Taib tries to explain family wealth


“What do I do?” an apparently perplexed Taib asks as sycophants chuckle during a ‘fruitful’ (see the plates on the table) interview.

After all, if the chief minister is to believed, it is his daughter and son-in-law’s amazing business acumen that has expanded their property empire.

Such extraordinary acumen (cough! cough!) has allowed his daughter to multiply Taib’s small retirement gratuity that he gave her and spawn a property empire in Canada and the UK.

This video is part of a series in the Sarawak BN’s cyber campaign to counter damaging opposition allegations about how the Chief Minister’s family accumulated such wealth.

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Like Gerakan K said, he is a legendary (BN) politician. I’d be disappointed if he didn’t lie, cheat or steal.

And now at the same time we hear MACC officers accusing the now dead Teoh BH of pocketing RM112! LOL !


Even if he said his wealth came down from the sky, don’t be surprise that there are people out there who would believe him.

Andrew I

Judging by how many people are so easily conned by number predictions, turning paper into USD100 (actually, that’s not too far off from the truth), “free” gifts and winning lotteries which require processing fees, is it really any wonder?


… Sarawak would have been richer without the … looting billions and STOLEN the land of the Natives plus damaging the environment and rain forests.
… not to mention the mystery disapperance of Bruno Manser and … Ross Boyert who was (found dead) with a bag over his head…
There are lots of unanswered questions not covered here.

In other truly democratic country,the Corrupt … would be behind bars eating porridge …


in that case, Malaysia should give his daughter the Bank Negara post, and his son in law the Finannce Minister post, this way they can make Malaysia into a filthy rich, 1st world nation.

The other way is to create an entrepreneur club in malaysia, where his daughter & son-in-law can guarantee that all the members can become filthy rich billionaires in the world


Ha ha ha ha ……..

I do not know Malaysia has “Warren Buffett”.


Hi Moo,
BUT Warren Buffett voluntarily gives away part of his wealth to global charities from his legalized earnings from hard work, diligence and respectable sources of income. Malaysia does not have this type of Warren Buffett!


Watch his body language. Stick a polygraph on him…

najib manaukau

If I was this Taib I would have retired and go on to enjoy myself with my new ‘… bride’ for whatever time there is left for me.
I have enough wealth to last me for a few lifetimes even though I do not have much times with my ‘… bride’.
Retire Taib, before you get thrown away from the gravy train !

Kucing Kid

Taib is the modern day equivalent of Pontius Pilate, constantly abusing power for selfish ends and persecuting his political opponents…

Think about it when you vote.


gerakan K,

what say you about this BN-backed Glutton?

Gerakan K

Mr Taib is a legendary politician.

People supported him for decades that even “50++ years of corruption, etc song” will do nothing against him.

That is the fact.

I expect an easy win for Mr Taib team in upcoming Sarawak state election.


ONE man gets rich while the rest gotten poorer by the days. That’s for salivating appraisal of a questionable legendary leadership!
Appraisal once again here:


Yes and that include 50 years of moronic support. oop sorry not moronic, it should be greedy for some pittance by belittling our own r……. you guess.


Gerakan K

Surprise to hear you saying your BN machai which Gerakan is part of the big family is corrupted. So supporting corruption in the Government is a norm just as people here support corruption and expecting poor people to support us?


You will ask, who will believe this…

The answer, you be surprised!!… parasites …they are such big numbers that kept (him) in power for more than 3 decades!…

what happen to human value and integrity? Sarawakians have a lot to answer themselves and reflect on their greed….


The Hokkien call this antics, “Khay Gong Thua Tai” (play stupid innocent)….

Let’s enjoy Ang Moh Hank William Sr’s song:


Donno why all successful politician’s descendant’s are brimming with acumen.

Daim, Mahathir, Badawi, Taib, Tun razak… you name it.

It’s in the gene i think. So dont tell me dilemma this or nonsense that.

They do have superior gene.


He is really thick skinned.


“What do I do?” or better this: “What can I do? The money just fall from the hole in the sky on to my lap!”