Live – Thousands march to ‘save Felda’


Thousands have begun marching in KL to protest the listing of Felda Global Ventures and to try and ‘save Felda’ as they know it.

The march began soon after Zohor prayers. One online party newspaper estimated the turnout at more than 5000.

About half a dozen representatives were given the green light to hitch a ride to the gates of the palace to hand over a memorandum.

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When you set up a new company based on par value of RM 1.00 per share then you can offer a 10% discount to Directors of the Board and employees based on a share price par value of RM1.00. But once the company has been in operations for a long period of time then the discount on share price offerd to Board of Directors should be 10% of the opening price of the share after it is listed and not based on RM1.00 or par value of the share..


This is not reported on mainstream TV stations (TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, Astro Awani) but the footage was shown on Singapore’s Channel News Asia (watched via Unifi).

The Felda protestors claimed that on 2.5% of the listed shares are given to Felda settlers.

Again the BN-controlled TV stations are depriving rakyat the truth.

Gerakan K

Felda is strong, why need saving ???


Because bEnd is corrupt.


Way to go folks!
You have demonstrated for the world to see your displeasure at the forced public listing of FGV leaving you many of you settlers disadvantaged, while FELDA risks takeover/foreign control.

Let this be a lesson learnt, by now you folks should have seen through those bunch of corrupts who want nothing but WWW ie Wealth Without Work!

Anak Pulau Pinang

Now, before I am sidetracked by comments on the Gerakan, the march to save Felda nails the lie to the oft-repeated claim that Felda is doing well. It might be doing well, but the people who contributed to its success are being given the Cinderella treatment!

Anak Pulau Pinang

The conduct of the past and present generations of Gerakan leaders shames the illustrious contributions made by people like Tun Lim Chong Eu, Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Por and Datuk Khor Gark Kim who were motivated in their service by only one consideration – the interests of the people of Penang and, to a limited extent, Malaysia.

I know all four of them and never bothered about the others, except Datuk Lim Heng Tee and Datuk Dr Toh Kin Voon. Even Datuk Lim Hee Heong played his role very well generally.

Andrew I

Gherkin thinks it’s time for burger stall v.2 in the previous post. So many people here = good business.


Problem is these UMNO goons only know how to makan not doing business


Mahathir must be cursing Najib right now…

Ahmad Sobri

Something must be seriously wrong? Why each time UMNO/sycophants do something, it is always met with protests of the mammoth kind? Today another few thousand marchers in orange, against what CSL claimed proudly in his debate as the second largest IPO in the world? And today, CSL should see and ask himself, why are there thousands marching for FELDA? Will Penangnites also march for PPC? Will Malaysians of all races also march for the much hyped hudud by UMNO for all races? Supported by sycophants? How come no words from GELAKAN on hudud for ALL, mooted by UMNO and now… Read more »


Well, will we Penangnites march for Penang Port?