Subang Ria Park under threat


Something is happening at the Subang Ria Recreational Park and it doesn’t sound good. Although the state government had agreed that all 73 acres will be maintained as a green lung, it appears that 19 acres could now be allowed for commercial use.

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Why can’t they learn from the 350-acre Hyde Park and the 275-acre Kensington Garden (both combined, larger than the size of Monaco and lying right smack in the middle of London), which are virtually untouchable? But then some of our developers are greedy and think nothing of depriving present and future generations of precious green spaces. All they can think of is $$$

During a meeting on 4 May 2010, the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) reportedly rejected Sime Darby Property’s application to use part of the Subang Ria park land for residential and commercial development.

It was rejected because it contradicted the Subang Jaya Draft Local Plan. Under the plan, the state exco had approved the park area for recreational purpose.

All well and good. But residents who turned up for the state’s Appeals Board hearing this month were shocked to find out that 19 acres had now been approved for commercial use. How did this happen? The map in the Local Plan shows that 72 acres had been zoned as a green lung. But a supplementary table showed 19 acres could be used for commercial activities.

Lawyer Derek Fernandez points out conflicting documents. An excerpt from a Star report:

Another letter from the MPSJ to the park owner Sime Darby Property, dated May 28, 2009, said a State Planning Committee meeting on April 21 had in principle decided that 7.7ha of the park is allowed for development, with the condition that the rest of the park is upgraded and handed back to MPSJ.

Meanwhile, another council document on the draft local plan dated June 22, 2009, detailed a decision to keep the park as recreational site, with a suggestion to gazette it permanently as green lung for public use.

Subang Jaya Residents Association (SJRA) chairman AS Gill was reported as saying that the Selangor Town and Country Planning Department director had told residents at the Selangor Draft Structure Plan 2020 dialogue in 2005 that a ‘mistake’ (yeah, right, a mistake) had been made when a separate title for Subang Ria Park was issued to the developer. “If the previous administration had wrongly given the land to Sime Darby, then it’s within the power of the current state government to correct the situation instead of giving the residents a run around,” he said.

The residents claim they have a written response from MPSJ and the State Planning Department to their objection at a public hearing of the draft Local Plan held on 22 June 2009 which states that all 73 acres are zoned as a green lung.

Meanwhile, the case at the Appeals Board has been postponed to 28 December 2010 to hear if SJRA and the residents have a locus standi to intervene and full hearing is scheduled for 11 January 2011.

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… like I mentioned earlier.

Based on YB’s blog…
The way that decision was made and the preponderance of civil servants in the state planning committee, I would not rule out a sabotage, one year after the PR government took charge in Selangor.


Dear Gerakan K.

That the Subang Jaya ADUN is publicly honest about the fact that the right hand doesn’t know or understand what or why the left hand is doing is precisely the reason why she and the PR government is so popular.
This is called transparency, an important commodity which is extremely rare with BN.

Unlike many BN ADUN/MPs who pretend to know everything their government is doing when they in fact, don’t.


Good thing there are eyes and ears. How about gathering cash from citizens in cooperatives to own and gazette privately owned green lungs as well? That way it won’t become a concrete jungle if blocs of land are owned by ‘Green Companies’. Maintainance could be an issue though but that will be another issue again until the govt. of the day is replaced with a more environmentally and density conscious one. Meanwhile remember only to vote for candidates who believe in granting : 1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism 2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy. 3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all… Read more »

Gerakan K

Do you know that there is 50% housing quota introduced by PR Kedah government lead by PAS ???

What sort of equality that you have talking or supporting about ???


The Selangor government just lacks a spine apart from completely directionless…how long do these guys need to get their act together…it’s more then half time already… Subang Jaya is OVERCROWDED…due to the lack of greenery…surface temperatures have risen…causing a situation where the environment is very very ripe for mosquitoes to breed like hell and give DENGUE… If anyone wants to die of dengue rather quickly….the best place in the whole of Malaysia is Subang Jaya….the other being Section 7 Shah Alam… These developers are just pure greedy and they get away with it because the government is CORRUPT (BN) or… Read more »


I am from Subang….right hand don’t know left hand…hmmmm, kinda reminds me of the story about all the human organs claiming to the the ‘leader’ until the … took control. Well, I wouldn’t want a repeat of the past when everyone has to listen and take order from an …. Hehehe.


All 73 acres Subang Ria Park should be kept as a recreation park with no further property development.


Please refer to for a public statement from the Menteri Besar. The state planning committee consists of 6 elected officials (exco members) and 13 civil servants. (see ) Is there not a reason to suspect a sabotage? Hannah blogged that the decision by the State Planning Committee in April 2009 was inconsistent with Local Agenda 21 and lacked transparency and accountability to the people and thus should be nullified. She had also notified the State Executive Councilors on the discrepancies and called upon YAB MB to investigate the inconsistencies and hold the culprit(s) responsible. I would simply love… Read more »

Gerakan K

…By the way, in this case, we can observe how poorly the admin in Selangor.

It is just like left hand dunno what right hand is doing anything.

No hope for them in the developed state. Everyone please join the “Save Selangor” program !!!


aiya gerakan K,

sorry lah. last time trips to Disneyland that invite you. Toyo’s maid is luckier than you. Come back Toyo, coz I want to have a trip to Disneyland with my wife, kids in business class. Of course at state expense. Oops, I forgot about my maid. Darn, of course Gerakan K you are invited together with Koh Tzu Koon. Howzat Gerakan K? Belajar sampai lawat lah. MACC wont go after us, why worry.

Gerakan K

Hello Anil,

don’t “kacau” PR supporters’ favorite beauty angel area or you will be sorry.

She has a lot of supporters particularly some old apeks.

Let’s see what the so called beauty ADUN will comment after this.

By the way, nothing surprises me as PR typically “cakap tak serupa bikin”.


Have you also wondered why Subang Jaya is so overcrowded and there are still continuous development of condos? Its becoming a concrete jungle. To make matters worse, quite a number of development is centered near the exit of Subang Jaya. This will cause massive jams as each condo will have thousands of cars coming out of them in the morning. You know lah, each household now got at least 3 cars. Some got even 5 cars. As we know, some are rented to well to do college students and each condo sometimes have 5 people, each of whom have their… Read more »