Leaning Arch’s last stand


Watch the last few moments before the Leaning Arch at the Penang Botanic Garden came crashing down.

Oops! That wasn’t supposed to happen – Photo credit: guangming.com

Video clip of the final few moments here. And there’s a fuller photo slideshow here.

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Take the contractor to court. There is enough evidence to(charge) him… Take that tourism minister to court for negligence. Dont give them them a chance. They may actually kill some people in the next project.

Ong Eu Soon

Take the architect to court! Not the contractor! Contractor only follow spec! Who give the spec? Who approved the spec? Taka all of them to court!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

“Contractor only follow spec!”

OES, are you sure contractors always follow specifications, never cut corners to maximise profits? Are you that naive to jump to conclusion that it’s the architect, or others, who may be at fault! Even before any relevant authority discloses whether there is any design flaw, that maybe supervision, or lack of it, of work done was contributory, etc?


There is still a misunderstanding among many that Minsitry of Tourism is responsible for the fiasco and the state government and authorities are blameless. The projects in the gardens were proposed by the Penang Gardens Department and implemented by the State Drainage and Irrigation Department. The design was approved and accepted by the Gardens Dept, DID as well as JKR.The State government through its EXCO member approved the design, according to some of the state officials. Perhaps it is time for the EXCO to clarify to the public why he approved the design. The Federal Government is guilty of many… Read more »


Penang civil societies should collectively take Tourism Minister Ng YenYen and her Ministry to court for neglience and (dubious) practices showed in such shoddy sub-standard work that resulted in the tilting structure, a risk to public safety, and irresponsible use of public funds at the expense of Malaysian tax-payers!

Those pictures and videos speak a thousand words.


What about the 2nd Arch? Construction specs must be the same – shallow base foundation structure! When tilted, fall flat like its twin brother! The Blue perimeter fencing does not cover a safe distance from it should it fall! And there is the electric cable pole in front of it! Should one day rains super heavily with howling winds (mind you this is Hungry Ghost Month) you think the Arch will stand a chance with only 3 feet of base foundation underground in soft soil? Contractor Tidak Apa of the consequence after the flat-fall? (until the public make a note)… Read more »


I hope that guy who made the sad noises in response to “did you get it?” will take the necessary precautions and keep his camera rolling next time!


The 2nd Arch came down last night.
Anybody caught it in action?
Hopefully, the Feng Shui improves for the better.

An expensive fiasco indeed!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, I read Ahmad Chik’s statement that the arches were not properly constructed, foundation soundness in doubt, maybe no proper soil tests carried out!! All these showed-up during the demolition of the first arch, whereby on a ‘push’ the whole structure fell-over, indicating that the NGOs and the public were right that at least one of the arches was tilting. More important is that it showed shoddy contruction, and this brings up more questions on the construction flaws, design flaws, etc. Imagine what would have happened in the future if the arches had been allowed to stand and then… Read more »