar, I am away in Australia now and will be back the middle of this week at which time I will provide you and the general public with all the facts and figures to back up what I said. I believe the Council and I owe it to the public to know what is happening in accordance with the CAT principles that you advocate.

Dr Lim Mah Hui
Ahli Majlis, MBPP

Chief Minister’s original statement:

NGO Councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui Should Apologise To Datuk Bandar & MBPP Secretary For His Lies

CM Lim Guan Eng·Saturday, 12 March 2016

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 12.3.2016.

NGO Councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui Should Apologise To Both Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang(MBPP) Datuk Bandar Dato Patahiyah binti Ismail And MBPP Secretary Ang Aing Thye For His Lies That MBPP Staff’s Lackadaisical Work Attitude Has Resulted In Only Towing One Car Per Month!

NGO Councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui should apologise to both Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang(MBPP) Datuk Bandar Dato Patahiyah binti Ismail and MBPP Secretary Ang Aing Thye for his lies that MBPP staff’s lackadaisical work attitude has resulted in only towing one or two cars per month for blocking traffic. I am shocked at the exposure by both Dato Patahiyah and Ang of Dr Lim’s outrageous lies with the statistics and facts that MBPP had been towing an average of 500 cars a month, and not one or two cars as claimed by Dr Lim.

In a public dialogue with me on 29.2.2016, Dr Lim had lambasted the MBPP Enforcement team for not doing their work and that they should be sacked. I had instructed the MBPP staff to be sacked if Dr Lim’s allegations are true. Clearly Dr Lim had lied. Dr Lim even claimed that Ang had to practically beg the MBPP staff to work, which Ang had vehemently denied as a lie.

Lying is the special preserve of BN politicians and no self-respecting NGO activist, especially one as highly-regarded as Dr Lim, should stoop so low so as to justify his motive to sack MBPP enforcement staff. Whilst Dr Lim wants more cars to be towed, he should also have some consideration for special religious festive occasions such as Thaipusam, Chinese New Year or Hari Raya or Christmas celebrations.

However to make the outrageous claim that MBPP staff just towed one or two cars a month when the actual number is 500 monthly is grossly irresponsible and unfair to both Dato Patahiyah and Ang. Dr Lim should stop his lies and argue with facts. He should also stop confronting and running down MBPP with his lies. I have instructed Dato Bandar and MBPP officers not to accept Dr Lim’s bullying but to confront him courteously and firmly, whether in internal meetings or in the media with facts and the truth.

I wish to urge Dr Lim to work together with MBPP as an appointed councillor. He has every right to criticise but he should do so without trying to project himself as a hero with lies but yet refuse to take up the challenge to resolve the problem. My offer to him to reform the MBPP enforcement division on towing cars still stands, where he will have every power to sack errant staff and full resources to improve MBPP’s efficiency and effectiveness to his satisfaction.


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Dear Mr Anil,

I have asked 10 young working adults that if penang were to have most efficient public bus system, will they give up their own transport.

As expected, they gave me a resolute NO right in my face, and they said they are agreeable with the construction of the highways.


They wish for SingLand style development but still want to drive cars. How can?

Jelutong Kid

Don’t blame Singapore. Ask yourself why the kids today can behave this way despite scoring A in Moral Education.


B’cos they never gone thro’ hardship.
Stretch out a hand & get daddy’s money. Simple.
Ask yourself why rural kids are not like this.


Anil, the youngsters today are not like our time. I hardly see any of them minum kopi in the kopitiam, they go starbuck, coffee bean etc. They also prefer western food, they dont mind paying the many folds of extra charges. They will stare in your face and tell you, it is like that.

You think they mind all those you mentioned ?

Anil, maybe you have to change your mindset too as time has changed, maybe we
are the ones have to adapt.

Yes, more highways and better public transport, that is the way to go !!!


Kids from young are pampered by parents, especially both parents are working, and give huge allowance to make up for the lost bonding time. I doubt most of them know how difficult to earn the ringgit.

Today at Cineplex, a movie ticket + pop corn/soda drink set = RM25. The parents should tell them it cost no more than RM6 for a movie ticket + kacang putih + sugar cane juice on plastic bag, in the good old tunglang days.

Not Superman Not Batman either

Young people spend parents money and expect patents yo buy homes for them, no wonder we have one parent gone paranoid with cats blaming ???


Always assume things like Niao Kong & get into trouble.
To claim being neither but to belittle others which shows in your writing.
Say something useful instead of blaming others for brickbats on CAT.
Not Superman Not Batman Not A Man.


Who is speaking Bangla and gibblish blowing water? Out of topic. Here talk about council and clamping cars down to earth and not hill. Godfather is always greater than komtar is given special leeway or position like the Constitution.


Pakatan should stop political appointments in GLCs Instead of sitting on the boards of GLCs, elected representatives should take on the role of members of advisory or oversight panels in the GLCs, says WH Cheng. The big fuss over Penang GLC directorships shows that Pakatan is not practising what it preaches on Competency, Accountability and Transparency. The Pakatan Harapan government in Penang was recently embroiled in a controversy over the sacking of two PKR assembly members from the boards of state government-linked-companies, InvestPenang and Penang Hill Corporation (PHC). The termination of the services of Ong Chin Wen (Bukit Tengah) and… Read more »

Jelutong Kid

Why belive in BeritaDaily?


Wah so fast knee-jerk …!

Plain Truth

Lim Mah Hui should sue the state government for calling him a liar, failing which he should apologise.


the way in the video shows he does not how to present himself. just outburst and attack the admin like the anti cat here blow wind. ask him to clamp or see komtae like tail down. lim should produce report and how come so loe tow rate. instead the way presented like attacking. nature for him to defend himself and countrr sttack




who truly speak gibbish and bangla?


The CM has the time to call for a press conference or issue an official statement to attack a local councillor yet the same CM has (little) time to answer questions on reclamation or stripping of hills – sending his minions instead.

The bigger issue here is how the state is browbeating and intimidating its critics. I shudder what will happen if LGE occupies the Federal govt with its unlimited powers. (Will his) critics (end up in) jail(?)


Then Speaker’s Square (@Esplanade) is a symbolic mockery of Niao Kong’s own initiative to speak out whatever under the blue sky & warm sea breeze of conscience. More like an opportunist ‘punching’ arena at whatever to be blamed or challenged but where is the Deity to be seen there to mock others in its blame-game? (since the demise of Penang Voluntary Patrol Unit squadron). A CAT legacy of playing-the-fooling with Penangites’ conscience? The principle of Deity is this: you can mock the BeeEnd & foes of PR all night long, but don’t touch my sensitive furs of Venerable…. I will… Read more »


You should voice your opinion at Speakers Square, enough of your frustration on this blog, action please.


You should voice your displeasure at that Square in the first place. No need to use
I can listen. Do it until your cows come home!
Talk like you own this blog!


this anti cat is key board vader he owns headline space here like famous actor mario brando.

Not Superman Not Batman either

Mario Brando’s Last Tango In Paris can be adapted as Last Joget in Penang, calling for the return of old Mutiara with no stray cats?


why not you ask about the 2.6b which is a gigantic sum and charging everyone under isa? smart oeople like you what is your soln as penang is short of land same situation as hk and singapore? johor big state but still reclaim land.


About time to demolish all man-made structures at Bukit Bendera, and restore the entire hill as a forest reserve.


Is that a wise decision ??? Might as well we all restore back to stone age !!!


What is the point owning hill land if there is no road going up to own property? Road does not fall from sky onto the land. Hill land cannot clear and do minor works to plant lallang as fodder for cows otherwise cows will not come home?


Short of words! Copy CAT! Just learnt to breed cows that come home?
How about working part-time mimicking Parrot at Chiew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet, Penang?


how do you know the birdie? you must often go to that shop to see your ” lo yau kei” the parrot? you miss her so much?

Phua Kai Lit

Just came back from a visit to your proud UNESCO World Heritage city. My observations: 1. Motor cyclists are a danger to pedestrians 2. Not many people walk — only foreign tourists and non-Penangite Malaysian tourists like myself 🙂 Penang Municipal Govt should pass a law forbidding shop owners from obstructing the “five foot ways” in front of their shops — unobstructed five foot ways were originally meant to allow pedestrians to walk in shaded areas along streets. Now they look like they have been claimed as private property. 3. Shocked to see some senior citizens spitting into drains. Malaysians… Read more »

Tua Pai Kiah

The waves along Waikiki beach allow you to surf. Also a joy to enjoy the sights of beauties in swimsuits 🙂

So people there are more forgiving if the high rise buildings are eyesore ?

Phua Kai Lit

The Diamond Head compensates for the eyesores along Waikiki Beach.
They also have dancers doing the hula for tourists.

Gurney Drive — the towkay mansions can be turned into good quality hotels and
restaurants. Please don’t tear down any more of these architectural treasures.
Learn from my hometown Kuantan where the famous beach at Teluk Cempedak is being
ruined by the building of new roads, fast food eateries and other “site improvements”.


The old charm Gurney Drive has long been destroyed during the Gerakan era. Good to see the Gurney Wharf is restoring it for the new generations.


Why not restore it instead of spending excessively just to fulfil the sea tunnel Satu Lagi Projek CAT?
Use the scarse money to finance affordable public housing. Can or Not?


good to have discussions, contributions. flow of comments rather than taking cheap shots, constant and repeated critisms.


So we are not allowed to criticise the Tokong? Strange, I observe that this rule doesn’t seem to apply to you.


go and clsmp his car by all means as invitation was send out if it is wrong. but intelligent like you wants to take cheap shot. anil often raise an issue wo clear background. like old tree gets chop. no one can tell if the developer has to green the area with 200 trees as compensation ss there is no foot path n cycle lane. heritage bldg, some says yes and some no. the heritage bldg should be tagged. afterall why federal gomen (rakyaf) sell to developer when bought foe rm 1 only


why we never hear you critise ah jib. morw strange.. dr m, abigail etc sign declaration re stupid?


same with this D.O.G. good in blowing cow.


Why waste precious time & space with this CAT Troller?
In Hokkien, we call a troll “kong sai-ua”


anil, again you allow personal attack? the guy like the top minster will silence those do not share same view.


Ask yourself who are the knee-jerk jerks.
If no such of your confrontation, you should have a wonderful time here contributing meaningfully. LP here, LP there!


“kong sai-ua” = gibberish


How can it be gibberish when you understand and when your ego is hurt?


With all respect, we have been bombarded everyday by the environmentalists, pg forum, various ngos and some political parties with their own agenda about less vehicles on the roads, more public transport, no highways etc etc etc. Please make a survey on the young, how many of them are willing to go on the buses ? I hardly see any youngster catches a bus, almost all are retirees and foreign workers whenever i travel on the bus. I see that building more highways are inevitable, we cant have both worlds, that is impossible, an old adage stands true. Therefore, Penang… Read more »

Don Anamalai

Owning and driving a car is now fulfilling the sense of self-worth of the youth today.

dr teddy

With all due respect, I don’t think we need a jawatankuasa to find out the reason fewer people are using the bus. As a person who has used the bus on a handful of occasions, let me share my less-than-scientific observations. Compared to buses, driving is more convenient, even after factoring in the traffic jams and trying to find parking. You can choose to leave and return home anytime, compared to taking the bus. drive. Connectivity and frequency are big issues. The number of busses and routes are just not convenient for many people. For example to take a bus… Read more »

James Woo

Hi Anil, let me chip in my 2c. More highways are not the solution so I sigh every time people want more highways. In engineering school, I learned that highways have a maximum carrying capacity. Not everyone know this. So education & awareness. A few cities in the US & Europe tore down some highways to improve quality of life. I drive & also take public transport (LRT & short distance bus, just a few stops), in KL. I friends who tried LRT but gave up. A car is about freedom, cleanliness, private space, safety. You can go where you… Read more »

Tabik Kopi O

Lim with all respect should encourage his or her children/grandchildren to take RapidPenang. Learn more about it and enjoy the ride.
While waiting for the bus, can surf and read


Cheers Kopi-O kau kau.


I think you are wrong in your perception(?) that hardly any youngster takes public bus. Just go with them to school by waiting at any bus stop & boarding any RapidPenang. Or go to work between 7am – 10am & see for yourself how many young ones actually take buses. I have seen for myself on average of 20 – 40% young ones during the period stated above. Route: Farlim > Rifle Range > Air Itam, Dato Keramat > Komar Interchange > Jelutong > Gelugor > Bukit Gambiar. Another factor is social class where areas like Air Itam, Jelutong &… Read more »


Mr Anil, i need clarification here, that is, are towing and clamping of vehicles referring to the same thing.

If yes, then, my friend who stays in pulau tikus can testify that mr lim mah hooi is indeed owing the staff of mbpp an appology because cars parked at leandros lane, pulau tikus are always clamped by mbpp staff. My friend even remarked that mbpp is only good at clamping vehicles.


Clamping is easier work than towing work.
To clamp a car takes a mere 1-2 minute including taking details of offence.
To tow a car may take 15 plus minutes including taking details. And it requires expertise to attach the right tools to a car undercarriage point so as not to damage the vehicle steering. Plus the vehicle owner may haggle with officers which may add another 10 minutes.
So, which is easier work? (Provided there’s no commission to tow a car)
Suspect: Makan gaji, senang kerja.


Aiyo, mama ! How come nowadays Penang has got so many liars, many types I mean ! (Pun intended)


lucky dr lim confront state gomen. habis if federal. will be eating curry or holiday in kamunting. see what happrn to oz journalists


Can learn from Hawaii also an island with its public bus system to minimise road congestion and carbon emission :

Having said that, no need to Lawatan Sambil Belajar ke Hawaii, cheaper option go to Singapore to learn the trade (or get Temasek advisors on board MPPP) :


public transport, taxi, ferrirs. trsins all under control by federal gomen. even penang hill furnicular federal gomen paid.


Blood suckers . Not enough parking lot that’s why people park everywhere. Good govt. Will provide efficient public transport before enforcing illegal parking

gk ong

The old Penang road network and its parking facilities are not designed for today’s high traffic volume when almost every household would own more than one vehicle. The only way is to make driving expensive to force more ridership of public transportation, via electronic road pricing on certain roads. The money collected could be channeled towards improving public transportation.

Tan Wee Theng

SPAD….Does anyone know what it is?

Tua Pai Kiah

common to see selfish driver just pull over outside “kaki lima” with engine on and leave the seat to buy food at shophouse, and this has made typically 2 lane traffic chokes up easily !
clamping or towing don’t deter many unless we have the likes of Dr Lim on the road to issue very heavy summon on the spot !


I am sorry but I disagree. Most of the time people don’t want to park far away or pay for parking. For years in Penang I have been able to find parking, mostly by parking a few streets away or in a parking complex.


Me too. Just park a bit further, pay the parking fee & have peace of mind doing whatever own business.
And pay an extra half an hour if I cannot be too sure of finishing my business on time.
And walking adds to my daily mileage of light exercise.

Teh Kee

What I do know is mbpp is very efficient in clamping illegal parking vehicles.

Benny Koay

Let’s watch the video again. Dr Lim said,at the beginning, they towed only 2 to 3 cars per month. I think they think he said that now. 😀 English problem

Lee George

Now let’s see who is lying!

Tabik Kopi O

Tow Trucks and Clamps may not be the effective solution. I hope Dr Kim can champion use of public transport instead of using personal cars.

Penang government encourages public to ride, but no secured bike parking facilities. My friends just had their LeRun and Rayleigh bicycles ( with Shimano hear system) stolen in broad day light within 30 minutes at Carnavoun Street. So we hope DrLim and CM LGE can after the tussle still serve the true needs of the cyclists.

Tabik Kopi O

This DrLim don’t want to be labelled another “boh hoot”, so Penangites awaiting his return from down under to challenge statements in The Star. May end up royal rumble with DrLim, LGE n WongCW on the ring?