Still waiting for post-mortem


1913: The hospital’s lawyer has been in touch with Latheefa Koya, the lawyer for the family of shooting victim Johari bin Abu Bakar, 17. Latheefa says she was told the hospital wants to comply fully with the court order, which includes a provision for a qualified independent observer.

The provision for an observer had actually been included in the court order at the request of the family who wanted additional assurance.

But the family are now unable to find a qualified observer at such short notice especially as many doctors are away for the Malaysian Medical Association’s annual general meeting in Ipoh tomorrow. (Dr Mary Suma Cardosa will be installed as the first woman president of the MMA.) So the family are now willing to waive their request for an observer as they want the postmortem to proceed without delay.

The hospital, however, is sticking to the letter of the court order and wants an independent observer to be present.

Latheefa and the family are now desperately trying to locate a qualified observer. They are upset that the family has been kept in the dark for so long.

1809: The lawyer acting for the family of a teenager who was fatally shot has sent out this alert: “Please be informed, family of police shooting victim Johari bin Abu Bakar, 17 years old, is still waiting outside forensic pathology department since morning.

“Hospital yet to address the family why post-mortem not conducted yet,” said Latheefa.

Is University Malaya Medical Centre still following “proper procedure”?

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Doctors partying in Ipoh while body rotting in van at Hospital….pretty much sums up the status of this country today…


Ecclesiastes 8:11: When a sentence against a crime isn’t carried out quickly, people are encouraged to commit crimes.

The hearts of men that fear no God are the most evil of all creations on earth.


I feel sory for the family of this poor soul…in life, he was unjustly killed by the law keepers. In death, he was so mistreated and ignred by the dead keepers. What had he done to deserve such … treatment? Is it because he was not associated or engaged with UMNO?
I thought we live in a … country where the dead be given the highest respect…I was a fool to believe so!


That is the kind of judiciary we have been stricken with in this country.

Dian Abdullah

What do you mean qualified observer? My daughter going to do her Phd in Forensic, is she qualified enough to be an observer? Contact me if yes.


… Until umno is thrown out, just expect the worst. That’s always the outcome.