Toll concessionaires should cut toll rates


So all the toll concessionaires except for one are ready to reveal their toll concession agreements.

While almost everyone is blaming the hawkers and roti-canai vendors for not lowering their prices, the big guys escape public scrutiny and pressure to cut their toll rates.

When are they going to cut toll rates? Haven’t traffic volumes surpassed expectations in most places?

A lower toll rate will help to reduce transport and haulage costs. As a result, it should lead to lower prices for essentials especially food.

The only justification for not reviewing toll rates is if the profits from the tolls are channelled specifically to a public transport fund, that is tightly managed. Or if the money goes to the government for poverty alleviation projects to uplift the poor.

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Tan Jo

I agee with your statement that it is unfair to target roti canai sellers and the like for not reducing prices. Price cuts should start from the top not from the bottom. People who are blaming it all on the roti canai sellers and etc. are no different from the developed countries demanding developing countries to open up their markets while at the same time engage in protectionist policies themselves.

Andrew I

Followed by another 6 fat years?

The sight at the Penang Bridge toll plazas during peak hours is, how can I put it, like manna from from the sky. Appreciation is shown by the seemingly unending raising and lowering of the poles.


you gonna think Mahatir cronies gonna lend a helping hand? they are just good at helping themselves at the expense of the general public. Mahatir is back and his cronies will smile again after 6 lean years.


I nearly choke on my coffee this morning when I read the Star paper on page 3, which read ” Incentives part of PLUS social responsibility scheme” what a bulls***!!!. First of all the government should have undertaken the building of the highways, by privatising and giving away the contracts to Umno cronies and making huge commission, the BN regime lead by … Samy Vellu, they have make huge profit at the expense of the rakyat. The contract was classified under OSA and the public had no right to check on the contract , when we are the one who… Read more »


There are oo many conflicts of interest, so how to reduce the fee? Just look at the terms and conditions in these agreements, the people will smell something fishy.

If those evil executives … and their cronies are getting “commission” from these operators (some extremely greedy) continuously, say for a period of say 30 years,how much will the rakyat have to fork out to enrich these flurs?

Think about it.