When the BN messed up the Esplanade…


The PR Penang state government has probably learned a few hard lessons from the “Kings of Tennis” flop.  At the very least,  they will now learn to thoroughly scrutinise proposals from women and men in business suits who claim their ventures will be free i.e. at no cost to the state government.

I was just as interested to see  the concerned reaction by the BN folks towards the damage to the Esplanade.

I hope the BN are genuinely concerned about the state of the Esplanade. But their concern seems not only political (well, they are politicians, after all) but also reminiscent of their “concern” about damage to the Esplanade more than a dozen years ago.

I looked up at an old issue of Aliran Monthly

It was in 1995 that the BN said the Esplanade had to be returfed because it was damaged – after they had had held a BN election dinner there on 9 April, about two weeks before the April 1995 general election.

The Council then proceeded to dump mounds of earth on the Esplanade, thus preventing opposition parties from using the field during the election campaign.

See left for my/Aliran’s reaction to such childish behaviour.

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20 Nov 2008 3.49pm
20 Nov 2008 11.31am

Thanks for post – just reminds us why it was a good thing to kick KTK, BN and ilk out of office on March 8. But accountability is accountability. Lim GE and the PR state government should take extra care in future about giving “free” support for private sector initiatives. Any time the government (that’s right – they are the state government now) lends its name and reputation in support of a program, even if there’s no financial outlay to the state, it has a need to check out the background of the organisation and people involved. Of course, it… Read more »

20 Nov 2008 9.59am

I fully agree with Adam & The Ants that we should learn from Singapore, but, need to ‘filter’ so that we would not take/adopt 100% of what they are doing for the city state as we need to match it to our local culture. Singapore spend huge amounts to do research and ensure 100% success in most of the projects that they planned to do, we can adopt it witout paying any sen on consulting.

20 Nov 2008 9.46am

ya, learn from singapore. return the glory days of penang. melaka & singapore, the three most prominent cities in the selat melaka.

Reasonable Person
Reasonable Person
20 Nov 2008 12.54am

Thanks for the good memories.

Andrew I
Andrew I
19 Nov 2008 11.28pm

The Aliran archives. Just what is needed to give it back to them when they try to be funny. Good one, Anil.

Adam & The Ants
Adam & The Ants
19 Nov 2008 10.24pm

Learn from Singapore Government on how to run an island
and Penang Island will become great if not better
than Singapore in time to come.

anak kulim
anak kulim
19 Nov 2008 9.37pm

What F&#$X@ hypocrites these BN people are in lambasting the PR for the mess made to the Esplanade because of the Tennis fiasco!

19 Nov 2008 9.29pm

I touched on this issue in my blog as well. It is a shame the state government has to face the music over the “Oldies of Tennis” thingy. There’s nothing wrong in that. They should face the music and then reply with their excuses and we listen and evaluate. However, I can’t stand the BN, especially Gerakan, members coming out and trying to champion for the people over the damage done on Esplanade. As a Penangite who grew up in Georgetown and one who loves to play football, the Esplanade turf is damaged ever since the 1990s. Bon Odori and… Read more »

19 Nov 2008 9.01pm

Thanks for refreshing us…Always never to late to know who’s the culprit…In this case…what a shame act…but nevermind…we the Penangites already voted them out….

Now the Esplanade belong to us,Penangites!!!

Saya Anak Malaysia!!

19 Nov 2008 8.35pm

All the faults are being caused by these shameless representatives.

The rakyat’s hard earn money has gone down to the drain.How much more money these federal guomen clowns are going to waste?