Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT costs a few times more than Hangzhou Metro?


Hangzhou’s new 48km Metro rail line costs RM11bn. How much is the 51km Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT going to cost? RM50bn?

What’s more, the Hangzhou line has to use complex technology as it runs underneath the West lake, Qiantang River, the Grand Canal and several railway lines, as one Malaysian activist pointed out.

The Hangzhou line:

Building on the success of Beijing Metro Line 4 and Shenzhen Metro Longhua Line, Hangzhou Metro Line 1 is MTR Corporation’s third metro investment project in the mainland.

The new 48 km line is a Public-Private Partnership project with a total capital cost of about $3.5 billion.

MTR Corporation has a 49 per cent stake in Hangzhou MTR with the balance owned by Hangzhou Metro Group Company Limited. Hangzhou MTR will operate the line for 25 years.

via Hangzhou Metro starts operation – Rail News from

The Sungai Buloh-Kajang line:

Now that we are concentrating on one line Sg Buloh-Kajang we have asked them for an estimate and they said it may cost RM18bil to RM20bil to construct. This does not include the rolling stock, land acquisitions and other provisions.” Land Public Transport Commission chief executive officer Mohd Nur Ismal Kamal said the Government was doing all it could to drive down the cost.

“With land acquisition and rolling stock, it could come up to RM50bil, but it is too early to say,” he said. “We will know the full picture later as the project is still at the public display stage. This will end in middle of May. … From the feedback, we will then consider the alignment and the length of the platforms for the stations, whether it is a four-car train or more,” Mohd Nur added. He said that once the public display was over, a target cost would be worked and agreed on. Once the tender was over, it may be different from the target cost, he said.

via MRT project cost now estimated to reach RM50b.

Even if we exclude rolling stock and land acquisition cost (and why should we exclude that?), the actual construction cost is still much higher than Hangzhou’s.

So why the vast disparity in the cost? I think we need independent auditors to scrutinise the costing and tendering of this massive project.

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Another Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Good grief!!!

I was wondering why my friend looked derisively at the earthworks for the MRT as she was driving me to her place recently.

She did not say very much about it but the look on her face and her very carefully chosen words had me puzzled. I tort it was just how she normally was, cautious and measured, you know, she is, after all, a very senior executive in a very large organisation which has close government connections.

Wow!! Now I think I know why.

Kai-Lit Phua

In China, a bullet to the back of the head for (those found guilty of) corruption.

In Malaysia …… ?


Transparency is what we lack, accountability is what we need.

Perception is what we have, proof is what MACC could not afford.


Really nothing to say, we have been raped all our lives by this crooked regime, now just wait till election, hopefully the people have come to their senses. It is no more politics but the rape and plunder of a nation that has to be stopped. Time to exercise our rights and through the vote take control of the faith of this nation…..very sad indeed


Singapore completed its Circle line 36.7km which ran into some catastrophe and delays at S10b (RM25b) – all underground stations…


Actually quite strange. MTR Hong Kong is putting money into it 49%. Its said the rolling stock will only add up to RM4b only…Also, 80% underground which we have been told is 4X more expensive..

Something is off…


thank you gelakan for UMNO PREMIUM. when will you stop taking the people for a RIDE? You NO SHame? ONION face? peel after peel?


Yawn… Independent auditors ? Anil, get real. Even umno don’t give a damn of the nation AG annual audit report. It is exactly the same case of Taiwan ex-president corruption case. Nothing happens under the same government, CHANGE is the answer.

BTW, it is obvious that which cronies is behind this “cement pouring, concrete laying” project. It will just end up like all Bolehland mass transit white elephant.

Gerakan K

Apple vs Orange

Democracy vs Communism

Made in China (ouch !!!)

Ada paham ???


Ya la…. communism no masuk poket. Ada paham semua?



BN’s project need lots of temporary work, preliminaries, supporting, coordinating, training etc., but you don;t get to see them because its nature is supporting and temporary.

Many of our project ended up with these category of cost few times more than actual product itself.

Where else can you find project cost with this nature?, hence, can’t compare.

Compare to Singapore, they are too small, compare China, they are too big. No, can’t compare.