Snapshots from Bukit Gantang



A small white elephant in Bukit Gantang? – Photos by Jong

You have seen them dotted all over the country. Small projects which never really take off after construction. The amounts involved may be small – but they all add up. Who really benefits from all these small white elephants?


In a sorry state…

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tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Anil, With the coming by-election in Bkt Gantang, you can be sure that the long-abandoned projects in your photos, as well as many others in the constituency, would see a miraculous revival and in record time too! Like stated before, all the bulldozers in the country seem to have moved to the 2 bukits! After all, the Federal Govt has given the OK to develop even Class 3 and 4 hillslopes! Keep your photos and place them side-by-side with the hurriedly carried out revival for a “Before and Now” photo. Bkt Gantang residents are going to have a windfall!!… Read more »


Mr. YB Tai Sing Ng, this eye sore is in you constituency, turn the BN wastage into some useful projects and your voters will thank you. Don’t breed anymore snakes and mosquitoes, too many dengue cases around.Show them the way YB.


These youth know how to bullies OKU and Woman/kids only.
Malu lah


High time we should follow Zubedy words…….Cause we see the destuction of the country by the ruling goverment,.What had happen today at the parliment by the goons on Karpal is a very serious thing cause nobody can stop this U youth. Cool down…


Forget about all the childish quarelling about ketuanan, religion..set your motive/target right and flatten them whenever opportunity arises..(by-elections/snap elections/PRU 13) whatever!! Way to go PAKATAN!!

Dalbinder Singh



Why they put “Satu lagi project dari barisan nasional” , can we sue them for putting this. How can they put this project by BN , come on is the malaysian tax payer money not BN members money … No hope for BN .. now already 2-0 win from PR in the by election .. another 3 more to go .. the challenge now is on Sarawak .. need a lot of volunteer to go deep to the village and brief them what is happening … Sarawak is the largest state in malaysia and has the most natural resource incomes… Read more »

The KL Traveler

This project maybe revived soon…. hehehe