Live – Teoh Beng Hock inquest resumes


The Teoh Beng Hock inquest resumes today, with the second autopsy report to be presented.

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So now, we have contradicting conclusions from the doctors.As this whole medical analysis is so specialized , how on earth the judge is going to decide which report he should use to form his judgment ?

Is there any provision in law that he can request for an independent panel of doctors to advise him ? If yes, will he ?


Hi Gerakan! Is your heart made of stone,man!

Gerakan K

I only stating the obvious fact. What was wrong? Stop listening to opposition propaganda and listen to forensic reports instead. Now majority of the forensic experts back the suicide possibility. You can’t twist the fact. Forensic reports are the fact in this case.


..bruises to left and right neck…isn’t tht strangulation?..


Hi Anil.. This may be unrelated to your posting but it shows how Singapore deals with seditious behaviour.. Puts Malaysia to shame.. who on the other hand, seems to encourage such behaviour..

Gerakan K

Dr Shahidan findings leaning to a suicide case. Finally majority of the experts supporting that this was highly probable a suicide case.


GERAKAN K, Dr. Shahidan? Who is Shahidan in the world of forensic investigation? What kind of work has he done to gain recognition in the international arena? Do you think when someone falls from a 15 storey building, his rectum and anus will be damaged the way Dr. Pornthip had explained it? Gerakan K, Dr. Pornthip had said that the anus was damaged by the probable insertion of an object. It means there (could have been) penetration of the anus by a hard object. Do you get it my dear Gerakan K? In the case of TBH there was clear… Read more »


Since there is a difference in opinion, why didn`t the government get more forensic expert from US, UK and other countries to determine the cause. This way we will know the truth. It is all so obvious that the government is afraid for the truth to come out. This is another sham 1Malaysia.

Gerakan K

I know your idea. Examine until produced the result that you wanted, correct ???