Teoh Beng Hock: The award-winning documentary


Excellent documentary here that looks at the unanswered questions surrounding the death of Teoh Beng Hock after he had been taken in for MACC interrogation.

It also illustrates the alarming state of our institutions of governance.

There is also a moving personal touch with members of Beng Hock’s family interviewed.

Journalism at its finest, this documentary was one of three award-winning films in the Freedom Film Fest 2012 competition.

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Mlaysian In Action

Guess date of Altantuya birthday ( KARMA )

alan newman, new zealand

On Teoh Beng Hock, they acted within hours over a small alleged amount pf few thousand. then (he was found dead) on his wedding day

… on Taib……MACC, the most despised and hated establishment. Greatest disgrace to malaysia. It’s head says Taib Mahmud’s alleged corruption is blown out of proportion.Gosh! Taib has controlled everything in Sarawak for 31 years. Everything that is valuable. Foreign parliaments and banks are after him. Go to hell MACC & Abu Kassim. …


If name calling and insults are the weapon of choice in your arguments and debates I accept it with grace. The views of the narrator in the documentary are hers. They do not correlate in any way with the facts on the ground especially where those facts are inconvenient to her “truths”. Whats established about the death of Teoh Beng Hock were established through a combination of judicial incompetence and false misleading evidence and advocacy. If my commentary on the subject as I have put it is “ill informed and immature” in the words of Jason Toh I rest my… Read more »

Jason Toh

Obviously Steve Oh (see except of his review on this documentary below) made more sense than the ill-informed and immature grkumar. —————————————————– Beng Hock, his killers & the MACC forever captured in landmark documentary of his death. http://hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/40727/ The video brought the truth closer to my heart and the tears to my eyes. It was such a gratuitous and senseless death and I keep asking myself why over and over again. The Rights of the Dead is a documentary every Malaysian should watch and realise that you can never trust any government agency while you are in their custody because… Read more »


Grkumar should write to NST to be appreciated there.


When one begins from the default position of a lie or a hypothesis that is so skewed away from fact and the truth, the complexion and complexity of what follows is nothing more than a lie. When you tell one lie you are compelled to cover it up with several more. The “forensic pathologist” Pornthip lied and misled the commission of inquiry. Her lawyers and she failed to purge themselves of the contempt by that lie. Neither could or would because to do so would have exposed them and their evidence to ridicule and impugn their own credibility. What pornthip… Read more »


Thank you Anil.
After watching this video with my parents, all of us will switch our votes to Pakatan in PRU13.

Justice Bao

Agnes and family should watch this too:


I love the video’s sign off: Ham Kar Chan!!!

Ed G

PM’s call to take back S’gor. Investigation initiated with urgency and intensity incompatible with the RM 2400 involved and the amount of evidence available. Witness taken into custody in the evening and subsequently found dead below the MACC office the next morning. Conspiracy of lies during the RCI with no known actions taken. Outlandish RCI conclusions made public one month after its reported completion. Implicated Deputy Director promoted to Director. With the above series of events that surround the death of this young martyr, I believe that this death will occupy the national conscience for a long time to come.… Read more »

Bill Chua

Gerakan K,

… you. Hope you & your family & the 3 MACC ….

Gerakan K

Leave TBH and his family alone. Enough of political manipulations. Re-open the case if you have EVIDENCE.

Enough of nonsense from pakatan supporters. We got TBH T-Shirt, movie and what else ??? Coffee mug ??? Key chain ??? Or TBH game of Angry Bird style ???

Sudahlah ~


This case will definitely / inevitably / surely be reopened after GE13 when there is a CHANGE of leadership.
Otherwise it is still a widely held public opinion of a suspected murder case until Judgement Day.


Justice has still not being served


Its not disturbing Teoh Beng Hock. We must find the murderer or his soul will not rest in peace. Not just the murderer of Teoh Beng Hock but also Altatunya the Mongolian.


When I think of 308, I think of Teoh Beng Hock.
By God’s Grace & Mercy, when comes GE13, there will be no more ‘TBH’ dirty-political casualty post election.
As the saying goes: Politics is a game not for the straight-forward guys.
But I still salute & remember Teoh Beng Hock for his unlimited courage & absolute sense of justice for a CHANGED Malaysia. He will be the type to rule the world with The Lord in the coming Kingdom of God on earth.


Looks like it pays to (remain unaccountable) under this corrupt UMNO regime.
Play this video in all your ceramahs, PR.
When you get to power, please give justice to Beng Hock,


I watched this video at Freedom Film Fest 2012 in JB.
I have asked the creator Tricia Yeo to upload it to Youtube for all the see this excellent piece of work. Thank you Tricia for the video to remind us of the wrong-doings of MACC.

Kok Keong

I cannot say enough how very excellent this piece of journalism/documentary is. Every aspect of the production attains the highest standard of excellence, something no mainstream Malaysian TV documentaries had matched, and will ever match if the current state of government or BN control over it were to continue. Bravo to Tricia and everyone involved in the fine production. The video is certainly one to use in class especially on journalism subjects. It will help remind justice minded Malaysians that Beng Hock’s unjust death will never be forgotten. Thank you to everyone involved in the making of the video.


Please encourage more people to watch this excellent video. Very touching!

MACC still owes us lots of answers.

Thank you Tricia for the video!