Tough times ahead for Najib administration


Just over a month after a large rally in Kuala Lumpur to demand clean and fair elections rattled Malaysia’s ruling elite, Prime Minister Najib Razak has announced that a bipartisan parliamentary select committee will be set up to review the electoral system. The move comes as Najib’s government faces rising pressures on several political fronts, including a speculated challenge to his leadership from inside his own party.

Najib’s announcement has been interpreted as an attempt to placate disquiet about the integrity of the electoral process before the next general election, which must be held before mid-2013, and to prevent any repeat protest rally to press home the demands. The political opposition has claimed elections are structurally set up to favor the long-ruling United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

Full article in Asia Times.

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James Tee

here is another great cartoon by Zunar:

Rush Sam

Najib’s approval rating has gone down to 59% in the latest Merdeka Centre poll. When Najib rating was determined by the same poll with 72% approval rating, BN was all praised and said the survey accurately reflect the support of the rakyat for the PM. Now when it reported a decrease in approval rating for the PM, the same BN leaders are saying the methodology used were inaccurate. I wonder where all these so called BN leaders wer educated? The poll results reflect Rakyat sentiments towards current government which has failed to control the inflation, corruption , social issue and… Read more »


Those BN flers chose to ignore the findings of the Merdeka Centre Poll, they have turned a blind eye to the following issues: 1) High Cost of living with prices of essential foodstuff going up tenfold without any increase of salary.of middle and lower income people who have to budget themselves for survival. 2) 30% MRT job given to unmoputras without tender expecting cost of project to bellow up from 50b to 90b in 2016 with delay, shoddy quality of work and corruption. Acquisition of chinatown land owners with high hands and haste and without solid reasons. 3) Rakyat want… Read more »

Platun Rimau

Dahulu sifat “flip-flop” ini hanya branding yang diberikan kepada Pak Lah sekarang ini penyakit “flip-flop” telah dijangkit oleh Najib. “Flip-flop” yang dikaitkan terhadap Najib ini ialah terhadap isu transformasi pembangunan yang tidak di lakukan secara konsisten dan yang akhirnya akan tinggal perancangan tanpa perlaksanaan yang “organic” yang mampu menambah keyakinan terhadap kepimpinan beliau.


Who knows what will happen. Just look at Egypt and Tunsia. They fal like London Bridge. Coming soon Libya and Syria has been using snipers and heavy weapons on its rakyat.

In the past, Kapal Singh stand up against M…

Now could be more as M.. has become a dinosaur and a divider of the nation…

Ong Eu Soon

Nobody will challenge the current PM only if Dr M is the PM.

king kong

BN brings stability just like telling people will go to hell if they do bad and like the Japs Military police did toi the civilians in Malaya during WW2.
BN resort to using mata2, Federal Reserve Units, Special Branch, ISA, Emergency Odinance(What emergency?).
BN wack the rakyat similar to the Palestinians being wacked by its neighbour.


And I thought BN is supposed to bring stability. Or at least that’s what they have always claimed.

charlie chan

according to track record in malaysia political history, the incumbent has the greatest advantages n they will win in GE , so GE 13 is no different- the media is now spinning to BN UMNO advantage n BN have billions to throw- projects n contracts etc. all principles , integrity are throw out the windows, the aim is to win n stay ed in power for the money n served their personal agenda, our voters are conned again n again as the powerful media is so supportive of corruption, plundering


To little, too late…who in his right mind will believe this blooming … liar, UMNO PM? These … goons are beginning to sense the curtians are slowly, but surely, closing in on them.

Let us wait for the fall of this “Great Evil Racist Empire” known to all, UMNO.


Anil’s conspiracy theory of tussle btwn Najib & Muhidyn somehow shows that there will never be unity in UMNO with the puppet master still dictating ?


Muhyddin has a history of challenging and eventually falling out with his own party’s leaders. He has hinted that trait in the infamous declaration that he was “Malay first” rather than “Malaysian first”, in direct contradiction to Najib’s 1Malaysia platform, then discontinued PPSMI. Muhyiddin has aligned himself with Utusan and continue to make abundantly clear that he is “Malay First” to project his extremist image at the forefront of UMNO. Such open defiance is a clear signal of power struggle within Umno, a hallmark of BN as we have witnessed such scenario repeatedly in MCA and MIC. Therefore BN is… Read more »


Mahathir had to be radical and sided the UMNO in order to climb to the top with the ‘Malay Dilemna’ and subsequent expulsion from UMNO before he came back. Muhyiddin has to do the same in oder to get to the helm. By the time he is there his ‘Malay priority’ will become less prominent, especially after he looks from the top and finds out that in doing so, he will only screw up his country and most of all his so call ‘race’. He will succumb to the reality. We only hope he will not be like Mahathir who… Read more »


This Jibby can only offer candies and sweet talk. Say one thing but did the opposite. Remember his famous advice years ago – asking the rakyats to tighten our belts but he is spending billions in the PM department … In fact he and his partner is putting on more weight. Talk about 1Mlaysia becomes 1 SIDED malaysia . Only umno SIDE. The the Bersih to held at Merdeka Statum. Instead get … Gas and watered by … Mata2. Again the RCI into TBH is just a cuci mata. Now talk about commision into the Electroral…


Very true.

Fool if you have not learnt your lesson to continue to believe in him who is insincere and full of deceit …


PM Najib sought today to justify his administration’s apparent return to affirmative action policies to boost the Bumiputera economy, saying a system based 100% on meritocracy would lead to inequality. Does he want mediocre people to run agencies and departments? How on earth we will be developed in coming years? Last 54 years many have been spoon fed and given post and duties which they dont deserve! In return many merit people have left and many more will leave! We have never questioned about the genuine objective of NEP but the biased administration of the policy has benefited (mainly) umnoputras.… Read more »


Umno has decided to go back to harping on ethnic solidarity for its survival using a Mahathirist political strategy. It lacks the flexibility to evolve from its conservative and feudal ethnic framework. It is also unable to disentangle itself from a patronage system of crony capitalism under the cover of racial politics.