Taib Mahmud responds to Global Witness expose (Video)


Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud has responded to an undercover sting video that suggested shady land deals were rampant in the state. See the video below:

What do you think of his response? He looks a bit indignant – or is it flustered? He is not stopping to explain in much detail, is he?

He denies his cousins were his intermediaries but then he doesn’t explain why the ‘investors’ found themselves referred to his relatives despite using official channels in the beginning.

Credit to the journalist who posed the questions to him.

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Taib is right. Don’t believe other people!

Believe him! The people of Sibu would be nothing without him. Nor would the people of Sarawak. He means his cronies and slaves of course!

Listen to Taib here –



The amazing thing was he was so flippant about it..He saw the video and did not think it was important enough to actually have an answer before he went out again. Not even a paper-thin answer was going to fly as far as he was concern. He really feels untouchable and the attitude of his cousins are exactly how they feel about Sarawakians – PATHETIC…


This is a mockery to the BN Integriti Pledge!


wow i didn’t know there were alot of professional body-language/mind readers here.. how bout how he dress?or how he smile?It indicates him lying right? Or how he touches his face.. OMG.. quit being so negative people.. Truth to the matter is before this video came out viral, nobody gave a flying … about it.. So be real and not jump the wagon ay.. check your facts and don’t be another keyboard warrior blabbering about how society should be when you yourself go drink starbucks without a care about Sarawak or any part of the worlds poverty. Its much better you… Read more »


what did you do before sitting down at your keyboard typing in your comment?


the same thing you are doing right now.. haha.. so funny..


The RAPING & LOOTING of our Nations wealth … and … greed will destroy Malaysia. Reformasi cannot come soon enough ! UBAH ! REFORMASI !

Andrew I

Hello, here’s something of interest:


This little upstart should ask his father the meaning of loyalty. Charity begins at home, isn’t that right, Guan Eng?

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Tangan kotor macam mana cuci pun tak boleh bersih lah…

Must (investigate) the fella inside out & upside down after PR wins the election.


Caught with pants down and still trying to deny the obvious? Only in our country that one can get away with such. .


Yes, he looks quite bothered and responded badly; the journalist show mettle in pressing him for answers.


Very evasive mode by Pek Moh. He’s trying to cloud the issues by throwing red herrings around. Hopefully a whistleblower from materialistic Singapore can blow away his facade. Any jantans left in the little red dot?

Mike Terrence

“Did you find out the relationship between the father and me, is it friendly or not?” After this exposure? definately no lah, no surprise what.. He seemed to view the video much sooner than most ppl, emm wonder why and what’s the hurry and looks ‘pretty’ urgent and uptight too, ya?

Mike Terrence

What do you expect? Yes, they are right? Anyway, since he has been untouchable for so long, what is another report like this….aisay, biasa lah, almost like ordering breakfast with different presentation. All will be well..he thinks.

Sammy Boy