3 exco members lose Penang PKR leadership positions


Three Penang state exco members  – Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, Law Choo Kiang and Abdul Malik Abul Kassim — have been dropped from their Penang PKR positions.

Balik Pulau division chief Dr Mansor Othman, Deputy Speaker Tan Hock Leong and state PKR election director Mustafa Kamal Mohd Yusoff will reportedly replace them in the Penang PKR leadership.

Certain Penang state exco members from PKR have been embroiled in controversy in recent months.

A PKR source told me the removal from the party leadership in the state means they will be less likely to contest in the next general election.

But they are also unlikely to lose their state exco positions as that would be “too drastic” a move.

It is all part of a comprehensive “shake-up of the party” ahead of a national PKR convention in February to discuss internal party matters and discipline, he said. “We are reorganising at all levels throughout the country.”

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Andrew I

PAP. Someone should set up a subsidiary here in Penang. Then we can be another fine city. LKY, British educated but Chinaman wise. He really knew how to rein in all the traits, like greed and selfishness. No carrot, just stick.


This is a move to exercise CAT governance. I am glad PKR has the b… to do it. Otherwise, another 5 years of b…less efforts. I think we Penangites have had enough of b…less Gerakan government.


Romerz, Well, every parties should do the same and not just DAP or PKR. However, one must have political sense while executing such exercise. Brings me back to the history of how LKY and his lieutenants able to pair up with leftist to win the government (landslide victory in 1959) and outmanouevering the leftist while battling the communalist (UMNO & MCA) winning the ultimate prize. Time for LKS, LGE, Ngeh brothers and other prominent DAP leaders to read the LKY Memoirs. After all, DAP was once Malaysian PAP. Never ever be David Marshall, political naive. Or Lim Yew Hock, blew… Read more »


The move was to free te three of them from party duities and to enable them to concentrate more on state duties. Better focus./

Dont speculate please.


This is a sad thing that PKR Penang starts removing certain dedicated ADUN and Exco and marginalizing talents with various excuses given. PKR Penang will lose support from the people if it practices UMNO way of politics – only those who flatter Dato’ Zahrain get benefits, while talents and actual devotee to the party are being marginalized. PKR Penang seems starting to repeat UMNO mistakes!


This is a positive move and should be supported by all Penangites.

In the rush leading up to 8 March, a few ‘less than capable’ people were voted in on the strength of the voter’s anger towards BN. Now is the time to take stock and groom capable leaders for the next round. The voters won’t be so generous next time.

Perhaps DAP should do the same exercise. I’ve heard that only a handful of capable leaders are doing the work of the rest.


This is the best thing to happen to PKR. It show it is serious in putting in good people to work for the public. You have my vote!


That is political will on the part of the leadership. Those dropped must be magnanimous and remain committed to serve the rakyats without fear or favor.


your source is wrong, unless the 3 exco fail to retain/win any position in their respective division later this yr, their changes of getting a 2nd shot to contest in the next ge is very slim.

well, the removal should serve as a VERY GOOD lesson.


Bro, any latest up date on the court hearing!!!


Hmm…….Perhaps, DAP can move in consolidating political position in Penang. Nothing wrong with that. PAS has full control in Kedah and Kelantan. Possibly, Perlis and Terenganu when PR takes over later.

It’s actually good for Penang and its citizen. Gerakan can’t do much last time when they got to deal with UMNO, MCA and MIC. With 4 3 excos plus one lame dame duch CM. Nothing good has been materialised. Worst still Gerakan has been in power in Penang since 1969