Taib family comes under intense scrutiny


The Taib Mahmud family has come under intense scrutiny again as campaigners and journalists probe the money trail.

This video is produced by Canada’s Global News.

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Alan Newman. NZ

Quotes from Free Malaysia Today: Mahathir has also been guilty on a national scale of hijacking the organs of state, doing away with the checks and balances inherent in the legislature, executive and judiciary, dipping his hands into the national cookie jar on behalf of his cronies and to fuel his politics of patronage and institutionalising racism in the country as a national ideology of the ruling elite. The punishment must fit the crime. In Mahathir’s case, as with Taib, there is no punishment as yet devised for the enormity of their crimes against the state and people, even if… Read more »

Alan Newman. NZ

Taib’s wealth is not just US$1.46b, that’s only his family’s stake in just 14 companies. There’s more! Taib’s family had been identified as (allegedly) having interests in (many more) Malaysian and … foreign companies…

One wonders what is the net worth of a Punan hunter-gatherer whose livelihood has been destroyed by the Taib regime? Should we wait another day to mount stop-work & street protests?

Alan Newman. NZ

Taib should be (hauled up) now … some 30 years overdue. If the M’sian Prime Minister has any moral or integrity at all; he would have done it long ago. It’s all an earthshaking shame & disgrace. God help Malaysia…

Mohd Hafiz Yusof (@_hafiz)

The Taib dynasty will 1 day fall..

najib manaukau

Najib and his Umno cronies will just have to pretend they are blind, especially with the GE around the corner, Najib and his cronies will need Taib and his gang’s support not only in power but also to stay as president of Umno.
Taib knows that Najib as such there is nothing much Najib can do.
This is what Najib ha said before, you stretch my … and I scratch yours !

Gerakan K

Again, targeting my legendary politician cum leader cum idol Mr. Taib cannot make pakatan any better. The majority of Sarawakians support Mr. Taib as CM of Sarawak.

Try harder next time.

Boh Hoot

Wasn’t KTK @ Boh Hoot your hero? So fast changed hero?