Sting video exposes Sarawak’s corrupt deals


Global Witness reveals the systemic corruption and illegality at the heart of government in Sarawak.

This film, shot undercover during the investigation, reveals for the first time the instruments used by members of the ruling Taib family and its local lawyers to skirt Malaysia’s laws and taxes, creaming off huge profits at the expense of indigenous people and hiding their dirty money in Singapore, alleges Global Witness.

But lawyers acting for Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud insisted: “Our client’s wider family consists of hundreds of individuals. Our client has no responsibility for or contact with the vast majority of these people…

“The government of Sarawak issues licences for land in very controlled circumstances, as part of a general policy for limited agricultural and industrial development. This is an administrative exercise, not political patronage.

“Individuals can apply for land under certain circumstances. Your statement suggests that the system is directed towards relatives of the chief minister. This is not the case.”

MACC, what are you going to do about this?

And Najib, what action will he take?

Read this Sarawak Report write-up.

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21 Mar 2013 1.42pm

Re: Wrong!!! Wrong!!! Wrong!!! by Gerakan

A classic example of “Birds of the same feather flock together”

Boo Soon Yew
Boo Soon Yew
20 Mar 2013 6.44am

This is simply gripping.. If there will be any tipping point in the coming GE13.. it has to be this video. The sad part is that it’s contents will not be able to reach the people that matters.. the people of Sarawak, especially those living in the interior.

In God we trust, to extend His hand of judgement to the wrong-doers.. in His perfect time.

19 Mar 2013 5.27pm

THIS is hoiw ALL of UMNO/BN behave. Taib family is NOT the worst even just currently.

.. Why do you think Shahrizat is so arrogant – she is an idiot and small potatoes by comparison..

… (Many) UMNO/BN from Ketua Cawangan and above ARE GUILTY the same way probably since the start of the Mahathir administration..

20 Mar 2013 11.41am
Reply to  bigjoe99

Hey, Shahrizat,

There’s no such thing as a start-up company being allowed to buy condominiums in Singapore with tax payers’ money!

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
19 Mar 2013 3.59pm

Wrong !!! Wrong !!! Wrong !!!

You have to ask Sarawakian voters why they vote my legendary hero Mr Taib for decades. Because they do not believe such BS video and pakatan propaganda !!!

BN [X] – Pakatan [ ]

SL Wong (@wong8898)
19 Mar 2013 10.37pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Wrong!! Wrong!! Wrong!!
Wow. See who is barking?
A: The Gerakan cyberrubbish lah.
B: Thought Gerakan no more relevant to Penang lah. They scored a big 0 in 2008. Totally wipe out lah.
A: Sleeping & do nothing for the last 50 years. Dunno why they still sticking to the useless boss & not even dare to ‘wrong!!wrong!!wrong!! To the boss.
B: Brainless.

19 Mar 2013 3.40pm

There goes the shredding machines, full speed ahead!

19 Mar 2013 2.37pm

Aside from asking the MACC, “what are you going to do about this?”, I would normally have posed that same question to the Prime Minister of Malaysia as well.

But in this case, I will not.

Instead, I’d rather ask Najib, “Why is Taib still there as Chief Minister?”

In April 2011, both Najib and Muhyiddin had gone over to Sarawak, and Najib had then said that Taib will step down.

Now… even Najib’s own term as PM is into “injury time”, and Taib is still Chief Minister. Janji DiTepati?

19 Mar 2013 1.48pm

Nothing in this video we “urban” people don’t already know – except we now have proff. The problem is the simple kampung folk and orang asli who probably won’t understand English nor have access to view this video.

19 Mar 2013 11.58am

Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin had “authorised” the May 13 film “Tanda Putera” to be shown. I wonder if they will recommend this film to be shown as well???

Jerry Sim
Jerry Sim
19 Mar 2013 11.24am

I enjoy this Anil blog. The comments by readers are great for balanced views and also to gauge the feelings of rakyat.

Keep up the good work, Anil.
Do not close your reader section even if your readers disagree with you, like the case of nkkhoo who is obviously pro-BN!

19 Mar 2013 4.23pm
Reply to  Jerry Sim

I echo your view, Jerry.

If you start a blog for people to read, you must be brave enough to accept opposing views.
That is why I like Anil’s blog that provides platform for diverse views.

Keep it up, Anil!

20 Mar 2013 11.38am
Reply to  Jerry Sim

That blogger who shut down the reader’s comment is clearly biased in his view, can cannot accept alternative opinion. Worst still, he is known to attack his readers with uncalled for names. I have stopped visiting his blog when he was rude to my friend who offered different opinion.

Anil is certainly a good role model to that Muar blogger.