So where is Bala?


In the light of Razak Baginda’s press statement, this appears to be his version of the current state of play (if I read what he is saying correctly):

Baginda is not involved.

Najib and Rosmah had never met Altantuya.

It had nothing to do with an arms deal. Baginda only met Altantuya later.

Bloggers have been spreading lies.

Two men are now in court in the Altantuya case; so he can’t say much in the interests of “legal ethics”.

That leaves at least two simple but unanswered questions:

Why was she killed?

And where is Bala?

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Bala ! What’s so difficult to understand this man ? He is a PI, earns a living by spying for his bread and butter. He works for the highest bidder….


Beginda Razak said Najeet and Rosemahry were not involve. He said he knows for sure. And also,there was no connection with the arm deals. My question to you, Beginda Razak, “why was she (Altantuya) has to die for? You know for sure. who is responsible, then? Why is that, the two UTK officers has to do with her?

old fart

It is going to take at least another hundred years for this country to change with the ways things are going right now. Money talks my man and you better believe it. This country is so corrupted it is no joke. This guys comes out and talks as he did because he knows who is protecting him … There is just too much at stake for them. The seat of power is everything and definitely the road to more richness. Look how those two guys’ faces were always wrapped up with eyes visible only. Why do you think they would… Read more »


dear anil
Dr.Watson, how can there be a murder when there is no victim unless it can be proved that such a person has entered the country la.???? It would be interesting to watch the defence trial.


Ya ha, how come Razak Baginda was not charged for khalwat?? Oops, I forgot, it’s because the other party got blown up, so there is no ‘partner in crime’ to stand before the Syariah Court.

It’s only a crime when no one dies. Our friend is one lucky devil!

or kooi kiah

Ai yah yah, What murder? You all forgot that Altantunya never entered the country in the first place, according to immigration records. So how could she have been murdered in Malaysia. She is probably at some place on this planet where Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Jim Hoffa, and Jim Thompson are hanging out. Many people today still believed that Elvis and Bruce Lee are still alive and their deaths were planned hoaxes. Believe in Razak Baginda. After he is from Oxford University, one of the world’s most prestigious school. Hey you think Oxford would take in a criminal? RAZAK BAGINDA,… Read more »


Verbal and mental gymnastics will convince no one. This was supposed to be a straightforward case. But nope, politicans are (widely believed to be) involved. That’s why this looks more like a circus. …

Like Saiful’s accusations appearing at the time Anwar was preparing for the by-election and the subsequent swearing in the mosque.

Coincidence? No way !

Kenny Gan

You cannot prove a negative. Saying definitely that Najib and Rosmah have never met Altantuya is highly suspicious and smacks of ulterior motive. The most Razak should have said is that “to the best of his knowledge, they have never met.” He looks like bending over backwards to protect his benefactor.


Aiyoyo…I can swear that Najib and Baginda have definitely not met Altantuya at all. (But what about) ‘Amina’? So they must be telling the ‘truth’ having said that they have NOT met Altantuya.


…. Sorry to the Family of Altan, If there is avenue, Mr Sharibuu should take the matter to Internatonal Court.


He is in Ireland or some other land counting his money?

But Bala…what Bala….who Bala…..he was never born, no birth certs, immigration, passports…just wiped out. He never existed, what is wrong with you people, now you have created a Bala.

Malaysia…what Malaysia………

And they all lived happily ever after.


Hehehe I find it hilarious that RB will pay to set up a conferance in Hotel Maya MORE to distance Najib from any connection to the victim than about his own release. Especially since RB said he has noconnection with Najib ( as he claimed in TV ). So nice of him to spend thousand RM to somebody who has no connection with him.

I wonder if he will spend 50% of the cost incurred as charity to help the poor? That would be more convincing and touching the heartstring of sincere Rakyat.


“Another question would be, how did Baginda know that Najib is not involved in the murder case? How can he be so sure?”

His answer was…’I know lah’ *smiling and looking at his lawyers


If Razak is so adament to say that Najib is not involved……
(does) that means he knows who’s involved.. And he’s NOT telling?

Now that he’s out he can be as arogant as he wish! Own skin saved…! Let those UTK boys rot in jail for all he care…! ….

With GOD’s grace the truth WILL prevail…!


Why was she killed? You should go and ask Altantuya!

Where is Bala? Ask d… lah…


The material question is not the truth or half truth on all respective SD’s but the horse play (that could be going on) behind the curtains… Bala’s SD revealed RB showing him a sms reply from Najib (purportedly) that “All will be OK”, but (this is deemed to be) not relevant for further inquiry. The rest of Bala’s SD1 is also a headache for (certain quarters) as nobody can disprove the content, no matter how incredulous the declaration – Bala must surely claim info was derived from his conversation with deceased – but SD2 throws the whole mass of equation… Read more »


My two questions,

How many Malaysians believe what he said?

Are we Malaysians all retarded persons?


i man whoe is aquitted would not call for a press conference to clear his friend“ name. the most i wold do is to thank god that i am aquitted to say that najib and baginda have borrowing and lending books is … all kintergarden school story. …


Dear Citizens,

Finally as usual, it seems the opposition has misled the nation in their campaign for change and racial justice ( Please DO NOT mock Barack Obama’s victory because we have now slipped behind even further behind the developed world. That is a fact!

Thank you!


At last, maybe someone (new ‘kambing hitam’) will appear as ‘the actor or actress’, that he or she will present himself/herself as the mastermind of this murder… In that situation, (certain people) will be ‘safe’… Do you think like that?… I don’t know. Just my perseption….

kwai lan

WHO wanted her killed ??????
the 2 cops ?

dark horse

Let her rest in peace. Hey, what a statement! …


… Sorry guys I do know either where about Bala & How can this sweet Mongolian chic be murdered in Malaysia when Imigration of M’sia has no record of entry.
Oh ya! Imigration director was caught for craft….


Only in this land we can see a person’s record entering the country in immigration deleted. The poor Altantuya died miserably in our land, some body has to be responsibled. Don’t tell me she blew her self? What about the face of the two policemen, the general public never see their faces. Is the government think that Malaysian are that dumb?

Almighthy, please save Malaysia from evil.


According to the script written by Kerajaan Malaysia, there are only two remainding possibilities, depending on the outcome of the trial.

a) The two UTK bodyguards acted on their decision. Absolutely nobody else gave them any instructions.

b) The other possibility is everyone is innocent. Altantuya was a suicide bomber who blew herself up.

Do they really believe we are all so stupid ? I suppose we are.