Mysterious super yacht spotted in Japan


A magnificent three-tonne super yacht registered in the Cayman Islands has been spotted in Japan.
© Manuel Hernández Lafuente

The 300-foot blue-and-white pleasure yacht, built last year, was spotted in Alaska last month by the Unalaska Community Broadcasting outfit. Unalaska is a non-profit organisation that produces the public radio station KUCB, and the community television station Channel 8 in Unalaska, Alaska.

“The Equanimity sailed down from the Arctic Ocean after crossing the Northwest Passage from Greenland, a voyage only recently made possible by a shrinking polar ice cap.”

The yacht, the 39th largest in the world, apparently has “a swimming pool, a gym, a beauty salon and a crew of 28”.

Since then, the vessel has been spotted in Japan.

This is its port history:

2015 October 17th, 14:30:41 UTC Jp Ukb
2015 October 17th, 14:30:25 UTC Jp Abo
2015 October 12th, 21:00:47 UTC Numazu
2015 October 12th, 21:00:39 UTC Jp Num
2015 October 12th, 21:00:19 UTC Jp Wak
2015 October 11th, 12:00:02 UTC Jp Yok Os
2015 August 24th, 07:30:34 UTC Nuuk
2015 June 8th, 14:00:49 UTC San Juan
2015 May 3rd, 00:00:48 UTC Fort Lauderdale
2015 April 27th, 19:00:57 UTC Fort Lauderdale

Here, you can see the last known position of the vessel in Japan.

Speculation has swirled around who the real owner of the yacht is. One yachting website discusses the ownership issue here.

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21 Oct 2015 9.36pm

A super yatch where free flow of expensive alcoholic drinks to the resounding Blue Moon cheers of “Lu Malai-Sai Lang Gong Tua Tai” is the norm?
Can’t blame the yatch but those who are still intoxicated by Snake Oil Seller’s slippery talk like “Lu China Lang bo pendataaaaang!”

21 Oct 2015 11.53am

Private parties normally held in such luxury yacht with free flow of expensive drinks to entertain orgies of cronied rich and famous linked with easy money to flush around…..

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
21 Oct 2015 8.29am

Tax-payer subsidised ??