Thank goodness, no funding for the RM100m Penang cable car project!


I dislike the backdoor PN government for so many reasons. But whatever its motivation, its decision not to fund the the RM100m Penang cable car project is a blessing in disguise.

The cable car project is not a priority now (it never was!) as tourism will be badly hit after Covid-19. And with the national economy in dire straits, the RM100m saved could be better spent on the basic needs of the people.

Moreover, many are worried about the ecological impact of the cable car project. Sahabat Alam Malaysia has elaborated on this eloquently.

Now here comes the kicker: It is also time to review all other wasteful or ecologically unsustainable mega projects in Penang. You know, the projects that benefit vested corporate interests more than ordinary people. Yes, you know what I am talking about.

The argument that these projects are needed to generate jobs for the people does not hold water.

There are many other more sustainable ways of creating employment in new or neglected sectors eg in non-toxic renewable energy, waste reduction and recycling, education and the arts, organic or urban farming, public healthcare, and the building and operations of non-polluting buses, ferries and trains.
What do you think?

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Better standards under PN? They are old UMNO/BN. Its only a couple of months and they want to destroy what little critical water catchment area in Kedah for timber..

Yah right…


The PAS lebai Tuan Ibrahim is Environment Minister! Now Kedah is under PAS, logging will begin like what has happened in Kelantan. Next time no catchment area, will affect water supply!

Khun Pana

It is either spend the money on the project or the money goes deep inside the pockets of the current unwanted govt. There goes 100 million back to the “penyamun”

Bayi Yoda

RM100 million better to use for upgrading to automation various street drain cleaning to cut down foreign labour intensive activities.


This is face-saving all around. Also kris-waving: PN is “not cooperating” with DAP. With sources of political and personal income drying up, projects will depend on commission.
Penang gomen can buy helicopters to take the supposed far greater number of tourists up the hill. Or build a tunnel through the hill to its summit.


The RM100 million could be diverted to build sheltered pedestrian walkways/bus stops, and dedicated bicycle lanes (away from drunk drivers).