“Tak habis-habis dengan cerita ini”


Abdullah Badawi doesn’t see the need for a royal commission on the judiciary in the light of Justice Ian Chin’s revelations of Mahathir’s threats to remove judges. Such a commission is badly needed to comprehensively investigate the 1988 judicial crisis and the undermining of judicial independence and integrity since then.

From The Star today:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said this was because the Government had decided to reform the judiciary.

Tak habis-habis dengan cerita ini (The matter seems to be dragging on). I don’t see a reason for another commission. We are going to implement the reforms,” he told reporters at his office yesterday.

The Prime Minister should know that this “cerita” is not going to “habis” anytime soon if we don’t get to the bottom of the judicial rot and institute far-reaching reforms.

A retired health inspector, Andrew Noel Thangam, who spent a large part of his working life in Abdullah’s home town of Kepala Batas, had this to say:

Mr Prime Minister, the high hopes I had for you have been shattered and destroyed by your refusal to have a royal commission on the judiciary. Are you in the same boat as Mahathir for you not to want such a commission?

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How easily we jump into conclusions. The commission of enquiry has not even been set, but we’ve already decided the verdict. The fact that this judge comes out with his revelations 4 years after the former PM’s departure stinks to high heaven. Why now? Meanwhile, the Sime Darby fiasco and the Scomi dealings are buried somewhere in the business section. It seems it has been already decided that the reason Pak Lah is brushing the issue aside is to protect someone (Dr M). Why would he do that when Dr M is his worst enemy? Not everything is in black… Read more »

The Yarning

Good evening, I chanced upon ur blog and I like ur passion towards issues that are also very close to my heart. Just a thought on this, although I agree Pak Lah could have explained his position in a more sensitive, not to mention less confusing way, it is also precisely why it is the taxpayers’ money that will be spent on yet another of this never-ending saga of revelations that it becomes even clearer that the prudent thing to do, is to focus on the reform, no?


More judges have come out to voice their grouses today. You can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be getting more ridiculous rebuttals. Allow me to pre-empt:

1. The judges are retired. They should have spoken out earlier.

2. Judges are not elected. Therefore, they have no say in the
administration of the country.

3. They are cronies of Tun Salleh.

4. They were confused by Badawi’s response: ” ….I have no
reason to doubt that the allegations are not true, unless there
are people who say otherwise.”


PM don’t want to react on Mahathir…perhaps he was trapped. Mahathir will request probe into ECM Libra issue and others involving Badawi’s family….he..he…he.


When my grandmother who is a nonya becomes impatient and wants me to shut up, she uses the same phrase, ‘tak habis2.’ Mr Prime Minister, you are not an old lady, you are suppose to be a Prime Minister. People of your standing do not use such trivial words, You are expected to take a hold of such issues and ‘habiskan’ the issue by acting on it. You seem to have a huge problem in problem solving don’t you? What I mean is that you are procrastinator par excellence. Procrastination comes form varying sources 1) Lazy 2) Fear 3) Don’t… Read more »


Anyway what’s the use? They set up a RCI on the Lingam Tapes which dragged out a lot of s***, but what happended? Probably fushed down where it should go, I suppose!
What judicial reform is he talking about. The whole country needs a reform. Fuel prices, proper public transport system, ministers who can think,etc. etc!

Let the PR guys take over and give it a try. Perhaps they can do it better

raj raman666

……….. Anil, ask the bar council why they are like a cow and follows the master whenever the master pull the cow nose. ask the bar council – why they fail to contain the lawyers from beggining who con the people who hired them. ask the bar council – why they allow this lawyers who graduated from their bar council watchfull eye become the pak turut judge. THE BAR COUNCIL FAILS IN THEIR JOB TO MONITOR SOME OF THEIR LAWYERS BECAUSE THEY THEMSELF FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL AND FOLLOWS LIKE A COW TO THEIR POLITICAL MASTER and become chicken to be… Read more »


Dear Anil This matter of Dr.M alleged inteference in the Judiciary and issuing ‘veiled threats’ against our Judges must not be brushed aside by saying the Judicary is in the process of being reformed. After all, if it were a murder case, we would not stop investigations with that kind of cop out, and the seriousness of the alleged subversion of the Judiciary is on par with any homicide. There is a grave misunderstanding here that crooked, submissive or compliant judges pose no danger to the public, economy or government. Quite the opposite. A bent judiciary costs the Govt billions… Read more »


Don’t talk Judicairy Reform.. its a waste of time and afford.
Let focus on fuel hike and inflation that affect us.
BN goverment increase the fuel price…
First thing: How the detail calculation being formulated to reach the value at RM2.70 per litre??
Secondly: How BN goverment calculate in detail that the goverment is on defisit spending??
Thirdly: Does the spending for rakyat or for white elephant projects? please provide detail list and amount??

Can any Ministers answer my question? or should it be asked in next PArlimen sitting.??

A true Malaysian

By saying “Tak habis-habis dengan cerita ini”, I hope PM did not mean ‘Tidak apalah’.

Hope that PM will ‘Habiskan cerita ini’ immediately.


But I thought that whenever Karpal or Opposition does anything wrong, authorities are quick to say, “whatever it is, the law is broken and X must be punished”, adding that it need not matter when the law was broken, so long as it was broken. Can’t really remember who used to say this….. Anyway, why sweep this thing under the carpet? Law was broken. Law must take its course. Perpetrator(s) must be punished. What justice is there to the victim? Pity people like MGG Pillai who will roll in his grave. What if it was a rape case? Are we… Read more »


I’ve found that for every credit you give BN, you need to take back two. I just love their reasoning for everything. ‘We are going to implement the reforms’, ‘What is important is for us to move forward and take steps to restore the public’s confidence in our Judiciary, and for those allegations not to recur’. How, on God’s earth, are you going to restore our confidence, when the thing is staring you in the face and all you can do is proffer your time honoured feet dragging tactics all over again? Hope can only be stretched so far. After… Read more »