The house that Khir Toyo bought…


Has Samy Vellu’s mansion met its match?

Selangor opposition leader Khir Toyo has refuted a DAP rep’s allegation that his house in Shah Alam cost RM24 million. Instead, the former Selangor chief minister insists he bought it for RM3.5 million with an additional RM0.5 million thrown in for roof renovations.

He said a housing loan was granted to him by a foreign bank. Which bank and on the basis of what collateral?

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perghh…i do like reading this hot’s kinda late though.but still like it! esp when it came to bashing the BN…love it!

jango dino


op silap kot pekiraan saya..mohon sapa sapa betulkan tapi jangan suruh matan mb sel kira..kalu dia kira mesti betul..

Tony Wong

The late Teoh Beng Hock lost his life because of MACC investigation of allege misuse of state fund of RM 2,400. Khir Toyo has his multi million built mansion but no action taken. I think he has workd really darn hard in pulling his client teeth to get that sum of money. Syabas Toyo! (the most workaholic dentist in the world)

Malaysian citizen

Enough of bulls*** stories and unacceptable explanation by Khir. We the citizen understand better than Khir.


Well this is only Khor toyo .. mansion..?
What about our fellows minister 2nd home in foreign countries..?


i wish to be a bn MB !

NS Chan

What can you get for 4 million in Shah Alam?

It’s about the same kind of house inside the exco-village minus the furnishing, which looks dwarfed by Istana Toyo.

4 million dolloars will buy you this, Toyo ! Not your istana.

kopi kau kau

If the Bank really approved his loan, then his minimum income should be at least rm48,000-00 per month to qualify…. How to justify ??
I would be most willing to buy the property at rm7million… that is double his investment….
Let also assume that what Toya say is true.. only 3.5 million…. then he must have more then that amount…. what about his cars? his upkeep of the palace etc….
It is rather interesting to see what is going to happen … keep it coming and I would like to see how the MACC handle the case.


First we have Disneyland, then Neverland. Now we have Bolehland right in our nieghbourhood, Shah Alam. (He) thought all Malaysian are stupid to belive him. $24million bucks!!! Whose money are those??? It is really amazing he has been behaving like … all this while. He must have tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$…. I think many never ever trust our MACC. As one said, those guys in there are just the same “Old wine in a new bottle” If (Toyo) is in the opposition (Pakatan), I guarantee the MACC will jump on him like hungry vultures. Very very efficient and fast. Another Zakaria… Read more »

John vasudevan

Just for a comparison, can someone please post a picture of MB Tok Guru Nik Aziz’s humble mansion and show the BN and UMNO fellas who is truely practising his religion, and who people ought to exemplify.


DR. Goh, don’t talk …. If this Toyo is as rich as Robert Kuok or Ananda Krishnan, he can build a RM50 million bungalow and no one can say anything. (But if he is) using taxpayer’s money….


Everything done according to procedures , That’s all folks….

Next Change-
Dont worry be Happy.


Dr Goh must be one seriously jealous chap.

I dont see other MB spending lavishly like him… Well…Dr Goh , you must be a dentist or dental surgeon a pal to Dr Khir?

I’m not jealous 1 bit…I just cant swallow … how he (managed the) rakyats taxmoney. Yet scot free.

hey..if his landed property only cost RM70 /sqfeet mine low cost house cost RM107 per sq feet. Which means I was cheated for buying an overprice hse…?


Hello Dr.Goh, Let me confess to you honestly. I know I am a nice man with quite high integrity. But if I am (like certain) BN politician or Umno or MCA member for that matter, I will corrupt with greed more than any of the politicians because our Malaysian politics system allows this. That is a fact. I am no Confucius or sage. All man is not infallible. We need a clean government. Clean government means following the right system and order, not twist it when you like it or not. Our previous great PMs could have spearheaded us in… Read more »


Hi anil if we check carefully it is possible that he payed for the land only and the construction (could have been) done by his macai…


Dave On,

Sorry to correct your statement ‘another zakaria in the making’.
It was a well-known that zakaria was (allegedly) toyo’s ‘runner’. If zak can afford to build a palace costing millions,toyo can afford (much more).

Jebat musibat

the main problem with UMNO leaders..
“They don’t know what they did was wrong! Wrong doing!”

well.. that was tipical high school bad boy attitude btw…

kenneth iswara

satu lagi projek kerajaan barisan nasional, lah !!!


No worrylah. BN will take over Selangor soon riding on Hindraf’s wave. He will come back to be MB again. This is just an investment for the happy days are coming again. He will need this palace for the many meeting arranged for the development of Selangor.


Wow! In my life time, I cannot imagine owning a 24 million house, it will be a dream come true!
If 3.5mil I think it is definately within my means..perhaps, I can stretch a little more, say 5 mil. (Thanks to my Aussie dollor, which have apprecited again). So … dentist, I am indirectly making a offer to you Toyo for a for 5 mil nett!(50% profit in this trouble time, it must be a great deal). How about it, just say the word, I will send my lawyer to see you.


Dr Goh,
What a load of bull$#!* you write. Your doctorate correspondence course one, ah?
In a proper democracy, the man would have been hung up to dry…


let those umno “putera & puteri” see what yours “taikot” have , just for a few $$ ,you all risk you “life” for him .


Jealous??? What s*** are you talking Dr Goh??? Its the taxpayers money that he is using now.


Ask yourself before you judge him…..if you are in his position, with power in your hands, would you do the same thing? Could you be clean? Would you give contracts to your family/cronies or to me (someone which you dunno)…….
It just happens that we are not “there” and we are jealous. It is just too bad.

Leong Yook Kong

Khir Toyo, are you willing to part with your house for RM8 million? Anyway, you have already made a 100% profit over the sale of your house. How to contact you for a viewing of the property and to pursue further with the sale?