The Scorpene Papers


These are selected leaked documents from the Directorate-General of the French National Police and the Judicial Police Directorate’s anti-organised and financial crimes unit.

The documents were presented to a French anti-corruption court in May-June 2011 and 133 official documents were recently leaked and loaded onto the Asia Sentinel Scribd account.

Over a hundred documents – and in French too. Where to start? Here is a selection of the raw documents for your easy reference. You may not understand French, but you can see key names, dates and payment amounts mentioned that might allow you to connect the dots.

D00071 – Bala’s questioning. It touched on Altantuya, US$500000 and commissions, and whether it was linked to the Scorpene deal.

D00072 – Contract signing in 2002.

D00073 – Terasasi and Perimekar mentioned.

D00076 – Najib’s name surfaces.

D00087 – The condition of “1G$ maximum” (see page 2 of the document)

D00136 – Here GP Menayas refers to Perimekar as a travel agency and alleges that Altantuya was Baginda’s interpreter.

D00144 – The infamous Terasasi invoice requesting payment of the ‘success’ or ‘support’ fee.

– A few of the VVIPs allegedly involved in the deal.

– A report outlining the whole system of channelling funds and who the likely ultimate beneficiaries could be.

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Jalan Kembali

1Tayar scheme and taxi drivers went over the moon ? Ha Ha Ha this is bodohland indeed.

if you can get a taxi why setlle for tyres ?

billions spent on defence can be put to better use….. pikir pikir lah !


Najib is running out of ideas but to give goodies to win votes even from taxi drivers.

Penarik beca should ask for new tyres too!

the mythbuster

Desperate Najib will do some very silly and unbelievable things. He knows his popularity(?) is fast losing its luster with all the worms crawling out of numerous scandals which is impossible to put a lid on. So, he is back to his APCO suggested mode of: I help you, you help me. He doesn’t mind throwing the taxpayers’ money for his very survival as a politician. Next he might target the bus drivers and lorry drivers. When money is not the problem, he assumes the mantle of santa claus. When you come to think of it , he gave out… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Read Kavaljit Singh’s “Questioning Globalization” (2005) available from CAP. One of many disasters that the neo-liberal dogma imposed internationally produced (that he lists) was massive corruption due to bribery by trans-national corporations. Despite 100s of complaints against them, they were allowed to “self-regulate”. Those who have worked for Western businesses will know how hypocritical they are. The big “democratic” governments of the West are fully involved in this war for money. They help by spying, sabotage, blackmail, transfer of funds, etc. In the case of Afghanistan and Libya, the money is actually currency notes on pallets, transported by military cargo… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

What? The French have joined the Jews, CIA, Israelis, George Soros, Singaporean diplomats etc in conspiring against Malaysia? Time to mobilise Perkasa to demonstrate our displeasure at the Embassy of France !


Same old cowardic & lying conspiracy:
Don’t we remember that ApaNama’s blame game & rhetoric fiery scorns on US Jewish bankers & financial speculator George Soros for Asian financial meltdown?
Anything Jewish = religious & financial devils is good ammunition for the lying politicians to create distraction from true but dirty issues among them.
When can Malaysians with ApaNama syndrome of forgetfulness & forgiveness wake up to the truths flying in our numb faces?

the mythbuster

Altantuya’s murder was a premeditated one. First her name (may have been) changed to Amina so as to fool anyone looking for her immigration records. Since all records of Altantuya entering the country under her own name has been erased, it is crystal clear she was to be murdered and her remains obliterated with C4. Then we have a very high ranking politician coming into the picture and asking the suspect, Baginda not to fear because he would do the necessary. Then Razak Baginda goes free without him being called to defend his good name. Two good for nothing suckers… Read more »


And, still, there are many many bodoh out there believe that our PM is a saint !!!

Once, i was on a taxi and the Chinese taxi driver argued that it had nothing to do with our PM.

He is one of the many bodoh out there and he thinks he is smart by asking me whether i can read !!!

No wonder the Rakyat have been enslaved for more than half a century . Sad indeed !!!


Some of these minds were trained to think like that by Barang Naiki minions & Boh Lan Hoot state regime for the last 40 years. Esp.the older folks who have no/don’t know access to alternative but truthful media. Theirs is a feardom of 513, which always plays out yearly without fail in their nightmares every midnight to May 13. That’s one of the die-hard reason I had to face towards enmity with my father in-law over a Red T-Shirt@Han Chiang night rally call & eventual 308 victory. If these old folks can’t see further dirts down the road of destiny,… Read more »

the mythbuster

Kee and tunglang, It is quite difficult to change the perception of the old because they are set in their ways and the constant reminder of 513. I can excuse those but I just can’t understand the slave mentality of the MCA towkays. The first page of the Star shows TAR college students dressed in red showing their servile mentality by carrying banners that declare that Najib is their inspiration and he is their friend. This show of slave mentality was just for recognizing their diplomas and higher diplomas which should have been in the first place because all the… Read more »


It is all about MONEY.
No Barang Naiki means no kang tau, means back to poverty!
It is simple as that.
If Pakatan can give them kang tau against its principles, I am sure these towkays will jump ship tonight.
That is the real world of many Chinese businessmen.
Remember one developer upon hearing the early bad news of 308 for Boh Lan Hoot immediately took down the …-polishing billboards faster than Speedy Gonzales. And jump ship there after.


Too sad to comment about those wearing red students !!!

Their brains are dislocated !!!

Maybe they are motivated by angpau !!!


Watch this 1PM’s involvement.


Great Malaysian Robbery? Its not even close to the top ten. There are tens of billions of EVEN MORE DUBIOUS Defence Contracts that are on-going right now. Billions … RIGHT NOW even as we are talking about only a couple of hundred millions euros in this case.


C’est tout à fait grotesque que nous sommes accablés par un ministre du crime la tête d’un régime voyou.


Only in Malaysia it seems Crooks,Thieves of public funds looting billions and even (criminals) are … free ! Malaysia our hearts bleed for you !
Future generations of Malaysians will have 3 Brave Individuals to thank for persuing the TRUTH behind the Cruesome Murder of Altantuya
Fadiah Fikri, Cynthia Gabriel & Dr Kua Kia Soong.
Beng Hock was investigated till he died tragically YET MACC will NOT even ask … M … ,his Sons all billionaires and Taib Mahmud CM Sarawak ,one question,yes NOT even ask them one question how they accumulated their … money & wealth. !!!!


Crooks, Thieves? Its treason – Crime against the state and Murderer..


That’s the way how BolehLand criminal court … deals with genuine case of suspected political-motivated murder in the heart of this beloved country.
TBH is a sad case for his living family & friends who hoped for a decent justice against the criminals still running free in the corridors of dirty powers.


What is amazing to me is that there is no demand for Najib to immediately resign and charges brought against him..By comparison Nixon was a saint..

Najib should have had to leave long time already..It says much about how bad institutions and standard of leadership and governance is held up to in this country..


Eerr.. What charges would that be? No crime has been identified or proven here? Do ever read the facts? This report does not say anything about “bad institution”. What is amazing is your allegations without concrete proof and the level of being so gullible. A sensible person would think it would be absurd for 20+ year old Altantuya to be an interpreter for such high level, technical & contractual dealings, without military, engineering and contractual background. MOU was signed in 2002, and she was only 24 to be involved? maybe she graduated from Harvard at 14. Looking at this angle,… Read more »


A murder is also a fabrication?
Or is it a hallucination on your part that this actually never happened?
Otherwise the French would have thrown this hallucination of yours sincerely into the French Riviera!
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to the French judiciary.


I just wonder how to stop people from talking through their … ???


The problem is we don’t have any international standard but Malaysia standard. That means apa apa pun boleh.


If you’re struggling with your Fronsay, you could sign up to scribd, download the document as PDF (*not* as txt – it’s a mess) and then upload that document to The first one looks quite readable, translated to gEnglish. Perhaps someone could post translated documents so we don’t wear out