Taib’s hold on Sarawak loosens


It was supposed to be the highlight of Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud’s trip to the United Kingdom. But his visit to Oxford University’s Said Business School to give a special address did not go quite as planned – and underscored his and the ruling coalition’s rising troubles in a pivotal electoral swing state.

British activists caught wind of his 26 July visit and scheduled speaking engagement at the inaugural Oxford Global Business Forum and stationed themselves bearing critical placards at the venue’s entrance. In the event, Taib, who has been in power for nearly three decades, suffered the indignity of being reportedly transported in a blue, windowless van and then whisked through a kitchen to enter the venue.

The protesters mainly expressed concerns about Sarawak’s disappearing forests and the plight of the indigenous Penan and other native populations who are losing their land and livelihoods to timber firms, oil palm plantations, and hydroelectric dam projects. Those declining fortunes, they noted, were in stark contrast to the Taib family’s immense wealth. Full article in Asia Times Online.

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Hi Anil like Yang said about Bukit Jalail – maybe you should do a story on it . (or you are too far away in Penang ) Btw where are the Hindraf /MIC /Indian interest groups making demands ? Like they do during the Kg Buah Pala ? Malaysian Indians wake up la bros . See the difference in compensation !!


When you talk about the protest in Oxford and human rights, have you seen this video? So it seems that it is ok to exploit children in the UK for your own ends if you are a protester, or maybe they just start younger there.


always two sides to every story, lah

Andrew I

One must be prepared to be without the comforts of home when in an unpredictable land like England.

It is a country truly ruled by the mob, where people can ask all kinds of awkward questions and say all sorts of unflattering things.

Really, there’s no place quite like home.


Andrew, Our home now is not what it use to be like in the old day when there is no polarisation or racism. We have to wake up to that fact and change it now otherwise we and our children shall suffer.


Maybe Taib cannot quit. It’s the name of the game. You cannot quit as others too, cannot quit and so forth.

NTV7 this evening could not broadcast its full 7 Edition and the local news part was dubbed over by some movie trailers. Was there news of somebody who quit but paid dearly for it?


Title: “Taib’s hold on Sarawak loosens” Reason: “In the event, Taib, who has been in power for nearly three decades, suffered the indignity of being reportedly transported in a blue, windowless van and then whisked through a kitchen to enter the venue.” Dear Mr. Anil, Care to re-read what you have posted? The “kitchen venue” happens to be the usual route for VVVIP. I have personally worked in a restaurant inside a 5 star hotel in Australia before and the president of the then United States Ronald Reagan entered the building through our kitchen. Did he suffer the same fate… Read more »

Dr. Pang HC

Sarawak and Sabah will NEVER fall to Pakatan Rakyat.

People there are too indifferent and divided to vote against BN…

Sabah and Sarawak will be the reasons why Malaysia will forever be under UMNO’s iron fist.

Just wait and see.


Dr. Pang, After the tsunami in 08, PR chance has become better by the day is because the non Malays are able to accept PAS and vice versa the Malay to DAP. PKR is to both. We are now able to distinguish the lies of MCA, MIC, Gerakan & UMNO that if we support the opposition, there will be another 513 or an islamic state. As for Sabah & Sarawak, PR consisting of DAP, PKR and PAS must not go into there by its own. It has to forge an alliance with the local opposition parties or convince some of… Read more »


Pang HC,

I remembered you saying the same about Sibu?

Dr. No

Pang HC,

I remembered you saying the same about Sibu? Your readings of Malaysian politics are still at the primary stage with due respect to you.


Sorry a little off topic. We have seen the worst of Najib and UMNO. We have seen the excesses of Taib & UMNO Sarawak. Now the worst has come to the Bukit Jalil resident whose house would be demolished soon and compensated to buy an RM80,000/= house for RM35,000/= Take note its not free, they have to pay for it. AND WHO SAY LGE AND PR ARE SO BAD WITH A RM600,000/ DOUBLE STOREY HOUSE COMPENSATION. NO THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE BUT WERE COMPENSATED WITH ONE FREE. ON TOP OF THAT THEY WERE GIVEN RELOCATION MONIES. SO LET… Read more »


Can you post without all those CAPITALISED LETTERING, machai?


It’s very clear for all to see what good LGE has done.
But there are those who preferred to view it with myopic double vision and of course small letters so as to be less prominent and less obvious.
In short – THEIR DENYING IS THE-CAMEL-HEAD-IN-THE-SAND-HOLE TACTIC (even if the fact is very obvious, commendable and acceptable by the masses).


in time to come the people in Sarawak will see that they can be like Penangites to get a new leader to transform their lives…


The swing in Sarawak is now evident. The CHANGE is now expected. Sibu will be the Waterloo for Taib and BN in Sarawak and UMNO and Najib in Peninsula. Lets us now change for the better


like Samy vellu, Tun Mahatir and all the BN old boys Taib doesn’t know when to quit. We at PR want him to leave gracefully but i doubt he is going to leave his control of the state gracefully.