Taib Mahmud patched up differences with Rahman Ya’kub in 2008


They embraced not once but twice. Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his uncle Rahman Ya’kub buried the hatchet five years ago.

Photograph: The Star
Rahman described Taib as ‘yang saya sentiasa sayangi’ – Photograph: The Star

They patched up their purportedly strained relationship in a public display of affection in front of 1000 guests on the occasion of Rahman’s 80th birthday.

See the full report in The Star back in 2008. (The report also noted that one of Rahman’s family, Khadijah, married Tun Razak‚Äôs son Nizam.)

Yesterday, in response to a journalist questioning him about the Global Witness sting video on shady land deals, Taib had said: “You know that cousin (one of Rahman’s daughters)? Find out what was the relationship between the father (Rahman) and me. Is it friendly or not? We were fighting at one time. So that cannot be my most trusted … but (it’s) up to you (whether you believe it or not).

In the Global Witness video, one of Rahman’s daughters was filmed as saying that both families were close.

See the video from 1:20

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look like acting drama is still on!!!! He Still think this 70’s.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Kes lembu, Mango girl, free IC, pencuri balak, Chua CD, WWW15, tanah RM1, ghost voters…

VK Lickgum: Correct !! Correct !! Correct!!

It all happens here.


Looks like someone is not exactly telling the truth, eh?


ENOUGH of discussing the details of Taib’s reply. IS THERE ANYONE WHO HAS ANY DOUBT THAT HE HAS BEEN CORRUPTED FOR 30 YEARS? ITS SIMPLY TIME FOR HIM TO LEAVE. ITS TIME FOR UMNO/BN TO LEAVE..The attitude of the cousins are the attitude of much of UMNO/BN – they view the people with CONTEMPT…- respecting the people is a PRE-REQUSITE for public office. ITS A PUBLIC OFFICE and NO – NOT EVERYONE IS CORRUPTED…In fact, throughout most developed countries, almost leaders are patriots and respect the people even if they can go crazy over their opposition..

Joe Fernandez

The 1987 Ming Court Affair was not the result of the so-called feud between Taib and Rahman. The Ming Court Affair – I was there — was the result of the Malays in PBB rebelling against Taib. The rebels made the mistake of consulting Rahman who tipped off Taib. He called for snap state elections before he could be thrown out in a no confidence motion. Taib obtained 28 seats, the Opposition 20. The so-called feud between Taib and Rahman was a sandiwara to identify and eliminate their political enemies. Many Malays were eliminated in this manner. At the height… Read more »

Awang Samiun

Another version of the Ming Affair was the attempt by the dayaks to get to power after Ningkan was toppled. Rahman Yaakub was believed to stage the drama to save his nephew the CM. The mistakes of the dayaks was of not enlisting the help from the chinese. Even DAP Sarawak fell for the drama. In the end it was history. After the drama PBDS was dismembered and the dayaks up till today were dispersed to various local sub-parties. SNAP which used to be the strongest Dayak party is today a ghost entity. The uncle/nephew made sure that there were… Read more »