The new deal – and cronyism (Videos)


Here are a couple of creative videos about how vote-buying and cronyism are affecting our everyday lives.

Vote-buying and how it promotes a culture of corruption and shady deals:

And the effects of cronyism:

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Han TK

This video asks: “After 55 years, are you satisfied with BN?”

Siew Hong

I am one of the residents at Bukit Bendera area who are satisfied with the free dinner provided by BN. In these trying times of inflation and rising prices of foodstuffs, it makes no sense if people refuse free food and door gifts when offered even if it comes from the BN towkays and cronies. It would be godsend if people are invited to one or more such gatherings each week. Like people used to say, it’s not nice to refuse a good offer. However, all know that filing up one’s stomach with free food is OK so long as… Read more »


Naj1b should trademark his ‘I Help You, You Help Me’ tagline and charge royalty since it has always been mentioned on the cyberspace!


It is the culture of UMNO BN which result in the Malay being branded as part of that culture.

Let us SMASH that UMNO culture once and for all and give the dignity to all the Malays and Malaysian

Vote PR Pakatan Rakyat,

Vote Pakatan Rakyat (PR) = PKR, DAP & PAS.

Kick out Barang Naik (BN) & UMNO together with their partners MCA, MIC and Geelakan