Vwaishhnnavi, 6, released: Living in a topsy-turvy world


P Vwaishhnnavi, the six-year-old niece of detained Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar, and her mother K Shanti were released today

But should they even have been held in the first place?

They were held until late last night. (But both didn’t want to leave their comrades after they were allowed to go, reported Malaysiakini.) For what? Reading out a memo, sending a greeting card and appealing for the release of ISA detainees ahead of Diwali?

And why were the other 10 arrested and now taken to court? To faciliate investigations, apparently. The KL police chief is reported in today’s Sun as saying they were detained for representing or acting for an outlawed organisation or group under Section 48 of the Societies Act.

We live in an upside-down world. In a functioning democracy, investigations are carried out first and only then are arrests made, if their are solid grounds to secure a conviction in court. Here it appears to be the other way round. Arrest first and then investigate later.

Would anyone in government care to look into the root causes of their unhappiness and grievances?

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frustrated indian

Hindraf is officially dead… the best news this year…. even their supporters do not bother to listen to its botak leader wayhtamoorty… this botak waytha ask people to turn out at PM’s office… on 11 turned up..hahaha… then this botak ask his supporters to wear orange t-shirt on saturday n sunday… u can hardly see any indians wearing… as matter of fact, i was walking around the city and found that there are more chinese and malays wearing orange tshirt… hahhaa… looks like no one is listening to botak waythamoorthy… serves him rite for spoiling the peace and unity in… Read more »


drmpower, The THRUTH, I grew up in Malaysia. I’m not Indian. I lived in a town surrounded by estates and kampongs where all the Indian and Malay boys and girls are my classmates in School. We even attend tuition classes together. WE play sports of all sorts together too. We attended each other’s festive celebrations in our homes.We were very poor then drmpower, No body lies…You refused to believe. “I have crossed more bridges than you have eaten salt.” I have witnessed poverty and how the have-nots were discarded by the Government for the many decades while I was still… Read more »


drMpower, I wonder if you are aware of the real reason the ISA act was formulated in the first place. If you are not aware then here it is… It was formulated to contain the communist threat. Then the Govt of the day started using this act against all forms of opposition against them in power. Think of TDM and Operation LALANG where the Govt of TDM incarcerated many (108 I think) of the opposition parliamentarians under the ISA Act. I wonder if any of these opposition parliamentarians were members of the CPM. Now it is used against anybody who… Read more »


drMpower on October 24th, 2008 at 7.07pm There can only be right or wrong. There can only be Just or Unjust. This time, you are standing on the opposite side from the rakyat here. To begin with, We don’t believed in ISA, you do. That’s a big big difference! I suppose you have yet to understand what ISA is truly intended for, never mind. Allow me to help you entangle your thoughts and perception. I must say thought, you are right to say this is not a one off thing. The family wish it was, I wish it was, in… Read more »

frustrated indian

HIndraf is irrelevant to indians… its looks like they are causing so much hate and malice… if our present leaders have been accused of lies and oppressing its citizens, what abt Hindraf leader’s claim on genocide and ethnic cleansing?? why did he go all the way to india to bring bad name to our country.. why did he have to lie abt the way things are in malaysia.. and now why is the so-called waythamoorthy enjoying his bloody life in london while putting hiw wife and children through trauma??? why is this waythamoorty so silent on india’s oppression of christians??… Read more »


drmpower, Looks like you & families have not experienced detention under ISA. Go request for one…get the feel.I believe you can get to Syed’s office without an appointment. The young lady proved she have not been used coz she have presented herself numerous times to protest and ask for the release of elders dearest to her in the most gentle way…she did not get there with C4 attached but with flowers,greeting cards. Are all these against the law ??? You called her “being used”…you talk like Umno/BN ….You just get the “feel” then get back to us OK . Its… Read more »


drnpower/joe rakyat whatever Don’t ry and sell us this BN horses*** that busineeses will be affected and that people will be inconvenienced when Hindraf and others demo peacefully for their rights accorded by the Constitution and that’s a reason to turn on the water cannons and launch the tear gas cannisters. If you don’t speak up and stand up for corruption, racism, facism, Ketuanan Melayu, apartheid, ISA, PPPA, arbitary and selective use of Sedition Act etc, today, tomorrow you might not have a business or people left to defend anything. Just look at what’s been happening in Argentina, Paraguay, N.Korea,… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

did the young girl in the first place give approval to her family when asked wether she wanna go for the demo or not ? she is only 11 ok ..

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Hindraf is banned la ..

Vejay Chin

drmpower, u r another umno … on earth…you family members shud be all in jail under ISA, so that u can enjoy hari raya with the PM and cabinet members…..


I believe after the Hari Raya “selectively open” house incident, they were told there were other venues and outlets for them to air their grievances – yet earlier this week the police were stationed to bar them from Parliament, and now when they go to Putrajaya, they are arrested! Can someone in BN please clarify exactly which are the other venues and outlets alluded to? On another note, as much as I believe in Vwaishhnnavi’s right to be at these gatherings, I really cannot approve of any child being subjected to this kind of danger and harassment. It is a… Read more »


The key words are “functioning democracy”. We do not live in a country that practises democracy – what we have is sham democracy.

Daisy G

I don’t ever remember having any racial issues with any of my non-indian friends for the past 50 years of my life. Infact we lived a life of bliss with one another.But today my so called leaders are coming up with programmes aimed at enhancing racial ties with one another. In the first place who is responsible for the tension and the mistrust with one another? Isn’t it a game of divide and rule for political mileage and self benefit among the few ‘so called guardians of justice?’ (Some of) our school going children are suffering the blatant abuse of… Read more »


Joe Rakyat, Geo Geo, and xyz, maybe the ID i am using, pissed u off rather than my point of argument. but thats not the answer for what i’ve been asking: what the …. that young lady was doing there? dont tell me this was a one off thing. last time, they also sent someone very young to Parliament for whatever reason i dont care. I am of the opinion that, those young ladies dont deserve to the used as to please someone. or to show something of compassionate love of a child so that the authority will let the… Read more »


The government should not confront the Indians in this manner. Engage and talk to them about their grievances. There are so many poor Indians – the displaced Indians from all quarters who need help. By confronting the people in this manner, BN will lose more support not only from the Indians but also from the Malays, Chinese and Others. Some newspapers are not highlighting the plight of the Indians but picturing them as a threat to the nation. Has any Indian for this reason carried arms against the government. No. They are peaceful gatherers. They cannot be equated with Al… Read more »

harbans Kaur

Are you saying that it is now illegal for a few Indians to gather together in public?? Are we now a serious threat to the nation? Just being at the gates to seek permission to see the PM warrants an arrest and a week of remand for investigation? what investigations why the need for a week? This is truly a police state now. No doubt about it. And yes, we have to all now collectively stand up to voice our disgust of such treatment. We cannot sit back …! MAKKAL SAKTHI!



i hope you get ISA’d for your own safety without investigation before your new year comes around and then your wife, children and supporters get ISA’d as well when they approach the PM or Home Minister peacefully to secure your release.

As for the incident last year, evrything was calm and peaceful until the police fired tear gas and pepper-laced water at the demonstrators. I recently saw on M’sian tv an incident free protest march of 200,000 Muslims in Kashmir, while the Indian police kept a very safe distance away. Now why can’t that be applied here?


… just SICK!
6 yr old!!!
just take the card & send her home… how much damage can that do? versus now trying to save her mental health of detention for what she thought was pure & goodwill!!!

…pls be more careful…. don’t back down… but kids’ mental health may not be worth the risk..



Look it will be Deepavali coming Monday let all the Indian have
a jolly holiday and make peace. Should the HM keeps going on a
offensive direction it will not help. As of now the HM has a personnel vendetta on all that goes against him. He thinks he is mighty and call all the shots . Cowardly he uses a weapon the ISA otherwise, he is nothing just like an old crazy ….
As for those that want to send any cards gift please dont use any
children as they may fall as unnecessary victims.



You are nothing but a running …. or … of the police and UMNO who absolutely does not understand the position of all those who were unjustly detained for nothing more than legitimate peaceful petition. It is people like you who support the ISA and condone all the mess this despicable gomen has caused this beautiful country over the past 50 years. It is time they (and their sympathisers like you) should be chucked out.


Malaysia’s tamils, orang aslis and some chinese and singhs are now in our very poor category. Yet this government (mainly) helps those who belong to a particular race and religion. how unfair is that? We must claim our rights we must fight for our rights. Get up all you maniams, ah chongs and singhs. tunggu ape lagi! Presently in Malaysia you have no rights! Yes you have no rights!


What sort of civilized nation are we living in. (Detaining) a six year kindergarten kid! Imagine, how traumatized she will be.
A (heartless) govt not fit to rule…
After 30 years absence, I thought things have changed for the better in Malaysia, I am WRONG!
Nothing has changed.



You posted worst than ANIL.
Put yourselves and your mates’ children into her position.
I’m sure you and your mates kids will be there doing the same .
I challege you to bring all your mates to condemn ISA and release them immediately.
If you guys have no b… or whatsoever.
You have one rule for these poor souls and another for your mates.
Don’t talk/post c…. here.
My sympathies to all arrested from down under.
Happy Devali.

Joe Rakyat

drMpower, get your facts right. They went as private citizens to present a card and flowers. If your loved one was in prison during the festive season, wouldn’t you do everything you could to get them released? What kind of heartless creature are you? So now, giving cards and flowers to the PM is a threat to the nation? And 6-year old girls deserve to be detained… for giving cards and flowers? Why couldn’t they send the girl home? The young girl and her mother should be commended for their bravery, instead of having to listen to criticisms from cowards… Read more »


No No No! We are looking at this from the wrong angle. The kid is family and only wanted to show the PM that they want their family back together. And what is wrong with giving a memo to the PM and who says they represent HINDRAF, legally HINDRAF does not exist. The gormen is using strong arm tactics like in a dictatorship ruled country that says that if we (the gormen) dont like it, you dont do it, whether it is right or wrong does not matter. This gormen has lost it and are now showing the rakyat who… Read more »