NEP and how they got-rich-quick


While Umno and MCA enjoy a public spat and put up a wayang for the rest of us, Zaid Ibrahim has a story on how the NEP was put to use to fabulously enrich a coterie of well-connected individuals.

Najib’s brother Nazir Razak noted the NEP had become bastardised, but Zaid writes: “What he (Nazir) doesn’t say explicitly is that the NEP, which was set up with noble aims of eradicating poverty irrespective of race, has become a system that is opaque, corrupt, non-accountable and highly secretive.”

Check out Zaid’s fascinating blog entry here to find out how a few familiar names made it big, thanks to the NEP. Now that’s the real 1Malaysia for you – all very muhibbah among the political and business elites as they get-rich-quick, while the ordinary, struggling rakyat are manipulated into squabbling about racial and religious issues in a highly polarised environment.

Also, have a look at the response from Mahathir’s nephew, regarding the Berjaya Sports Toto privatisation in HarakahDaily here.

Meanwhile, the credibility of the so-called “Chinese leaders” of MCA and Gerakan has sunk to unimaginable depths, as more and more Malaysians come to terms with the ugly truths of race-based politics. The Malaysian Insider story here.

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Any diligent Malay can start his own business and have 100% of it. Why take it from the Chinese have worked hard and developed the business…. For the Chinese, here is my message. If you start a business that exports to the world, remember that the Malays (about 15 million) constitute only 0.2% of the world population (7.8 billion)…. Move (your business) overseas. If you have to give 30% of your shares to the Chinese in China, at least you have access to 1.3 billion people in China instead of only 15 million Malays in Malaysia. Let the UMNOputras learn… Read more »


I cannot understand why people still support BN when their lives have not been improved after all these years.


Blame it on their ignorance and the constant media propaganda by BN.


Whether Zaid has political ambitions or not. It cannot be denied that this was the way the economy has been moving all this while. Malaysia simply is running of oil to grease the palms of these people hence the tight monetary situation we are facing (or soon to face) in future.


Gambling and drinking are not ‘haram’ by the Chinese and Indians. However, do you think any parents like to see their kids got high on alcohol or lost all their money and properties due to gambling. Worst yet let theirs kids injured or worst kill by drunk drivers or loan shark.

So, do you still think that drinking or gambling is not haram for non-Muslims? At the worst PDRM and Federal/State government need to enforce drunk driving and loan shark activities.


DAP leaders must be careful not to fall into BN’s trap of using the UMNO-MCA “Sandiwara” quarrel as an excuse to apply the ISA powers of detention without trial as happened during Operasi Lallang in 1987

This “sandiwara” quarrel is a chilling reprise of the events during 1987 when then Deputy President Datuk Lee Kim Sai had a media war with then UMNO Youth President Datuk Najib Tun Razak.


We at Pakatan Rakyat view this UMNO and DAP “brawl” with a lot of skepticism. The reality of the matter is we Malaysians need a new economic planning management system and platform. The current economic management system is failing us and our PM can call it what he likes i.e. NEP or whatever. Now I was speaking to a very senior Malay executive at CIMB and clearly there is a strong need to bring in the “money makers” into the Malaysian economy. I am talking about non-Malay and Malay risk takers who are willing to invest and innovate in Malaysia.… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Any political party that plays the “racial card” should be decisively rejected by all Malaysians of good will. Malaysians of Chinese ancestry should totally reject the MCA which is presently trying to play the “racial card” to win back support from the Chinese.


Only 1% of Chinese consider Koh Tsu Koon to be a leader of the Chinese.

If KTK has any self respect left, he should resign. The likes of him of just puppets that the Umnoputras string out to show a semblence of their multi racial platform….


More than half a century, we still unable to convince majority of Malaysians to wipe out this evil UMNO regime from the face of the earth…we have ourselves to blame! Corruptions is no longer an ugly word in BOLEHLAND rather, it is assumed and unashamedly, accepted as a gift from (god)…

Gerakan K

Another RPK wannabe. Gambling is not “haram” for the chinese and many others. But in his article we can find repetitive of “haram” words being used as to fan hatred feeling for his blog visitors particularly the malay muslim. Zaid has great ambition and certainly he won’t be satisfy as a small potato in the party. Unfortunately, the race card has been used as to gather public support. Notice the theme of the article, ie NEP, Chinese, gambling, haram in the fasting month provide us a lot of hints that race and religion are his main ideas. Frequent mentioned ideals… Read more »

Andrew I

Yes, damaging directors some certainly are, running companies with huge overturns. Love the acronyms as well, though Yves St. Laurent might not be too happy with a single letter change. It also looks like Rod Chua will find it hard to live down his sexy image. Do you think I’m sexy, do you want my body? Um, not tonight …nor any other night, thanks anyway, Rod. I hope we get a rerun of the eighties sci fi series V. The new series is lacking the coneheads. There’s one running around inside Putrajaya, posing as the head butler, I hear. Zaid… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Zaid Ibrahim’s revelation shows how the UMNO-led govt have been conducting govt business and apportioning of govt contracts to UMNOputras, BNputras and their cronies! The noble aims of the NEP have been hijacked by them to enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary Malays and the poorer segments of the Malaysian population. Even before ZI’s current revelation, the people since 308 are wise to the way such govt. businesses and contracts have been conducted, solely to enrich the politically-connected at the expense of the people. Corruption and cronyism is so endemic in UMNO (UMNO Baru especially) and… Read more »