Time to enact Freedom of Information law


In case you did not realise it, yesterday was International Right to Know Day. The Centre for Independent Journalism has worked with other NGOs to come up with a Freedom of Information Bill.

They are hoping Selangor will enact it as law during the state assembly sitting in November.

What about Parliament and the other state assemblies?

See the CIJ statement here.

Governments are elected to serve the people’s interest. So the people have the right to know what’s going on and what sort of decisions are made on their behalf.

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Wow! K is really using this forum throwing anything and everything including the kitchen sink at PR Govt nationwide. I am sure K is part of the BN SPIN Machinery to malign PR at any cost, and without any qualms. Hope K can recall it was Dr M under BN with Ops Lalang, who sent anyone who dared open their mouth to Kamunting under ISA. That’s a excellent record for Freedom Of Speech. It is the same PM that K is banking on who had (all but) banned the use of the name of a country above China starting with… Read more »


This FOI effort is quite an old one, isn’t it? I see from following links that Selangor marked “Selangor Press Freedom Day” back in May:


and launched the rapidly-slowing SelangorKini at the same time:


They really ought to add some news to it or take it down.

It’ll be interesting to see in what form a Bill is passed in Selangor, and how prompt and complete the first response is to the first ‘tricky’ question.


Fat chance…knowing the way Khalid Ibrahim has managed Selangor and handled the Asset declaration issue, the Freedom of Information Law would be as useful as the Penang Cheap Minister’s eunuch CAT. My guess is that none of the states under Pakatan would do it, instead leave it to the Feds to initiate the reforms. As we have seen, the PR state govts think that there are much to be gained if the status quo remains. I would rather bet on Najib pushing for reform on FOIL than the half past six governments of LGE and Khalid. As such we should… Read more »