The oldest trick in the book?


Any independent inquiry into the violence that broke out at the tail-end of the Bersih 3.0 rally would not be complete without a thorough examination into whether agents provocateurs or others bent on inciting violence were present in the crowd.

The use of agents provocateurs to incite violence in a peaceful assembly is the oldest trick in the book – though no one will ever admit to planting people in a crowd to stir violence.

Wikipedia defines ‘agent provocateur’ as follows:

Traditionally, an agent provocateur (plural: agents provocateurs, French for “inciting agent(s)”) is an agent employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action.

The Oxford dictionary defines it as “a person employed to induce others to break the law so that they can be convicted”.

If a crowd becomes the innocent victims of the trap, it is used to provide justification for a crackdown or to discredit them. Full article on the Aliran website.

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Charlie Oscar

Anil, You are right about the oldest trick in the book. Bersih3.0 + Oppositions = DIRTY old trick!!! It is very obvious that this so called “Sit-in” protest has got Nothing to Do with clean and fair election. As usual, the Main Objective is to Create As Much Havoc As Possible in the Streets of Kuala Lumpur for the world to see!!! If this is a Bersih event, why are the Oppositions taking center stage in the rally??? Initially, when the Oppositions took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur, the Police did not do anything because it was supposed to… Read more »

Pala Richie

Say what you like. Bersih did invite BN for the rally, did not them?. We don’t even need to rally if BN support Bersih’s free and fair election cause and demand. So, who is the prime suspect of trouble maker? Bersih + BN + PR = free and fair election. What is the problem with opposition supporting Bersih? just because BN can’t agree to free and fair election, Bersih can’t get opposition support too, that is very Umno-ic. Bersih never a political party, if rakyat agreed with their cause/demand, they support, so as NGO, opposition and whoever. Pls ask BN… Read more »

Charlie Oscar

Anil, It is so obvious that the Bersih3.0 and Oppositions “Sit-in” rally has nothing to do with clean and fair election. The main aim is to create havoc and chaos in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. When the popularity of the Government is on the Rise and the Oppositions going Downwards, as Always, the Oppositions will take it to the streets!!! That’s the Oppositions brand in politics!!! If the GE is not clean and fair as claimed by the Oppositions, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, including Kelantan should not have fallen to the Oppositions after GE12, right??? If the GE is… Read more »

Pala Richie

Hey! budak ini. If they aimed at crating havoc, what arm do they bring?. We bring salt and mineral water (some mask filters) to create havoc?, and counter FRUs water canon, tear gas and violent police. If anyone prepared for havoc, it was the police, they bring weapon, water canon, tear gas and razor wire. The protestors are prepared to get havoc-ed by police/fru. Your second points, replace the word ‘government’ with ‘opposition’ and vice versa, it still valid. Believe what you like. How can you justify clean and fair by such argument. Can I not agree with you, and… Read more »

Charlie Oscar

Some people can be so naive about demonstrations. They think that protestors can cause havoc and violence Only when they are “armed”.

Anyway, the Oppositions had succeeded in what they set out to achieve when they Took to the Streets. Havoc, Chaos, Violence and most important, to force POLICE BRUTALITY!!!

Whatever it is, come GE13, the VOTE is still in the hands of The RAKYAT!!!

Andrew I

Well, you could also look at it this way. If GE was clean, the Opposition would be in power today. Chicken and egg, Charlie Chickadee.


You tell me Opposition had no voice or business to voice Bersih?
You tell me Polis had every right to (at the end of sit-in) corner & batter the Rakyat who were unarmed & some of them alone for easy picking for cowardly acts of violence?
You tell me the violent acts of the men in blue were justifiable as if it was the end of world to just act irresponsibly…?
You tell me of all the videos of that Saturday, the polis fell for the oldest tricks? Then why shut down all exits of LRT & 50-plus roads?…

Charlie Oscar

Bersih and Oppositions claimed that the rally was a great success!!!
Simple as that. If you get the drift.


Charlie Chaplin thinking!
Fools are better than wayward fools.
Cos’ the Chaplin hat carries nothing but BN handouts of self delirium & toss over the head in being perpetually fooled.
Wake up from the intoxication, Charlie!
Hmmm, no Oscar for you!


BN knows they might actually lose the election even before Bersih 3.0. They’re rapidly giving out contracts to cronies just in case. They’re changing laws to ensure victory for BN. They took a few pages from the Republicans in the USA to defeat Obama in the coming US elections this year. For the US Republicans, it’s all about the money. They tell so many lies to the people who don’t know any better. Same for BN in Malaysia. It’s a wonder that common people believe the lies. But for Malaysians, we have become wiser. As Abraham Lincoln said, ” You… Read more »


The oldest trick also includes using the oldest profession to ‘trap’ PKR guys who cannot self-control.
Damn these tricksters & evil perpetrators in our midst.
But there will come a time of limit to show these … who are the real masters of the land….

Pala Richie

No Bersih protestor was there to create trouble; it was a hugh success even before it officially started. Any untoward incident will make the rally, a disadvantage to Bersih’s cause. However, to those who opposed to Bersih, opposed to free and fair election, these incidents would be necessary to divert attention. Look at the tell tales sign, just watch the news of Tv1,2,3 after 428. You know who needed violence to justify their excuses, avoiding questions/allegations of Bersih and damage control after the massive 428 Bersih walk. They do appear to be the sole beneficial of the violence, prime suspect… Read more »


Adam Yauch, a founding member of the pioneering rap band Beastie Boys, died Friday after a nearly three-year battle with cancer. Yauch, who was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Catholic father and a Jewish mother, had practiced Buddhism since 1994. His Buddhist spirituality permeated his life And music,

RIP Adam, but we will heed your ‘Fight For Your Right’ spirit in Bersih movement. Here is a tribute on Wesak Day:

Andrew I

We have our own agent provocateur. The name is K, Gherkin K. An unemployable local graduate posing as a mini market owner is no match for grumpy old men like us, isn’t that right, folks?

Gerakan K

Wow, me a graduate ~ Hmm thanks for nice assumption. I’m very happy today.

By the way, “graduate” means at least a diploma holder, right ??? Wow, Andrew I, you know this is the BEST reply from you. Thankyou very much !!!

p/s: I hope I will get double joys today, one is “I’m a graduate” and second one is Liverpool will win FA cup few hours later !!! YNWA !!!

Andrew I

Yes, a graduate with a diploma that has a 20 percent passing mark. Well done.


the agents appear to be no other than our great pkr leaders impatient to get to putra jaya….